Big Brother 13: HOH Results and Aftermath Spoilers: August 11

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



If you want to wait till Sunday’s show on CBS to find out who won HOH and the aftermath after the competition, don’t read this article since it reveals the winner of the HOH competition.



Last night’s Big Brother 13 show ended with Brendon Villegas returning to the Big Brother house after defeating Lavon Exum in a special challenge, which reunited Brendon with his girlfriend Rachel Reilly. This week has showed how fast this game can change. 

This time last week Brendon had been sent home and it appeared that Rachel would go home this week ending the season for the couple. However, a funny thing happened after the nominations as Kalia was convinced by the other alliance to not push for the house guests to vote Rachel out because of the twist this week.  Now instead of Brendon and Rachel being out of the game, they are both back in it.

Brendon, Rachel, Jeff, Jordan and Shelly appear to be with one alliance, which leaves only Danielle, Porsche and Kalia in the other alliance with Adam a wild card. Danielle’s alliance needs Adam to give them more votes since Danielle can’t vote as HOH. The other alliance will lose two voters, who will be put up on the block. It will take three votes next week for a team to control the votes. 

Danielle Donato of Big Brother 13 has won HOH for the second time in three weeks.

Last night after the show ended, Danielle won the HOH competition, giving her second HOH in three weeks. It was the third consecutive HOH won by the Danielle alliance. She knew her back was against the wall with Brendon and Rachel back in the game, however Danielle seems to win when she needs the HOH the worst.

Assuming Brendon and Rachel will be nominated for eviction that leaves Jeff, Jordan and Shelly voting to keep Rachel or Brendon next week, depending on who Danielle is targeting. Either alliance would be smart to offer a deal to Adam to guarantee him safety next week in return for his vote. Adam is in the power position this week, plus Danielle is desperate to get him to vote her way. 

If Danille can persuade Adam to vote her way, the vote would be 3-3 tie with Danielle casting the tie breaking vote. Adam is in a position to bargain for the best deal, because he is the swing vote. If he joins Jeff, Jordan and Shelly in voting together to vote against the targeted house guest to leave, the veterans plus Shelly and Adam would win 4-2, robbing Danielle of a chance to cast a tie-breaking joke. Adam can figure on being hounded all week for his vote.

However, all bets are off if Brendon or Rachel win the Veto competition, but we still don’t know for sure who will be nominated. If that happens, I would expect to see Shelly nominated for the first time this season. Unless Adam adamantly refuses to vote with Danille’s alliance, he should be safe this week and probably next week too if the newbies-Danielle alliance wins HOH again next week.

These are the HOH winners so far: 







Rachel and Danielle have combined to win four of the six HOH competitions.

Brendon has either won or shared a win with Rachel three times in the Veto competition. Dominic and Jeff have won one Veto each this season. 

Rachel has won HOH twice, shared a Veto win with Brendon, while Danielle has two HOH wins. She needs to win the veto to make sure her nominations stay the same, to prevent the drama of last week from happening again. If not for Jeff winning the veto, Rachel probably would have been  voted out of the house. That would have set up a challenge between Rachel and Brendon, which would probably result in Brendon throwing it to Rachel.

The two keys this week are who wins the veto and how Adam will vote. Adam will have to grab his life vest this week, because his days of floating are over, with his vote being crucial to who advances in the game.

This year has seen some of the worst play in Big Brother history. Two players on the block Keith and Dominic, have thrown veto competitions which could have taken them off the block with a win. The last HOH, Kalia put one of her own alliance, Lawon who volunteered to be evicted, up for eviction, resulting in him going home.

Kalia more or less, wasted her week as HOH. She was so determined to show she was making the decisions and not Danielle, that she went against Danielle’s wishes to try to help Rachel get the votes she needed to stay. Not since Howie Gordon nominated two of his own alliance  in Big Brother 6 for eviction, has an HOH made a worst move than Kalia did this week, effectively flipping the house and preventing the opposing alliance from losing anyone this week and in fact added another in Brendon due to the twist. 




Lizard Lick Towing Fan: Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley says Tru TV's Lizard Lick Towing is the BET for whites.

Charles Barkley said that the Lizard Lick Towing show on TruTV, is the white BET. He is entertained, by the way Ron Shirley owner of Lizard Lick Towing and his partner Bobby Brantley, repossess cars.

The show drew 1.9 million fans for the TruTV network during the last quarter tying it with their other repo show Operation Repo.

This is the answer Barkley gave an interviewer when asked what comes on after the TruTV basketball coverage on

What followed you on truTV after the post-game analysis?

“Well once I found out we were going to be on truTV. They actually have a show called…first of all…truTV is really the white BET, truTV is white entertainment television. Dude, it’s some of the craziest stuff I’ve ever seen in my life. They got this one show called ‘Lizard Towing,’ Well they got these two big old boys from the south who be repossessing people’s cars and they end up chasing them down the street, fighting them every week. It is hilarious. These guys sneak into people’s houses. First of all, they seem like great guys, but they two big old country boys and they be stealing people’s cars back. It is the funniest thing in the world. They have people fighting with them all of the time. You’re just laughing the whole time. I’m telling you dude, it’s like white black entertainment television.” Great Multimedia Website will keep a reader entertained for hours. is probably the best source for audio and video online this side of YouTube.  The home page for the website as I write this article has a link to an audio version of a Grateful Dead concert at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum at New Haven, Connecticut on May 11, 1981.

The concert is only one of 803,305 audio recordings at the website.  There are 2,214 old time radio related links to old time radio shows and magazines that were printed during the height of the popularity of old time radio.

One Roy Rogers episode has been downloaded 74,882 times showing that the website is available for downloading many of the old time radio shows we grew up with.

Old time radio fans will love looking at list after list of old time radio shows available for downloading including some of the more obscure shows which have very few episodes in existence.

The live music archive features 88,813 archives while the moving image archives total 451,934.

Avid readers will enjoy knowing that there are 2.694,639 texts including books and ebooks. The new Bookreader at the site includes Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin and is the example shown of how the Bookreader works.

There is an audio version of some books but the one I listened to was not of the best quality and seemed to be a computer generated voice which probably would be tiring to listen to for an entire book.

Most readers may not enjoy the voice and instead opt to read the books without sound. For those that like the audio they should enjoy the feature that highlights the portion of the book being read by the voice.

The Mega Reader iPhone app provides access to the 1.8 million free books at so they each iPhone user can have their own personal reader.

Each volume of the Warren Report investigation of the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy is available to read.

The site is an excellent source of reading material for educators and students who are looking for books that are no longer copyrighted.

One word of caution: it could take hours just to look at what is available at This website may have the most content of any website online and is worth going to the website to see for yourself what is available.

Beyond Scared Straight Good or Bad?

Beyond Scared Straight airing on the A&E Network has stirred up controversy from those thinking the confrontational tactics seen on the show only make things worse for at risk kids.

Beyond Scared Straight which is being shown on the A&E Network which shows teenagers being confronted at prisons by inmates telling them what to expect if they are imprisoned.

The inmates are very confrontational with the teenagers especially with anyone that smiles or has a smirk on their face. They tell them in no uncertain terms what they can expect if they are given a prison sentence.

The inmates also talk to the teenagers one on one giving them guidance and what to expect in a more low key conversation simply telling them about the mistakes they made and how some of them in for murder will spend their entire life in jail.

I have seen some followup stories on some of those kids after they return home from their prison visit and the ones I have seen seem to have changed their attitudes. They also have learned to say no to those who might lure them into situations which could land them in prison.

One teenage boy is looking into qualifying for the Marines after graduating from high school. Joining the service sometimes is the only option for some teenagers to avoid a life of crime and ultimately a prison sentence.

An even younger boy was shown working in the yard and was telling how if others teenagers wanted to do something that could get him in trouble he told them no.

Speaking for myself  I think this is a good program but there are those who oppose the program saying it will only make things worse for them.

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges has issued this statement regarding the broadcast of shows which bring kids into a prison environment to scare them.

The National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges is concerned that the A&E program “Beyond Scared Straight” misrepresents the effectiveness of such interventions with youthful offenders. Although advertisements for the show claim Scared Straight! is “an effective juvenile prevention/intervention program,” social science research clearly demonstrates the opposite. In fact, research strongly suggests Scared Straight! and similar programs have a harmful impact on youth and are associated with increased risk for continued delinquent/criminal behaviors. Further, it is clear these types of interventions as portrayed are neither developmentally appropriate nor trauma-informed.

My viewpoint is that these shows cause no harm and if they keep one teenager out of prison they are worthwhile. Sometimes being scared is a good thing if it keeps someone from a life of crime.

Producer Arnold Shapiro of Beyond Scared Straight was the producer of  Big Brother from 2001-2006. He defends Beyond Scared Sraight with this statement:

“The kids in Beyond Scared Straight are chosen by youth counselors, teachers, family members.  If these people saw no results they would stop doing it,” Shapiro adds.  “The kids show an array of reactions in the prison.  But they didn’t just walk out and forget about it.”

He goes on to explain, “We talk to the kids on a weekly basis, sometimes up to a year after filming, before we lock the final edit. We checked in with them and they were doing just fine.”

Shapiro also admits that Scared Straight shouldn’t necessarily be the first choice for those seeking to help troubled kids.  “It’s a last resort.  Counselors will tell you it’s a valuable tool in an arsenal of tools,” he says.

Now California and Maryland have suspended the “scared straight” programs in those states after the U.S. Justice Department warned they could lose federal funding if they continued the programs.

If all else fails the U.S. government will and in this case has pulled out  the old “we will stop your funding threat” card.

Whether these programs continue or not apparently is at the mercy of the federal government. Threatening to withhold federal funding will probably bring any scared straight programs to a screeching halt.

Once more the federal government has decided for us what is good and what is bad for us. The families who have seen a change in their kids after they participated in the prison visits can only be thankful they were able to enroll their kids in the program before the Justice Department decided we don’t need programs that help our kids change into law abiding citizens before they embark on a life of crime.

My opinion for what it is worth is that the scared straight programs serve a useful purpose in preventing kids from hanging out with the wrong crowd and appreciating their parents and other adults who are looking out for their best interests.

Dr. Joyce Brothers: Boxing Expert, First TV Psychologist

Dr. Joyce Brothers appearing on the $64,000 Question in 1955.

Dr. Joyce Brothers celebrated her 83rd birthday last month. She is mostly known as a psychologist who appeared on many television shows and was a prolific writer having written many advice books.

However she was only known in 1955 as a boxing expert on $64,000 Question on which she won the top prize in the boxing category. She reportedly did not want to have boxing as her category but when the sponsors insisted on it she delved into boxing books and with her fantastic memory became an expert on boxing.

When the quiz scandals broke she insisted she had won on the level and after an investigation of her appearances on $64,000 Question it was decided that she had won fairly without any cheating.

The producers did attempt to oust her from the show but she kept on winning because they couldn’t trip her up because of her superior knowledge of boxing.

She claims to have been the first television psychologist when she had her first advice show on a New York television station and she had already earned her doctorate in psychology from Columbia University two years before her $64,000 Question appearance.

This very short clip from Happy Days shows Dr. Brothers making a blooper.

The following article gives more details about her life and some of her quotations: