The Voice: NBC Singing Competition Debuts April 26

Mark Burnett who produced The Survivor and The Apprentice, is one of the producers of the The Voice, a NBC singing competition show.

The show debuts on Tuesday, April 26, so won’t be shown on the same night as American Idol. The host of the show will be Carson Daly.

Unlike American Idol, The Voice calls their judges coaches. In reality they are combination judge and coaches.

This should be an interesting concept, with the same coaches that are helping them, critiquing them when they are sitting on the judge’s panel.

The prize for winning the competition pales, when compared to an American Idol contract, since the winner takes home $100,000 and is signed to a recording contract.

Meanwhile the upcoming X-Factor debuting this fall pays even more, with the winner receiving a $5 million recording contract.

That doesn’t mean the winner of The Voice is less of a singer, than who wins the other two shows. It just means they won’t be rewarded as well financially.

The judges will be Christiana Aguilera, Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine.

The website for the show tells how the competition works:


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