Frank Sinatra – The Nearness of You

The Nearness of You is heard in this 1947 recording of That Old Feeling recorded by Frank Sinatra.. I bought the album The Nearness of You which was released in 1967 and even though I thought I had lost it, my sister found it over 40 years later.

The album includes standards like Laura, It Could Happen To You, That Old Black Magic, Blue Hawaii, Just in Time and I Get Along Without You Very Well. It is fun listening to the same album in 2012, that I listened to 1967, which was 45 years ago.

There is no compact disc version of this album, that I know of but 48 of these records are for sale at eBay, with many of them being sold for less than $10, including shipping.

If you want to hear Frank Sinatra at his best, listen to this album if you ever get the chance.

I am going to play both sides tonight, as I go back once more to 1967, when the Beatles and Elvis Presley may have been the kings of rock n’ roll but Frank Sinatra was Chairman of the Board.

Frank Sinatra: Nice And Easy – How Little It Matters

The great Frank Sinatra singing one of his up tempo songs Nice and Easy.

This is Frank Sinatra at his best singing one of his signature songs. The next video features Sinatra singing one of his lesser known songs but one of my favorites, How Little It Matters.

Sinatra singing a shortened version of  How Little We Know.

Neither of the songs included in this post were huge hits with How Little We Know reaching No.30 on the Billboard charts in 1956 while Nice and Easy topped out at No. 60 in 1960.

That doesn’t really matter to me since both songs are two of my favorite Sinatra songs. He recorded his first song in 1939 and was still singing into the 1990’s.

The following list names every song recorded by Sinatra and which year it was recorded:

Frank Sinatra: I Get a Kick Out of You

Frank Sinatra singing I Get a Kick Out of You and

The third verse of the song has a reference to cocaine but in the video it is changed to perfume from Spain.

That would bore me terriff is in most Sinatra versions of the song and not terricic’ly too as shown in the third verse lyrics here.

Some get a kick from cocaine.
I’m sure that if I took even one sniff
That would bore me terrific’ly too
Yet I get a kick out of you.

Cole Porter wrote the song in 1934 making it 77 years old this year.

Worst Frank Sinatra Song

Frank Sinatra singing Mama Will Bark the worst song he ever recorded.

With the recent death of Mitch Miller at the age of 99 there has been a lot of mention in the news  of how he tried to make Frank  Sinatra sing novelty songs instead of letting him sing the ballads he was known for. The song was recorded in May of 1951.

Miller countered the criticism by saying that Sinatra’s career was at a low ebb and that he had no voice but Sinatra proved that wrong  by singing over 45 more years and his music was still in demand as it is today after his death.

Amazingly the song reached No.21 on the record charts.