Old Time Radio Poll

The last old time radio show aired on September 30,1962. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of Suspense and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar being the last old time radio shows to be broadcast.

The poll today breaks down by age groups of people who have heard old time radio shows either live from 1920’s till September 30, 1962 or media such as MP3 CD’s and downloads:


Demonic Activity in American Idol Mansion?

Zak Begans of the Ghost Adventures crew, thinks there could have been demonic activity, in the American Idol Mansion.

The contestants were removed from the mansion last week, after some spooky incidents. Begans wants to bring the contestants back into the house, to see if that would trigger more demonic activity.

I am sure the producers of American Idol won’t go along with this idea, since the contestants have too busy of a schedule, to participate in the investigation by Begans and his crew.

Begans thinks one of the Idol contestants may have attracted the negative forces in the house.

Personally, I think this is a ploy by Ghost Adventures to make a bigger name for their show.

As for the sheet floating in the air, wonder if anyone captured that image on their cell phone camera?

All of the unusual activity could probably be easily explained. It may be simply a leaky roof, loose wiring and a spider infestation is not that unusual.

A commenter on the TMZ article below says they think Naima may be the cause of the demonic activity after she danced or rather flailed while singing last week.


Archive.org: Great Multimedia Website

Archive.org will keep a reader entertained for hours.

Archive.org is probably the best source for audio and video online this side of YouTube.  The home page for the website as I write this article has a link to an audio version of a Grateful Dead concert at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum at New Haven, Connecticut on May 11, 1981.

The concert is only one of 803,305 audio recordings at the website.  There are 2,214 old time radio related links to old time radio shows and magazines that were printed during the height of the popularity of old time radio.

One Roy Rogers episode has been downloaded 74,882 times showing that the website is available for downloading many of the old time radio shows we grew up with.

Old time radio fans will love looking at list after list of old time radio shows available for downloading including some of the more obscure shows which have very few episodes in existence.

The live music archive features 88,813 archives while the moving image archives total 451,934.

Avid readers will enjoy knowing that there are 2.694,639 texts including books and ebooks. The new Bookreader at the site includes Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin and is the example shown of how the Bookreader works.


There is an audio version of some books but the one I listened to was not of the best quality and seemed to be a computer generated voice which probably would be tiring to listen to for an entire book.

Most readers may not enjoy the voice and instead opt to read the books without sound. For those that like the audio they should enjoy the feature that highlights the portion of the book being read by the voice.

The Mega Reader iPhone app provides access to the 1.8 million free books at archive.org so they each iPhone user can have their own personal reader.

Each volume of the Warren Report investigation of the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy is available to read.

The site is an excellent source of reading material for educators and students who are looking for books that are no longer copyrighted.

One word of caution: it could take hours just to look at what is available at archive.org. This website may have the most content of any website online and is worth going to the website to see for yourself what is available.


Weird Movie Titles: Billy the Kid Versus Dracula

Circle Productions released Billy the Kid Versus Dracula in 1966 and was one of the weirdest movie titles ever released. Mixing the wild west with the horror film genre was bound to draw attention.

Dracula portrayed by John Carradine intends to make Billy the Kid’s fiancee his vampire wife by impersonating his fiancee’s uncle but Billy the Kid is warned about Dracula’s plans and triumphs in the end thwarting the plans of Dracula.

The internet movie database reviews rate the movie at 2.3 stars out of 10 stars.  This movie has nothing to do with history since Billy the Kid was killed in 1891 at the age of 19 by Sheriff Pat Garrett but in this movie Billy is reformed and working as a ranch hand.

Dracula is supposed to not be able to walk in broad daylight but does in this movie. The only good thing about the movie is that it is over in only 73 minutes.

The Internet Movie Database has this review of the movie by someone who saw the movie:

Author: wdrr

I actually stayed up late to watch this one night. How could I resist a title like “Billy The Kid Versus Dracula.”

Not only was it incredibly historically accurate, but Dracula was very well played by John Carradine. I was thankful that it was shortly followed by another treat with “Jesse James meets Frankensteins Daughter.”

The fact that someone actually green lighted this movie is the most horrifying thing around.

I will say, it is worth the watch just for the final showdown between Billy and Dracula. After firing about six shots into Dracula, Carradine stands with the most sinister of stares only to be belted squarely across the nose with a gun that Billy throws across the room. The quickness and “Doh!” factor almost makes me think John Carradine wasn’t acting. It is a little too realistic (something not characteristic of John Carradine’s acting). I was laughing myself to tears when I saw that.

If you want a good laugh, stick around to the end.

The movie had an obvious goof that was repeated several times but was left in the movie:

Continuity: At many points in the film, “Mrs. Oster” (Virginia Christine) is called “Mrs. Olson”, the character she made famous in the Folger Coffee Commercials – hardly enough reason for director “One-Shot” Beaudine to stop the cameras.

It seems like this movie was supposed to be more of a horror film but turned out to be a comedy and John Carradine called this movie the low point of his career even lower than Bikini Drive-in.