Where Are They Now: Max Baer Jr.: Jethro on Beverly Hillbillies

Max Baer Jr. portrayed Jethro Bodine, the nephew of Jed Clampett on the Beverly Hillbillies. He couldn’t find work for the first three years after Beverly Hillbillies finished its run on television in 1971.

He finally found himself an acting job by producing Macon County Line in 1974. The movie grossed over $18 million according to Box Office Mojo with a budget of $225,000.

However, the Internet Movie Database shows the movie earning $35 million with an initial investment of $100,000.

Max Baer Jr.'s father Max was the World Heavyweight champion from June, 1934 to June, 1935.

Max Baer, his father, was recently the subject of the movie Cinderella Man in which a ring opponent Frankie Campbell loses not only the match, but his life in a match with Baer.

Baer Jr. said his father cried over the death of Campbell and sent the kids of Campbell to college. The movie angered him and he was upset with Ronny Howard portraying his father that way in the movie.

It makes me wonder what other movies are not telling the truth about the characters in that movie.

This following articles tell about the movie with the second article directly referring to Baer being upset with Howard.


Today Max Baer Jr. is a successful businessman, who is 73 and was last seen on television in a 1991 episode of Murder She Wrote.

Playing Jethro Bodine more or less ended his chance of ever being taken seriously as an actor.


The Voice: NBC Singing Competition Debuts April 26

Mark Burnett who produced The Survivor and The Apprentice, is one of the producers of the The Voice, a NBC singing competition show.

The show debuts on Tuesday, April 26, so won’t be shown on the same night as American Idol. The host of the show will be Carson Daly.

Unlike American Idol, The Voice calls their judges coaches. In reality they are combination judge and coaches.

This should be an interesting concept, with the same coaches that are helping them, critiquing them when they are sitting on the judge’s panel.

The prize for winning the competition pales, when compared to an American Idol contract, since the winner takes home $100,000 and is signed to a recording contract.

Meanwhile the upcoming X-Factor debuting this fall pays even more, with the winner receiving a $5 million recording contract.

That doesn’t mean the winner of The Voice is less of a singer, than who wins the other two shows. It just means they won’t be rewarded as well financially.

The judges will be Christiana Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine.

The website for the show tells how the competition works:


Dallas Cowboy Spends $54,896 On Meal For Teammates

Dez Bryant spent over $54,000 on his Dallas Cowboy teammates at the Pappas Brothers Steakhouse.

Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver Dez Bryant, knows how to get on the good side of his teammates spending $54,896 on one meal for the entire team.

Bryant originally only planned to take the offensive players out, but the defense also ate at the expense of Bryant.

The big winners in the situation were the players eating out on Bryant’s money, plus the Pappas Brothers  steakhouse had to be ecstatic over receiving $54,896.

Nobody has claimed Bryant to be a good manager of money as he has been sued for $850,000 for bills he ran up in anticipation of him signing a a multi-million dollar contract.

One man is suing Bryant for $588,500 worth of jewelry, $15,850 in tickets and $11,000 in cash. Bryant agreed to pay what he owed the man by July 30, 2010. This is not totally Bryant’s fault, but he still should have made sure his agent paid this money on time. His agent should have told Bryant, this money has to be repaid or you will end up in court.

Now in addition to the money owed, Bryant will have to pay lawyer fees, when it should have been taken care of months ago.

A good agent would have told Bryant not to spend any money,  until the contract was actually signed. Athletes today need sound financial advice on how to spend this much money. If he had been in a car accident that crippled him for life, there would be no way to pay the $850,000 back, if he hadn’t signed a contract.

Maybe the people who lend money to players, in advance of them signing a contract, will think it over because of the Bryant case and let someone else lend them the money.

Bryant also owes a New York company $246,000 for jewelry purchases. How much jewelry does Bryant need? Why did he buy six men’s watches?

If Bryant doesn’t get his finances straightened out he will suffer the fate of M.C. Hammer and find himself penniless by the time he retires.

Hopefully Bryant and his agent learned a lesson from these lawsuits.

Man Blows Chance To Share $319 Million Jackpot

Everyone who has bought a lottery ticket, knows the chances of winning are extremely small. One worker in New York, said he wasn’t feeling lucky and passed up a chance to win the $319 Mega Millions jackpot.

He would have won $16 million lump sum after taxes, if he had shared the winning ticket, with the other workers.

It will be interesting how this worker accepts the situation. He really has nobody to blame but himself. While his co-workers have no reason to keep working, he has no choice, but to continue working.

Most people will never win a lottery in their lifetime, but this guy had the chance and blew it.


Hardcore Pawn: Detroit Pawn Shop on TruTV

Seth Gold, Les Gold and Ashley Broad (Gold) of the American Jewelry and Loan pawn shop in Detroit, Michigan depicted in Hardcore Pawn on TruTV.

Anyone who has seen Pawn Stars on the History channel, may expect more of the same kind of show, with Hardcore Pawn on TruTV, but they are completely different shows.

While Pawn Stars is more of a laid back show, Hardcore Pawn is more confrontational. While there may be some mild confrontations, on Pawn Stars, they pale in significance to those experienced, by the employees on Hardcore Pawn.

The actual name, of the pawn shop is American Jewelry and Loan. It is located in a neighborhood, that is not that safe. There are security guards nearby in the pawn shop to quell any disturbances that may arise. To show what kind of a neighborhood the show is filmed in, the camera focuses on the Eight Mile road sign.

The owner, Les Gold is a no-nonsense type of guy. He sometimes finds himself, breaking up fights between his son Seth and daughter Ashley. They are both headstrong types, who believe their way is the right way.

The following video shows a man who loses at the casino, pawns some items, then returns to the pawn shop after losing again.

One man in the video claims he was told he was told he could get $255, for the items he was wanting to pawn. The owner tells him he will get the $155 or could go home. The man becomes belligerent and is thrown out of the pawn shop by the security guards.

A lady comes in to pawn her wedding ring, after losing at the casino expecting to get a lot of money  to pawn it. She said her husband give her $300 to pay some bills, but she lost it at the casino. She winds up getting $30 and heads back to the casino.

The next customer brings in a OB-GYN examination table and takes $50 for it. Ashley, the daughter of the owner who made the deal is worried, they won’t be able to resell it. However,  a customer comes in and buys it for $200.

Pawn Stars has been a powerhouse in the ratings for the History channel, drawing over six million viewers an episode. Hardcore Pawn has not done so well, drawing only a little over two million viewers an episode.

While Pawn Stars focuses more on the value of the items brought in to be pawned, Hardcore Pawn features more of what is going on behind the scenes.

The pawn shop management decides to have a raffle in one episode, but it goes terribly wrong, when nobody has a winning number, after calling a bunch of numbers. The crowd becomes upset, but it ends well.


Does American Idol Need Simon Cowell?


American Idol is thriving in Season 10 despite the loss of Simon Cowell.

Like many other American Idol fans, I thought the loss of Simon Cowell, would deal the reality show, a jolt that it wouldn’t recover from.

That combined with the firing of Kara DioGuardi and the resignation of Ellen Degeneres, seemed like too much, for the show to withstand.

American Idol is still one of the highest rated shows on television, with the new judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez along with returning judge Randy Jackson are doing fine without Cowell.

Cowell’s barbed criticism may have attracted fans to the show in the past, but the main focus of the show is the contestants.

He could be intimidating to the contestants, in the first nine years of the show but now the intimidation factor is gone.

New judges Tyler and Lopez and returning judge Jackson seem to really care about the contestants. They never struggle for the right words to say, like Ellen Degeneres did last year. She seemed to be more interested in trying to be funny, than in judging the contestants.  It was like pulling teeth to get her to finally make a judgement on a contestant. She hemmed and hawed before finally saying anything meaningful.

It is easy to say that Degeneres was by far the worst judge ever on American Idol. To her credit though, she walked away rather than put the American Idol producers in the position of having to fire her.

Lopez and Tyler give constructive criticism while Jackson is the same Jackson of seasons past with his favorite phrases – too pitchy, yo yo (usually a sign he is going to say something bad after a performance) you blew it out of the box and that’s what I’m talking about.

The judges deserve accolades, for choosing so many outstanding singers, in the auditions. Several of the singers this year, are much better than Crystal Bowersox or Lee Dewyze, the two finalists in Season 9.

For instance Lee Dewyze the winner of Season 9 recently sang in a bowling alley. Granted it may be an upscale bowling alley but it is not the venue you would expect to hear a American Idol sing.

America will have to make a lot of tough decisions, after some of the weaker candidates go home in the next couple of weeks.

It would be interesting to see how much weight, America gives to the judge’s opinons of the contestants, on performance night.

The following poll asks if American Idol fans are happy Simon Cowell has left American Idol.

The next poll question is if this is the best group of American Idol contestants ever.

Lizard Lick Towing Fan: Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley says Tru TV's Lizard Lick Towing is the BET for whites.

Charles Barkley said that the Lizard Lick Towing show on TruTV, is the white BET. He is entertained, by the way Ron Shirley owner of Lizard Lick Towing and his partner Bobby Brantley, repossess cars.

The show drew 1.9 million fans for the TruTV network during the last quarter tying it with their other repo show Operation Repo.

This is the answer Barkley gave an interviewer when asked what comes on after the TruTV basketball coverage on Sportsradiointerviews.com:

What followed you on truTV after the post-game analysis?

“Well once I found out we were going to be on truTV. They actually have a show called…first of all…truTV is really the white BET, truTV is white entertainment television. Dude, it’s some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen in my life. They got this one show called ‘Lizard Towing,’ Well they got these two big old boys from the south who be repossessing people’s cars and they end up chasing them down the street, fighting them every week. It is hilarious. These guys sneak into people’s houses. First of all, they seem like great guys, but they two big old country boys and they be stealing people’s cars back. It is the funniest thing in the world. They have people fighting with them all of the time. You’re just laughing the whole time. I’m telling you dude, it’s like white black entertainment television.”