The Voice Clobbering American Idol in TV Ratings Battle



American Idol Season 14 Judges – Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. 

If there was ever any doubt, about which singing competition show is more popular it has been removed. The Voice Season 8 has attracted less than 10 million viewers only 4 times this season, while American Idol attracted less than 10 million viewers 16 times.

American Idol Season 14 peaked on January 8 with 11.23 million viewers watching. The show bottomed out on Episode # 24, with 6.58 million fans, and attracted only 7.36 million in the show that aired last week.

The February 18th show of American Idol was the last to draw more than 10 million viewers. American Idol is down to only four remaining contestants, but the fans apparently don’t really care who wins, since the ratings continue to drop week to week.

The Voice Season 8 peaked on March 3, when Episode #4 attracted 15.54 million viewers. The show which aired last week drew only 9.49 viewers, which totals over 6 million fewer fans than those that watched it at its peak in March.

Still it has topped American Idol in the ratings all season, so should definite return this fall for Season 9.

However, American Idol seems to be on shaky ground. It still draws more viewers than most shows on the Fox weekly schedule, but Fox may rather drop the show, then see the show die a slow death, over the next year or two.

American Idol to me still is the better show, since it has produced some big stars, while the winners of The Voice seem to disappear after the finale in which they win.

Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson and Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood have had the most success, after winning Idol and are still both recording 10 years after Underwood won.

Season 5 through Season 13 winners have had some success, but nothing like the success of Clarkson and Underwood.

Season 12 winner Candace Glover and Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson have failed to sell many albums. Their lack of success may have cooled interest in the show by viewers.

The Voice while seeing a drop in their ratings, as the season went on is still the clear winner, in the battle of the TV ratings battle with American Idol.


American Idol On Speed

Ryan Seacrest, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. return for American Idol Season 14

American Idol Season 14 has been on speed the last two nights, with the males singing on Wednesday night and the females on Thursday night. Fox network has reduced the show to an hour this season, and gone were the long-winded judges opinions and the hi and bye conversations, with Seacrest and the contestants helped speed the show along. I think Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. are doing an excellent job of judging, but they won’t be on screen much, with the shows being shortened. The shows were frenetically paced on both nights, with two singers singing, then a round of commercials, then repeating till the show was over.

The show had to squeeze 12 singers into about 40 minutes, so there was no time for a lot of needless filler, like we saw in previous seasons. There is a huge difference in having two hours to sing 12 songs, than to have them sung in only an hour. The result shows will only be 30 minutes this year, so once American Idol is down to the 12 or so contestants, American Idol will only be on television screens an hour and-a-half a week.

Ryan Secrest can no longer build up the drama on result nights for an hour, so will have to cut to the chase sooner. There will still be time for guest singers on results night, since a half hour show really only lasts about 22 minutes, after leaving time for commercials.

Mark Andrew takes us back to the 70’s with his version of The Weight.

The Band’s version from the The Last Waltz movie featuring Leverne Helm and the Staples Singers from the late 70’s.

The Voice Pulling Away From American Idol in Ratings

The Voice continues to attract more viewers, than American Idol, as the ratings showed 14.6 million viewers watched the second episode of The Voice Season 8. Meanwhile, American Idol only attracted 11.76 million, in their highest rated episode, American Idol Season 14 has not drawn more than 11 million viewers, to any episode since February 4.  The Voice ratings are almost 3 million ahead of American Idol, when comparing most watched episodes of the two shows.

American Idol may never regain the popularity it once had, since the show peaked on May 21, 2003 finale, with 38.06 million visitors tuned in. The 2014 season finale bottomed out at 10.53 million viewers. It is not a good sign, when a show loses 28 million viewers.

The purpose of American Idol and The Voice is to produce stars, who make it big in the music business, and The Voice still hasn’t done that.

American Idol Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery and Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips have both had platinum albums and platinum singles. However, Season 12 winner Candice Glover’s first and only album so far sold only 27,000 copies and her only single peaked at #93 on the US chart.

Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson’s debut album, which was released in August of 2014 has sold only 11,000 albums. It is ironic, that Chris Daughtry who came in fourth in Season 5 has had the most success in record sales, among the rock singers on the show.

Daughtry and his band’s debut album sold 7 million copies worldwide, and his second album went platinum, and third album went gold. His fourth album has not done as well with only 90,000 albums sold, after the album was released in November of 2013.

Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson and Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood have been by far the most successful singers, who have been produced by American Idol, with both of them going strong many years, after they appeared on American Idol.

The Voice may be winning in television ratings, but American Idol is the winner when it comes to producing stars, that make it and sustain careers in music.

American Idol may not be around much longer, if the ratings don’t improve, but then it may be around for years to come, since they may have a problem finding a show that can garner higher ratings, than American Idol has done for many years.

The Voice Drawing More Fans Than American Idol in 2014


The Voice

American Idol started Season 13 back on January 15, 2014. 15.19 million viewers tuned in, to watch the 2014 premiere of the long-running singing competition show. By the time Episode 17 aired on September 6 the ratings had fallen to 9.76 million viewers, which was a drop of 5.43 million viewers from the premiere episode.

The Voice opened Season 6 with 15.86 million viewers and by the time the sixth episode had aired on March 11 the ratings had fallen to 13.51 million viewers. That was a drop of 2.35 million, which made The Voice the winner in attracting viewers so far this season with The Voice holding on to more of the viewers from their premiere, than the American Idol was able to do.

It is too early in the season to tell which show has the better singers, but right now I would give a slight edge to The Voice, since they have 48 singers still in the competition, while American Idol is down to 11 singers left.

The blind audition rounds to me are what really interest me, since it is always fun to watch the coaches turn around or not turn around for a contestant. It is fun to watch the interplay between coaches Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton, as they unashamedly beg the contestants to pick them as their coach.

I think the current panel of coaches is the best, since there seems to be better chemistry, when Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green (who won’t be returning) are not on the show.

The Voice begins the battle rounds on Monday, March 17 and they will end on March 25. I have never been a fan of the Battle Rounds, since it seems to me, to be more of a contest, to see who can hit the highest note. The battle rounds can eliminate contestants, because they may have to sing a song, that doesn’t best showcase a particular singer.

So once the Battle Rounds are over and the live shows began will begin to watch The Voice again. I dislike the fact that a singer chosen by a coach in the first episode of the Blind Auditions might not even be seen,, till 8 or 9 weeks later.

If The Voice returns this fall it won’t face any other competition, from other singing shows, since X-Factor won’t be returning this fall.

American Idol

American Idol to me better promotes their contestants, with them being on every show, after the Final 13 have been chosen. We learn the contestants easier, because we see them  singing week after week. After next Thursday’s results show on March 20 there will be only 10 contestants left.

I don’t think American Idol could have hired better judges than the trio of Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez and Harry Connick Jr. You can see the compassion the judges have for the contestants. Harsh Harry as Harry Connick Jr. has been called seems to be the sterner of the three judges.

Jennifer Lopez will reportedly have her own detective show on NBC next year, so that will probably mean she won’t be returning for Season 14 next January. Ryan Seacrest contract for three years for $45 million will end after the last show airs in May. It remains to be seen if he will return, or if American Idol will even return for Season 14.

American Idol has lost its invincibility factor, as The Voice has proven it can draw more viewers consistently. American Idol attracted 10.11 million viewers last night, which was only bettered by Criminal Minds with 10.72 million viewers.

While American Idol may be slipping in the ratings it still is drawing well, when compared to the viewers watching shows on the other networks.

The Voice is outdrawing American Idol by three or four million viewers, so they are the king of the singing competition shows, unless American Idol can reverse its downward trend in the ratings.

The Voice – King of the Singing Competition Shows

The Voice judges Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.

The Voice on the NBC television network is now the king of the singing competition shows, as its ratings are better than those for American Idol and X-Factor.

Carson Daly is the host of the The Voice, which is in its fifth season. The show debuted on April 26, 2011 and the 119th episode will air tonight.

Each finale show has attracted more viewers, than the previous year.

The year by year totals for the finale show of The Voice:





The November 18 show drew 10.5 million viewers, which was the third lowest total of Season 5. However, The Voice is still doubling the audience of X-Factor, which attracted only 5.18 viewers to their show last week.

One concern about The Voice is that being shown twice a year may eventually hurt the viewership. But right now The Voice is solidly ensconced, where they are still attracting in the neighborhood, of at least 10 million viewers for each show.

American Idol, in comparison attracted a low of 14.31 million viewers for their last finale last May. That was about a half million more viewers than American Idol attracted in their finale.

Interplay Among  The Voice Judges

One of the main attractions of the The Voice is the interplay between the judges, as they have good-natured fun needling the other judges.

Blake Shelton loves reminding the other judges that his team has won the last three competitions. Christina Aguilera looks like a different person this season, after losing some weight.

The ratings were not affected in Season 4, when Shakira replaced Christina and Usher replaced Cee Lo.

Blind Auditions

The blind auditions will probably always be a big part of the show. It has to be heartbreaking, for singers to sing their heart out and not have one chair turn around.

I wish there was some way to incorporate having the chairs turning around the whole season, but that is not likely to happen.

Battle Rounds

I am not a fan of the battle rounds, so usually skip from blind auditions to the live shows. It seems like the battle rounds are more attuned, to who can sing the loudest or hit the highest note.

Still, most fans probably enjoy the battle rounds.

The Voice Winners

Season One – Javier Colon – Had released two albums on Capitol, before ever appearing on The Voice. Colon won The Voice on June 29, 2011. He released his album Come Through For You on November 21, 2011, but he later left Universal Republic Records, which had released the album, since he thought he was receiving little support from the company.

Season Two – Jermaine Paul – Won The Voice in 2012. He has an album Finally, which is aptly named, since it shows up on Amazon, but no release date is given.

Season Three – Cassadee Pope – Won the The Voice in 2012. Her first album Frame by Frame, released by Republic Nashville shot to No.1 on Billboard. The previous best by a singer from The Voice was when Javier Colon charted at #143, after releasing his album. The reviews are outstanding for the new album, with 22 five-star reviews, 3 two star reviews and 3 three star reviews with only one review giving it one star.

Season Four – Danielle Bradbery – Won The Voice earlier this year. She is only 17 and her first album Danielle Bradbery is due to be released on November 25 on Big Machine Records. Her album is 20th in sales at, despite not being released yet.

Javier Colon didn’t fare too well with his first album after winning The Voice and Jermaine Paul hasn’t even had his released yet, while Cassadee Pope’s album broke in at No.1 and Danielle Bradbery has an album being released next week, which is great, when considering that Season 2 winner Jermaine Paul still doesn’t have an album in the stores.

Bright Future For The Voice

I see a bright future for The Voice, with Cassadee Pope’s album selling well and Danielle Bradbery’s album is 20th in sales, before it is even released.

This is the break The Voice needed to have their winning contestants making a name for themselves in the music business.

Unless American Idol can regain some of the popularity of the past we should see The Voice keep their place as king of the singing competition shows.

Will The Voice Find A Singer That Can Sell Albums?

Shakira, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Usher, judges and Carson Daly host of  Season 4 of The Voice on NBC.

The Voice has done well in the ratings, but still hasn’t come up with a winner that can sell records. Season 1 winner Javier Colon’s album Come Through For You peaked at No.134 on the Billboard 200 chart and has sold only 45,000 copies, as of late last December, more than a year after its initial release.

Season 2 winner Jermaine Paul has an album Finally that has no release date listed at, almost a year after he won The Voice in May of 2012.

Season 3 winner Cassidee Pope has released these singles which have sold a lot of downloads. She covered Cry a song recorded by Faith Hill and sold 81,000 copies in one week last December and debuted at No. 60 in its first week.

.Pope also recorded singles of Over You by Miranda Lambert which rose to No.25 on the Billboard Country chart and also recorded Keith Urban’s Stupid Boy which was at No.40, plus Michelle Branch’s Are You Happy Now, which was No.95. The real test for Pope will be when her first album is released later on down the road.

So the judges this season are intent on finding someone who will become a bona fide star, with name recognition something which has eluded the first three winners of The Voice.

Shakira and Usher the two one name judges seemed to have settled in well, in the first shows of Season 4.

Monday night’s show saw all four judges turn around their chairs for the Morgan Twins who sang Fallin’ and Judith Hill who sang What A Girl Wants.

Midas Whale a duo singing Folsom Prison Blues and Sarah Simmons singing One of Us sang well enough to have all four judges turn around for them on Tuesday night.

Cathia who sang “No Me Doy por Vencido” attracted the attention of Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton and Cathia naturally chose Shakira as her mentor.

No judges turned around for six contestants on Monday night and for one of the six singers shown last night. It is heartbreaking to see a singer sing their heart out, only not to have one judge turn their chairs around. That is what gives the show credibility though, since everyone knows, that some of the singers are not ready for prime time yet.

I usually watch the Blind Auditions, then skip the Battle Rounds, since it seems to be a contest of who can sing the loudest and hit the highest notes. I then return for the individual competitions in the last weeks of the show.

The Voice may be very popular, but until they have a singer who breaks through and has national name recognition it will be known more as the show that features judges turning around in their chairs.

After all these singers are vying to win The Voice and hope to sell millions of albums, like some past winners of American Idol have done. Selling 45,000 albums in close to a year like Javier Colon is not going to help him or The Voice. That is far from the record sales of Carrie Underwood, who has sold 15 million albums, which included 7 million copies of her Some Hearts album.

For The Voice to be taken seriously as a star maker they have to come up with a star that can sell more than 45,000 albums, while an American Idol winner like Carrie Underwood has sold 15 million albums.

The Celebrity Net Worth website discloses that American Idol Season 4 winner Underwood has a  net worth of $45 million, while Season 1 American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson has a net worth of $14 million.

I will start taking The Voice more seriously, when they can produce stars of the magnitude of Underwood and Clarkson.

The Voice Tops X-Factor In Head to Head Encounter

The Voice not only defeated X-Factor in the ratings, but drew 3.2 million more viewers during the 8 ET – 9PM time slot last night. I seriously thought that Britney Spears making her debut as a judge would attract more viewers to X-Factor.

It was a huge win for The Voice, as it drew 10.7 million viewers, while X-Factor only brought in 7.5 million viewers. The worst thing is that X-Factor had 12 million viewers on their debut show last September.

The 7.5 million viewers is an all-time low for X-Factor, as it was worse, than the 8.51 million viewers who watched the live results show on November 23 of last season.

So the spinning chairs won this battle over Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and the X-Factor singers.

These results don’t bode well for X-Factor, as the other networks will be debuting their fall programs soon. However, with The Voice not in direct competition next week, it will be a true test, to see if X-Factor rebounds from a shocking ratings loss.

The Voice has won one round one, but we may see both shows losing viewers, in the coming weeks.

Simon Cowell is probably in deep depression, since he had criticized The Voice producers, for scheduling their program, against X-Factor. Now the ratings results make it worse for him, since he knows X-Factor is not in the same league as The Voice, when it comes to attracting television viewers. Cowell had predicted X-Factor would draw 20 million fans during the inaugural season, but never drew more than 12.59 million fans, which watched the live results final last December. So dropping to 7.5 million in the first show this season, compared to 12.49 million viewers watching the debut show in 2011 is a serious setback to Cowell.

Producers of both shows will be watching the ratings next week, to see if The Voice can top X-Factor for a second week. X-Factor will be on its own tonight, but with the Packers-Bears game going against it, there could be more disappointing ratings announced tomorrow.

American Idol producers can’t be too happy, after the ratings were released, as the singing competitions bubble may be on the verge of being burst.

The Voice – X-Factor Showdown On Wednesday Night In Same Time Slot

The Voice begins its third season tonight on NBC. Chairs will be turning around tonight and the next three nights. This may be overkill to telecast the show on three consecutive nights.

To make matters worse The Voice, battles X-Factor head to head at 8PM ET. Simon Cowell was furious to learn that NBC had scheduled The Voice in the same time slot and called it “dirty tricks.”

Both shows have not produced a well-known singer as of yet. Quick, name the winners of The Voice in its two seasons and the winner of X-Factor last December.

The two shows are still American Idol wannabes, but that could change the way American Idol seems to be slipping. I just can’t see Mariah Carey matching any of the three judges from last season.She is reportedly earning $15-$17 million, while latest reports say Keith Urban is being offered only $3-5 million, which would be a third of Ryan Seacrest’s salary. Enrique Iglesias is reportedly in the running for another judge slot, while Nicky Minaj could also be hired anyday now.

Randy Jackson won’t be returning as a judge, according to the latest reports, but could be a mentor next season.

I look for American Idol ratings to tumble again next season, due to the fact that The Voice and X-Factor will probably end their seasons in December. Then American Idol will have their 2013 debut in January and won’t end till May, while the The Voice could return in February again, since they opened their season on Super Bowl Night in 2012.

So American television watchers will be seeing a steady diet of singing competition shows, each month from September of 2012 till May of 2013. Nine continuous months of these shows may be too much for television audiences, who would like to watch other shows.

Television moguls like to ride a winning cycle and that cycle right now is singing competitions. The question is how much is too much of a good thing.

We have seen the days when television was featuring westerns, but today I don’t think there is one western TV show on during prime-time.

Doctor shows were the rage in the days of Dr.Kildare, St.Elsewhere, Ben Casey and Marcus Welby MD. The doctor shows fizzled out.

All I am saying is that singing competitions may be a thing of the past, much sooner than we think. The ratings will tell the story on Wednesday night when X-Factor and The Voice go against each other, while both shows will battle Big Brother 14, which also will be in the same time slot on CBS.

Will be interesting to see if ratings fall as the season goes on. Britney Spears may help X-Factor initially in the ratings, but the question is will she able to draw viewers all season long.

We will know in December which show has had the best ratings,so all we can do now is watch and wait.