Timeline for Assassination of President John F. Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline Kennedy arriving at Love Field in Dallas on November 22, 1963.




President John F.Kennedy riding in motorcade with Jacqueline Kennedy and Governor John Connally moments before the president and governor were both shot.




Jacqueline Kennedy crawling on the back of the limousine after President Kennedy was shot in Dallas, Texas on Friday, November 22, 1963..


It is hard to believe that 50 years have passed since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas on Friday, November 22, 1963. It is ironic that November 22 of 2013 also fell on a Friday.

My day started like any other day at Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. I was subbing for the regular company postal clerk, who had taken leave to New York. I happened to have my transistor radio playing that morning, when I heard a news flash saying that President Kennedy had been shot. I immediately told the commanding officer and then shortly after heard that President Kennedy was dead.

Air Force One touched down at Love Field in Dallas at 11:40 PM CST and President Kennedy and his wife Jackie were greeted enthusiastically at the airport. The motorcade cars were lined up at the airport, but the motorcade started late because of the late arrival of Air Force One.

President Kennedy was slated to make a speech at the Dallas Trade Mart at 12:15 PM, but the motorcade didn’t enter Dealey Plaza till 12:29 PM.  The first shot hit President Kennedy at 12:30 PM and chaos ensued in Dealey Plaza as those there to see the motorcade ran to safety or fell to the ground to protect their children from the gunfire.

Jacqueline Kennedy started crawling on the back of the limousine, after literally holding her husband’s brains in her hands.

Governor Connally was also seriously wounded, by what some would say was the same bullet that hit President Kennedy. The bullet entered Connally’s back, hit his ribs and exited through his chest and his right arm’s wrist bone was shattered into seven parts, plus he had an entry wound in his left thigh.

James Tague, a bystander was hit by a ricocheting fragment of a bullet in the right cheek.

12:33 PM -Lee Harvey Oswald, who was later charged with the assassination of President Kennedy was seen in the second floor lunchroom about 90 seconds after the shots were fired, from the sixth floor window, of the Texas School Book Building. Oswald was questioned by Dallas motorcycle policeman Marion Baker,in the lunchroom and said Oswald showed no sign of being under duress or breathing heavily.

1236 PM – The first national network to broadcast the news of the assassination was ABC radio. when Don Gardiner announced, that three shots had been fired at the presidential motorcade.

12:38 PM – The presidential limousine bearing President Kennedy arrives at Parkland Hospital. We can only imagine the chaos there, as the physicians and nurses scrambled, to see if they could save the life of the president.

12:40 PM – CBS is the first television network to report the assassination.

1:00 PM – Lee Harvey Oswald arrived at his boarding room and left again soon after.

1:00 PM – President Kennedy was pronounced dead at Parkland Hospital and spokesman said that there was never a chance of saving his life.

1:15 PM – Officer J.D. Tippit is gunned down by Lee Harvey Oswald, according to witnesses at the scene, which was only 0.86 miles from Oswald’s boarding room.

1:33 PM – White House Press Secretary Malcolm Kilduff makes the official announcement of the death of President Kennedy.

1:35 PM – Johnny Brewer, the manager of a shoe stores sees Lee Harvey Oswald heading toward the Texas Theater.

1:40 PM – Brewer notices that Oswald entered theater, without paying and notified Julie Postal the clerk, who then called the Dallas police.

1:50 PM – Oswald is arrested by Dallas police, after attempting to shoot a policeman and punching one inside the Texas Theater.

2:00 PM – The body of President Kennedy is driven to Air Force One after a confrontation, between Secret Service agents and Dallas authorities, who wanted to perform an autopsy, before releasing the body of President Kennedy.

2:38 PM – Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson is sworn in by Sarah T. Hughes,as the 36th President of the United States aboard Air Force One.

500 PM – Air Force One arrives at Andrew Air Force Base near Washington, D.C., with the body of President Kennedy and with President Johnson as the new president.

7:05 PM – Lee Harvey Oswald is charged with the murder of Officer J.D.Tippit.

11:26 PM – Lee Harvey Oswald is charged with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

That ended a day in which President Kennedy was assassinated and Governor Connally was seriously wounded, James Tague a bystander was injured and Officer J.D. Tippit was murdered.

A day which had started out so well with the adoring crowds welcoming President Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline ended in tragedy. The day was to have ended with the noon speech at the Trade Mart, a speech in Austin and a weekend with Vice President Johnson at his ranch. Instead the day ended with President Johnson in the White House and the Kennedy presidency had come to an end.

Marilyn Monroe Could Have Saved JFK’s Life

It was only 15 months before when Marilyn Monroe threatened to expose the Kennedys. She was planning to expose the Kennedys and tell of the philandering ways of both President Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy.

If she hadn’t found dead due to an overdose of pills she would have told, of the philandering ways of President Kennedy and his brother Robert F. Kennedy.

If she had been allowed to tell the truth,about the Kennedy brothers there would have been no Dallas visit by President Kennedy, who almost certainly would have been removed from office and no presidential campaign in 1968 by brother Bobby,who also would have been out of politics, as early as 1962 or 1963.

However, Marilyn Monroe died a mysterious death and her death may have kept the Kennedy brothers secrets safe from political death, but in the end may have cost both of them their lives.

Jackie’s Pink Suit

The pink suit that Jackie Kennedy wore during the assassination won’t be seen by the public, for another 90 years and by the time it is seen it will be 140 years after the assassination. By 2103, when it is made public there will be few that lived in the 1900’s that will still be around to see it.

More importantly it is time to release all records, that have anything to do with the Kennedy assassination. 50 years is long enough to hold onto the assassination documents, since most people who were 50 in 1963 would now be 100, if they are fortunate enough to be alive.












JFK Assassination: Only 24 Percent Think Oswald Acted Alone

Texas Schoolbook Depository Building with the sixth floor window circled, to show where the alleged shots fired at President John F. Kennedy were fired from at 12:30 PM on November 22, 1963 by an unidentified sniper.

75 percent of Americans still are not convinced, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone 50 years ago, when an assassin or assassins shot and assassinated the 35th president of the United States, President John F. Kennedy, in the streets of Dallas on November 22,1963.

59 percent of Americans think more than one person was involved in the assassination, according to an Associated Press – GfK poll. When the 59 percent thinking the assassination was a conspiracy is combined, with the 16 percent, who are unsure it adds up to about 75 percent ,who have not been convinced Oswald was not part of a conspiracy. Close to 24 percent think that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone gunman.

The only reason the proliferation of books have been written, about the JFK assassination is because, of Americans wanting to know exactly happened on that cold day in November of 1963.

The number of Americans who believe there was a conspiracy involved, in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy has dropped over the last few years, but with 75 percent not convinced yet that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone means, that there has not been a smoking gun that has convinced Americans, beyond a doubt that a conspiracy was involved.

Nobody has explained to my satisfaction why the fingerprint of Mac Wallace, who was the hitman for LBJ was found on a box, in the sixth floor “sniper’s nest” in the Texas School Book Depository Building. There is no proof, that I am aware of, that places Oswald in the sixth floor window, at the time the fatal shots were fired. He was seen on the second floor by Motorcycle Patrolman Marion Baker a short time later. The elevator was apparently out-of-order shortly after the assassination, which would make it almost impossible for Oswald to be on the sixth floor at the time of the shooting and make it down to the second floor, without being out of breath or acting like someone, who had just shot President John F. Kennedy

The following blog by William E. Kelley, Jr. goes into great detail about what happened with Baker and Oswald and the building manager Roy Truly, on the day of the assassination..


This alone is enough for me to doubt the findings, of the Warren Commission in their report.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with my opinion, that Lee Harvey Oswald was part of a conspiracy led by Vice-President Lyndon B. Johnson and in a coalition of the FBI, CIA, organized crime and Texas oilmen bankrolling the assassination.

Those with views, that differ from mine are welcome to post comments. However no flaming or use of bad language is allowed and those comments will not be posted. Any other well thought out comments written, without showing hatred, for other commenters are welcome and will be posted as soon as possible.




Who Assassinated JFK? LBJ Probably Knows But He’s Not Talking

Lyndon Johnson 1908-1973

Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson was riding in a limousine two cars behind the presidential limousine, in which President John F. Kennedy and his wife Jacqueline were riding.

Johnson apparently knew that his limousine was in the killing zone, as he was reportedly ducking down before the first shots were fired.

When the first shots hit President Kennedy at 12:30 on November 22, 1963 and resulted in his death about 30 minutes later, then it changed the life of LBJ forever.

LBJ would be sworn in at 2:38 PM aboard Air Force One, which was only two hours and eight minutes after the first shot was fired an an hour and 38 minutes after the nation learned that President Kennedy had succumbed to the fatal wounds incurred by an assassin or assassins.

If someone asked who would have the most to gain, from the death of JFK the answer would overwhelmingly be LBJ, who went from being a figurehead in the Kennedy administration to being the president of the United States. Another reason LBJ needed to be president on November 22, 1963 was that his name was about to be mentioned,in the Bobby Baker hearings currently going on in Washington that day.

Testimony from those hearings would implicate LBJ and expose the fact that he was getting kickbacks, which would be a felony and he would have risked being sent to prison.

However, by becoming president the hearings were stopped suddenly and President Johnson’s reputation was not sullied, because he was a sympathetic figure having just assumed the presidency, at a time when the nation was in mourning over the death of their president.

President Johnson died 10 years later in 1973 and apparently took his secrets regarding his kickbacks in the Bobby Baker scandal and the Billie Sol Estes scandal and his alleged part in the assassination planning to his grave.

This is my opinion for what it is worth as to who masterminded the assassination of President Kennedy on that November day 50 years ago: Lyndon Baines Johnson was very unhappy being a second banana in the Kennedy administration and he teamed up with the CIA, FBI and the underworld to conspire to kill the president.

The CIA was infuriated with the president, because he abandoned the CIA plot to seize power from Fidel Castro in Cuba. Kennedy called off air support for the invading anti-Castro forces on the Isle of Pines. Then to make matters worse the president stated, that he would like to break the CIA into a thousand pieces. His actual words  reportedly were that he would like to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.”[17] Wikipedia

When President Kennedy fired Allen Dulles the director of the CIA later that year it worsened the relations, between the president and the CIA.

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover disliked both President Kennedy and his brother Attorney General Bobby Kennedy. He had secrets about the Kennedy brothers and their womanizing. When Marilyn Monroe threatened to expose their secrets she died a mysterious death in August of 1962. If she had been allowed to tell the media, what she know about the Kennedy brothers, then they both may never have been assassinated, since they would be out of power and cooling their heels at Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, instead of being assassinated in 1963 and 1968.

Underworld figures had their own motives to assassinate President Kennedy, since his brother Bobby, in his role as attorney general was waging a war against organized crime, who were the same people, that enabled his brother the president to win the 1960 election, through their dirty politics.

LBJ allegedly conspired with some of his Texas oilmen friends to bankroll the operation. Spartacus Educational has this to say about a meeting held the eve of the assassination and who was present:

Rumours began to circulate that Murchison might have been involved in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. A friend of Murchison, Madeleine Brown, claimed in an interview on the television show, A Current Affair that on the 21st November, 1963, she was at his home in Dallas. Others at the meeting included Haroldson L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, John J. McCloy and Richard Nixon. At the end of the evening Lyndon B. Johnson arrived. Brown said in this interview: “Tension filled the room upon his arrival. The group immediately went behind closed doors. A short time later Lyndon, anxious and red-faced, reappeared. I knew how secretly Lyndon operated. Therefore I said nothing… not even that I was happy to see him. Squeezing my hand so hard, it felt crushed from the pressure, he spoke with a grating whisper, a quiet growl, into my ear, not a love message, but one I’ll always remember: “After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again – that’s no threat – that’s a promise.”

If Madeleine Brown was telling the truth, then this is evidence, that LBJ was heavily involved with the assassination.

Questions About JFK Assassination

That Still Need to Be Answered

The proponents of the Warren Commission Report may think the mystery,of who assassinated President John F. Kennedy was solved with the release of the Warren Report in 1964, but I still have questions, that I would like to know answers to, before making a decision one way or the other.

What part did Lee Harvey Oswald play in the assassination? I am still not sure he was even in the sixth floor sniper’s nest,when the fatal shots were fired. He was seen in the second floor break room 75 seconds,after the shots were fired and was drinking a Coca-Cola. The motorcycle policeman who questioned Oswald said that Oswald was very calm and not out of breath. Not the reaction of someone,who had just shot the president of the United States. I figure that Oswald did bring his rifle to the sixth floor window that day, so naturally had his fingerprints on it and was probably seen by a witness before the shooting. The deal breaker for me was that LBJ’s hitman Mac Wallace had his fingerprint found on a box on the sixth floor. I think Oswald was set up to look like he was the shooter, while Wallace fired the fatal shots, but Wallace was not even on the sixth floor at the time.

Why would the Dallas police department send a lone policeman to stop Oswald, knowing he was a suspect in the assassination of the president, instead of having two or three cars at the scene before accosting Oswald? Officer J.D. Tippit may still be alive if this precaution had been taken.

Why was Jack Ruby allowed into the Dallas Police Station and why did he gain admittance while carrying a firearm? I can’t help but wonder if Ruby had inside help to gain entrance into the police station, without being searched by someone.

Why wasn’t the transfer vehicle already backed into place, which would have likely prevented Ruby from getting an easy shot at Oswald and why wasn’t Oswald moved during the night? Ruby was allegedly told by his crime bosses, to kill Oswald, so their names wouldn’t be mentioned during the interrogation.

Why did the Warren Commission single out Oswald as the lone conspirator, when he had a long history of being involved in double agent work? I believed Oswald, when he stated that he was a patsy. The lone conspirator theory may have satisfied some Americans, but there is still an overwhelming majority, that thinks he was only a small part of a huge conspiracy to assassinate President Kennedy.

Why wasn’t more attention paid to Rose Cherami when she told authorities in Louisiana, that she was traveling with two men on the way to Dallas to assassinate the president two days before the assassination? If someone had taken her seriously it could have affected the way the motorcade was conducted on November 22. The top would not have been lowered, if the Secret Service knew there was a viable threat that the president might be assassinated. Still wonder why LBJ insisted on the top being down that day according to some reports and why he also insisted that Jackie Kennedy ride with him in his vice presidential limousine. The people along the motorcade route didn’t come to see Jackie Kennedy riding with LBJ. They wanted to see her with her husband the president.

Why would a bullet be found on Governor Connally’s stretcher unless it was planted there? The magic bullet theory was crucial to the Warren Commission’s theory that Oswald was the lone gunman. I won’t go into detail, since my knowledge of ballistics is very limited.

Why haven’t there been more assassination records released 50 years later? There probably are very few people involved with the assassination still alive. LBJ died 40 years ago. J. Edgar Hoover died 41 years ago. Carlos Marcello, who has been linked with the assassination died 20 years ago. One of the few people still alive today is James Leavelle, who escorted Lee Harvey Oswald on his rendezvous with death, as Jack Ruby ended his life two days after he assassinated the president.

Why did presidential limousine driver stop the vehicle after the shooting began? The delay allowed the shooter or shooters more time to fire their next shot.

Why was the presidential limousine cleaned before it could be examined, since it was the crime scene of the assassination? Evidently, someone didn’t want to risk an investigator finding evidence, that might not jive with the lone gunman theory.

Why did Lee Harvey Oswald work with both anti-Castro and pro-Castro forces? This tells me he was a double agent working for both sides. I think personally, that Oswald was being groomed by the CIA to look like he was a kook, that hated President Kennedy and was good enough of a marksman to assassinate him.

Why didn’t Earl Warren agree to Jack Ruby testifying in Washington, when Ruby had told him he would talk in Washington, but not in Dallas? This may be Earl Warren’s way of making sure that Ruby’s testimony wouldn’t ruin the lone gunman theory, that was the cornerstone of the Warren Report.

Why did a large number of witnesses or witnesses preparing to testify in JFK assassination die mysterious deaths?The debunkers will say there was nothing unusual about any of the deaths, but a case by case study will show there were many mysterious deaths. The mysterious death of Dorothy Kilgallen came shortly after she said she had information that would blow the JFK assassination case sky-high. She had interviewed Jack Ruby shortly before her death and probably in the process of writing the article about her interview with Ruby.


In conclusion….there are many more questions that could be asked about the assassination, but the ones are above are questions that I hope to see answered someday.

Nobody on either the conspiracy side or the non-conspiracy side is going to convince me, what the truth is till I know beyond a doubt. what actually happened that day. My best guess right now is that LBJ was the mastermind behind the JFK assassination.












New Book Reveals Latest Revelations About JFK Assassination

The 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination has sparked many new books on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, but the one book among this latest wave of books about the assassination is Who Really Killed Kennedy?: 50 Years Later: Stunning New Revelations About the JFK Assassination, which stands out above the others.

It was written by Dr. Jerome Corsi Ph.D and his 383 page book was released on September 17, 2013. It is currently one of the best-selling books on Amazon.

Dr. Corsi has pored over many of the assassination files, that have been released in recent years and some of his newest findings include:

The shot in the back of the head was an exit wound, which opens up new questions, about if there was more than one shooter involved with the assassination.

That two other attempts to assassinate President Kennedy had taken place earlier in the month of November of 1963.

 That Lee Harvey Oswald had ties with both the CIA and the KGB.

This article on the book lists even more revelations in the book:


Amazon is currently listing 17 reviews about the book and 13 of the reviewers give the book a five-star rating.

These are just a couple of the reviews written by readers of the book:

Excellent Detailed Account of An American Cover Up,September 30, 2013

This is perhaps one of the best accounts of what REALLY happened that ill-fated day in Dallas and how our own country killed a beloved president. I was shocked and amazed at the cast of characters who all participated in the covering up. Oswald never was a part yet, he was the fall guy. Dr. Corsi gives a very easy reading list of the events leading up to and during and after the assassination. This book is a must read for all who blindly follow whatever their govt. tells them to do

Riveting,September 22, 2013

This review is from: Who Really Killed Kennedy?: 50 Years Later: Stunning New Revelations About the JFK Assassination (Kindle Edition)

This book held my attention. Took me a few days to read it as I had to put it down sometimes because of the volume of information Mr. Corsi presented. It also presents a sad commentary on American political history of the latter 20th century. The convoluted ties between politicians, the mob and the CIA and certain doctrines concerning globalism and American business interests actually predate WW2 with shades of the New World Order thrown in. Reading this book also gives one insight to why we are viewed by foreign governments the way we are.

It is hard to believe that 50 years after the JFK assassination, that there are still so many unanswered questions about that day in November in 1963, when our president was gunned down in Dealey Plaza.

The multitude of questions still being asked today tells me that this was a conspiracy of the first magnitude and that Lee Harvey Oswald may not only not have fired shots from the Texas Schoolbook Depository building, but may not have even been on the sixth floor when the shots were fired.

The fact that he was being questioned by a Dallas Police motorcycle officer 75 seconds after the shots on the second floor, while drinking from a Coca-Cola bottle and not out of breath according to the police officer tells me Oswald was in the 6th floor window prior to the shooting then asked to leave, before the shooting actually began.

This may seem like a far out analysis of the situation, but there is no reason to believe that it couldn’t have happened exactly that way.

Hopefully, Dr. Corsi’s book will answer some of the unanswered questions and give us a clearer perspective of who was behind the assassination of President Kennedy.

There have been so many conspiracy theories about the assassination, that Americans may take years to sort out what is real and what was made up to sell books.

Nobody has proved that there wasn’t a conspiracy, but to me the preponderance of information points toward a conspiracy.

The problem is that so many witnesses with knowledge about the JFK assassination, that may have pointed to a conspiracy have met mysterious and untimely deaths, while those supporting the findings of the Warren Commission Report seem to have avoided dying under mysterious circumstances.

LBJ’s Options – Assassinate JFK Or Go To Prison

Lyndon Johnson has a long history of illegal activities, from finding “missing votes” in his 1948 election to the Senate, the elimination of witnesses in the Billie Sol trial, his connections with Bobby Baker scandal and most of all being part of a conspiracy to assassinate President John F. Kennedy.

Billie Sol Estes was raking in $21 million a year from “growing” and “storing” non-existent cotton. When Henry Marshall was investigating Estes and his illegal activities Johnson ordered his hitman Mac Wallace to kill Marshall. The hit didn’t go well and Wallace ended up shooting Marshall five times and it was called a suicide and Wallace was set free, when he received assistance from Johnson’s cronies. The judge admitted he ruled it a suicide, only because the sheriff told him to rule the murder a suicide. Besides LBJ needed Wallace to finish off more of his enemies in the following years. The fingerprint of Wallace was reportedly found, in the 6th floor “sniper’s nest” in the Texas Schoolbook Depository building, so that raises the question of whether he was the one that shot JFK.

On 3rd June, 1961, Marshall was found dead on his farm by the side of his Chevy Fleetside pickup truck. His rifle lay beside him. He had been shot five times with his own rifle. County Sheriff Howard Stegall decreed that Marshall had committed suicide. No pictures were taken of the crime scene, no blood samples were taken of the stains on the truck (the truck was washed and waxed the following day), and no check for fingerprints were made on the rifle or pickup. – Spartacus Educational

The following paragraph states that Lyndon Johnson was not adverse to having his enemies killed:

On 4th April, 1962, George Krutilek, Estes chief accountant, was found dead. Despite a severe bruise on Krutilek’s head, the coroner decided that he had also committed suicide. The next day, Estes, and three business associates, were indicted by a federal grand jury on 57 counts of fraud. Two of these men, Harold Orr and Coleman Wade, later died in suspicious circumstances. At the time it was said they committed suicide but later Estes was to claim that both men were murdered by Mac Wallace in order to protect the political career of Lyndon B. Johnson. -Spartacus Educational

Bobby Baker (pictured) scandal left LBJ no choice but to have President Kennedy assassinated.

Then as if Johnson didn’t have enough to contend with the Billie Sol Estes situation his problems worsened, as the Bobby Baker scandal was being investigated by the Senate Rules Committee. The following three paragraphs tell why it was in the best interest of Vice President Johnson to conspire to assassinate President Kennedy.

According to the president’s secretary, Evelyn Lincoln, Kennedy had decided that because of this emerging scandal he was going to drop Lyndon B. Johnson as his running mate in the 1964 election. He told Lincoln that he was going to replace Johnson with Terry Sanford.

On 22nd November, 1963, a friend of Baker’s, Don B. Reynolds told B. Everett Jordan and his Senate Rules Committee that Johnson had demanded that he provided kickbacks in return for this business. This included a $585 Magnavox stereo. Reynolds also had to pay for $1,200 worth of advertising on KTBC, Johnson’s television station in Austin. Reynolds had paperwork for this transaction including a delivery note that indicated the stereo had been sent to the home of Johnson.

Don B. Reynolds also told of seeing a suitcase full of money which Baker described as a “$100,000 payoff to Johnson for his role in securing the Fort Worth TFX contract”. His testimony came to an end when news arrived that President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated. – Spartacus Educational

In conclusion the only way out of this political quagmire was for LBJ to have the president assassinated, since if he hadn’t he would have likely not been the vice-presidential candidate in 1964 and if he did nothing he wouldn’t have had the power to stop the Bobby Baker scandal investigation, before his part in the scandal was made public record. President Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy would have loved to see LBJ twisting in the wind, so there is no way they would have brought the investigation to an end.

Some of the facts about LBJ’s involvement with the Bobby Baker scandal were leaked to the press, but the press played the stories down, since President Johnson was a sympathetic figure, that was having to deal with a citizenry that was mourning the tragic loss of their president.

It is a miracle to me that Lyndon Johnson went to his death, with so many of his secrets unexposed starting with the corrupt 1948 Senate election, but then his enemies knew that Johnson not only vilified his enemies with his tongue, but his enemies had a way of ending up in the obituary column, soon after angering Johnson.

To summarize, LBJ saw that assassinating JFK was his only way out of a very bad situation, that could have sent him to prison for his illegal activities with Billie Sol Estes and Bobby Baker. I am surprised that President Johnson didn’t try to win a second term, if for no other reason than to protect his secrets from coming out another four years.

It was a surprise that President Johnson didn’t run for re-election in 1968, but maybe his pollsters were telling him, that there was no way he could win the election, so he may have decided discretion was the better part of valor and quietly faded away from the political scene. LBJ took a lot of secrets to his grave, but we can only hope that those who are still alive and know those secrets will tell us what he never told us.

Mysterious Deaths of JFK Assassination Witnesses

Dorothy Kilgallen 1913-1965

Many witnesses who had knowledge of the events prior to, during and after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy have met mysterious and untimely deaths.

Dorothy Kilgallen, who claimed to have information, that would break the Kennedy assassination wide open would be found dead of an apparent drug overdose. She had voluminous notes from her jailhouse interviews with Jack Ruby. As is mentioned in the article linked to below she had given her notes to a friend for safekeeping, but that friend was also found dead two days after the death of Kilgallen.

Those apologists who think Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone debunk the theory that these deaths were mysterious. However, to my way of thinking it is preposterous to believe this many deaths of witnesses were a mere coincidence and had nothing to do with them knowing too much.

Personally, it is not beyond the realm of possibility, that these witnesses were killed methodically, to prevent them from writing books or talking to the media about the Kennedy assassination.

Richard Belzer the standup comedian and actor who appeared in Law and Order has co-authored a book with David Wayne has written a book called Hit List: An In-Depth Investigation into the Mysterious Deaths of Witnesses to the JFK Assassination, which delves into the situation of many of the victims of the mysterious deaths.


Spartacus Educational also lists some of the mysterious deaths in this article.


I still think there is a smoking gun out there somewhere, that will someday solve the fifty year mystery, as to whether the President Kennedy assassination was a conspiracy or if it was like the Warren Commission reported that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

It is mind-boggling how many conspiracy theories have been espoused in the thousands of books, that have been written about the subject.

Books, television documentaries and movies will remind us again of the various conspiracy theories. My only hope is that the media will present a objective view of the JFK assassination and not pursue any personal agendas. Nobody has convinced me yet one way or the other, as to what actually happened that day in November fifty years ago.

It is time for the government to release all information relevant to the JFK assassination, even though some information may have been destroyed. There still should be some information, that will shed more light on the second death of a United States president in the 20th century.


50 Years Later: Recalling the JFK Assassination and Aftermath

It was a typical Friday morning in Hawaii when I went to work subbing for the 25th Administration Company mail clerk on November 22, 1963. The regular clerk had taken a leave to New York. I was only 19 and was in sixth month of service in Hawaii.

When I heard the news that President Kennedy had been shot, on a Honolulu radio station I informed the company commander, who didn’t know about it yet.

Meanwhile, the regular postal clerk was flying standby to New York, but was detoured through Dallas, so his plane arrived in Dallas about the same time, that President Kennedy had been shot.

I can’t remember much else about that day, but do remember almost seeing Lee Harvey Oswald being shot in the Dallas Police station on November 24, 1963. I was on my way to the day room to watch television, when I was told about Oswald being shot minutes earlier.

A couple of days later we marched in a memorial parade for President Kennedy on the parade grounds. It was a time I will never forget, knowing that we had lost our president.

50 Years Later

Fifty years will have passed on the 22nd of November of 2013, since the day President John F. Kennedy was slain on a Dallas street.

The Warren Commission convened a few months later and after hearing many witnesses, their consensus was that a lone gunman named Lee Harvey Oswald had shot and killed the president.

Many witnesses that were there, or knew information about the assassination have died untimely deaths over the years. It is my personal opinion that so many witnesses dying, before they could testify tells me there was a conspiracy to keep the world from ever knowing the details of what went on that Friday in Dallas fifty years ago.

Hundreds of books have been written about the JFK assassination in the last fifty years. Some of those authors say that the assassination was the culmination of a nefarious plot by various agencies, of the government conspiring to have the president killed.

Other authors have refuted all the conspiracy theories and steadfastly stand by their assertion, that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone.

Two Other Killings That Weekend

President Kennedy was shot about 12:30 Dallas time, but it wouldn’t be the only death that weekend connected with the assassination. We will follow the timeline for that weekend, to better show how all three killings occurred and when.

It was only eight minutes later at 12:38, when the president arrived at Parkland Hospital. Lee Harvey Oswald had exited the Texas Schoolbook Depository building five minutes earlier at 12:33. However, Dallas police officer Marion Baker verified with Roy Truly, who was the building superintendent that Oswald was an employee, before he was allowed to leave the building. If Baker had held Oswald and brought him to the police station, then it may have saved the life of Officer J.D. Tippit.

1:00 PM – The president is pronounced dead after being given his last rites at Parkland Hospital. Governor John Connally, who had also been wounded in the assassination had two emergency surgeries that day.

The scene where Dallas Police Officer J.D. Tippit 39, was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald or someone that looked like Oswald at 1:15 PM on November 22, 1963.

1:00 PM – Oswald arrived back at his boarding room and 15 minutes later killed Officer Tippit, who had seen Oswald walking and stopped his patrol car to question him, then was shot and killed by Oswald at 1:15 PM.

13 people reportedly saw Oswald or someone looking like Oswald shoot Officer Tippit. Oswald then proceeded to walk to the Texas Theater and entered without paying.

1:40 PM – The clerk at the ticket window called the Dallas police.

1:50 PM – The police attempt to arrest Oswald, but he resisted arrest and tried to shoot a patrolman and punched another patrolman before being taken away to the Dallas Police station.

From 12:30 PM – 1:50 the president of the United States had been assassinated, taken to Parkland Hospital and died at 1:00 PM. Oswald had in that same time had allegedly shot the president, was confronted by Officer Baker and exited the Texas School Book Depository building. He had taken a bus, then a taxi to his boarding room, then left walking down the street, until he was stopped by Officer Tippit, who Oswald shot and killed. He then was arrested inside the Texas Theater. All of this happened in a time frame of 80 minutes.

Cronkite First Television Newsman To Report Assassination

Walter Cronkite of CBS was the first national television newsman to report the assassination at 12:40 Dallas time, with an audio only report, since camera was not ready to transmit video, only 10 minutes after the fatal shots had been fired by the sniper. It would be 1:00 PM, before the CBS cameras were operational.

Flight Back To Washington

Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president  of the United States, aboard Air Force One at 2:38 Dallas time, which was two hours and eight minutes, after the shots had rang out at Dealey Plaza. President Johnson insisted on Jacqueline Kennedy being in his inauguration, which to me seemed to show he was more concerned about the way the ceremony looked, than considering the feelings of the wife of a dead president.

Newly sworn in President Lyndon Johnson arrived in Washington at 6PM Eastern time and 5PM Dallas time, so in a matter of four and-a-half hours President Kennedy had been assassinated and died 30 minutes later in Parkland Hospital and the new president Lyndon Johnson had landed at Andrews Air Force Base.

Oswald at the Police Station

Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit at 7:05 Dallas time on Friday. It would be 11:26 PM, before Oswald would also be charged with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Two days later at 11:21 on November 24,1963 Dallas time Oswald would be shot by nightclub owner Jack Ruby in the basement of the Dallas police station, preventing a country in mourning, from still not knowing 50 years later, if he was the lone gunman or was like he said a patsy, set up to take the blame for the assassination. Ruby took that chance of knowing away from us that Sunday, as he became judge, jury and executioner.

Ironically, Oswald died 2 days and 7 minutes after the president’s death had been announced and both had been taken to Parkland Hospital.

Warren Commission Report

President Johnson was determined to show there was no conspiracy involved in the assassination of President Kennedy, so rushed to set up a commission to study the assassination. To me it was a whitewash job, but that is just my opinion. The Warren Report was on the president’s desk about 10 months after the assassination.

50th Anniversary Events

With the approaching 50th anniversary of the assassination even more books have been written about that day in November fifty years ago.

Just going to Amazon.com and searching JFK Assassination will bring up many books, that already have or will be released later this year. One book in particular sparked my interest.

A Rose By Many Other Names: Rose Cherami and the JFK Assassination is a book about the lady who knew ahead of time that  the JFK assassination was going to take place. She was traveling to Dallas with two men, who were driving to Dallas to assassinate the president. They became angered at her and threw her out of the car. She was run over by another car and told authorities, about their plan to kill the president in two days.

Apparently nobody believed her when she said she was going to Dallas to pick up her baby, sell some drugs and assassinate the president.

One reason for my interest in Rose Cherami is that she was traveling through Louisiana, when she was hit by the car.

The Warren Commission apparently glossed over her story and don’t think it even was mentioned in the Warren Report, but would have to check to make sure.

The following article tells more about her connection with Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald, both of whom she claimed to have seen together in Ruby’s nightclub:


These are some of the books about the JFK assassination that have been or will be released before November 22:


There is also a TLC documentary that will be airing closer to the assassination anniversary named “Letters To Jackie”. A few of the 800,000 notes of condolence will be read by Hollywood actors and actresses.

Parkland is a feature movie, that was produced by Tom Hanks and will recount the JFK assassination. It will be released on October 4.


Legacy of Secrecy movie should also be released before the 50th anniversary of the assassination, but no release date is listed at imdb.com as of today. It was adapted from the book Legacy of Secrecy: The Long Shadow of the Kennedy Assassination written by Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann. The authors claim that Carlos Marcello confessed to being one of the conspirators in the Kennedy assassination.


I am currently reading Killing JFK: 50 Years, 50 Lies: From the Warren Commission to Bill O’Reilly, A History of Deceit in the Kennedy Assassination. The book is written with the intention of debunking 50 lies that have been made about the Kennedy assassination. It is a very readable book, that will keep the attention of most JFK assassination aficionados. There is only one review of the book, since it was released in August. Reverend Dr. Lance Moore is the author and once was a professional rock guitarist.


One of the most seen photos of the last fifty years, as Jack Ruby steps in and shoots Lee Harvey Oswald as policeman James Leavelle watches..

James Leavelle the policeman who walked with Lee Harvey Oswald into the chaos on the Sunday morning of November 24, 1963 two days after the assassination and saw Jack Ruby shoot Oswald, who would die a few hours later.

James Leavelle is shown at the age of 91, but now is 93 as we remember the assassination of President John F. Kennedy fifty years later.

Summary: Jack Ruby has made a lot of people rich, by not letting the American people know exactly how Lee Harvey Oswald wound up in the sniper’s nest in the sixth story of the Texas Schoolbook Depository building. Ruby by silencing Oswald caused thousands of books to be written about the assassination. There are some that think, that Oswald didn’t even fire the fatal shots that day and that a professional marksman may have fired the actual shots. Some books have even claimed that Mac Wallace the personal hitman, for Lyndon Johnson fired the shots from the school book depository. However, that is just another of the many questions not answered to the satisfaction of those who long, to find out what happened on that Friday in November 50 years ago.

We may not ever know exactly what happened fifty years ago on November 22, unless the government releases all the documents which have been held for all these years, but we may never know if any of the key documents have been destroyed to prevent us from ever knowing the rest of the story. There may be a smoking gun in a file cabinet somewhere in Washington, that would blow the lid off the case, but it seems the government is intent on any information that may incriminate government officials and/or agencies will remain sealed.

Personally, I think President Johnson with the assistance of government agencies and the underworld was the mastermind behind the assassination. It is a problem for me, that he ducked down behind the seat, when his limousine reached the killing zone, before the first shot was fired, so he would be out of the line of fire.. Even more puzzling is why he would not tell his wife what was about to happen leaving her at risk and still waving at the crowd. Johnson reportedly ordered  President Kennedy’s limousine to have the top down for the motorcade, which made the assassination possible.

The assassination of President Kennedy was one of the biggest news events of my life. The only news event that had more of an impact were the 9/11 attacks, since 3,000 lives were lost, instead of the three that died during the assassination weekend. I was born three years after the Pearl Harbor attack on December 7, 1941, but my older brother was born less than two months earlier on October 11, 1941.So I missed being alive for three of the biggest events in the history of the United States.

Was LBJ Mastermind Behind JFK Assassination?

I have often considered Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson as the architect behind the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

The following article says that LBJ told his mistress Madeleine Duncan Brown that those SOB’s will never embarrass me again the night before the assassination.


It makes sense why LBJ was quick to have the Warren Commission Report say that the assassination was by a lone gunman. That is why Lee Harvey Oswald was silenced two days after the assassination by a bullet from the gun of Jack Ruby.

I don’t expect everyone to agree with me, that LBJ was involved in the assassination, but he sure had motive, which was that he would become the president, since he was first in line for the presidency.

We may never know the truth about what happened on that day in Dealey Plaza, but so far nobody has proved to me conclusively that Lee Harvey Oswald was acting on his own. He may have fired the fatal shots that killed JFK that day, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t part of a conspiracy to assassinate JFK.

2013 will be the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F.Kennedy, Hundreds of books have been written about the JFK assassination, which makes it difficult to sort out fact from fiction. The only thing we know for sure is that President Kennedy was shot down in cold blood on a Dallas street, but I still can’t believe Lee Harvey Oswald acted on his own.

Mary’s Mosaic Tells Story Behind Murder of JFK Mistress, JFK’s Use of LSD

Peter Janney, the author of Mary’s Mosaic: The Conspiracy to Murder, John F. Kennedy, Mary Pinchot Meyer and Their Vision of World Peace may have written one of the best murder mysteries in his new non-fiction book released earlier this month.

It seems like there is no end to books about JFK’s affairs and this is one more such book. Janney attempts to show that Mary Pinchot Meyer was the mistress of JFK and when she started her personal investigation of his assassination she may have got too close to the truth.

The book tells of a CIA hitman named William Mitchell who shot and killed Meyer on a walking path in Georgetown, Maryland. Mitchell has reportedly vanished off the face of the earth and can’t be located, after telling investigative reporter Leo Damore that the murder of Meyer was standard operating procedure for the CIA. 

Janney leaves us to believe that JFK and Meyer experimented with drugs, but no concrete evidence of this is revealed. Meyer was very good friends with Dr. Timothy Leary and Leary had been interviewed by Damore before Damore committed suicide. Janney was able to purchase Damore’s notes and audio tapes in 2004, and apparently used those notes and tapes to write this book.

So once again JFK who was assassinated 49 years ago next November 22 is the subject of yet another book that portrays him,  as a adulterer who for the first time I know of, also reportedly using drugs.

Reviews of the book at Amazon.com are very favorable with 23 readers of 27 giving it five stars. No reader gave it the lowest ranking of one star.

Just when we think nothing new can come out about the assassination of JFK, this book shows us that there is still a lot we don’t know about our former president.

JFK Had Long List of Enemies

Lyndon B. Johnson shown with Jackie Kennedy taking the oath of office after President John F. Kennedy had been assassinated earlier that day in Dallas, Texas.

The long list of enemies assassinated President John F. Kennedy had at the time of his death showed he had made a host of enemies, while in office in two years and ten months of being president.

The following list may leave out someone unintentionally, because it is not easy to remember all of his enemies. Some people may not regard some of these people or organizations as JFK’s enemies, but to me they had reasons to have him assassinated.

President Lyndon B. Johnson – When Lyndon B. Johnson was defeated in the 1942 race for the U.S. Senate, he was losing in the vote count. However, 202 votes mysteriously turned up in alphabetical order with all the votes being for Johnson. The election judge admitted 35 years later in 1977 that the 202 votes were fraudulent. The voters whose names were on the fraudulent ballots were all deceased.

The reason I even mentioned the 1942 Senate race is that LBJ was not that happy being a second banana to the Kennedys, when he accepted the nomination to run for Vice President in 1960. The 1942 race also shows that LBJ would do whatever it takes to win an election.

I am not saying that LBJ orchestrated the assassination of JFK, but he had the clout to make it happen if he wanted. One obvious fact is that nobody profited more from the assassination of JFK than LBJ. He went from being a pawn in the Kennedy administration with little or no power, to becoming the most powerful man in the United States.


The following  paragraph may or may not be true, but if it is true LBJ was in the middle of the planning of the JFK assassination:

There is no doubt that of all the individuals who personally benefited from the Assassination of JFK, Lyndon B. Johnson was highest on the list. Johnson is the answer to the proverbial question Cui bono or who benefited?  Johnson is known to have attended a final pre-assassination meeting on November 21, 1963 at Dallas oilman Clint Murchison’s home. Two separate witnesses have independently verified that LBJ was present at the meeting including his former mistress Madeline Duncan Brown who stated on multiple occasions and in various venues that LBJ told her on the night of November 21, 1963 “after tomorrow those Kennedy boys will never  make a fool of me again.” – JFK Assassination Conspiracy Update

Cuban Freedom Fighters – The invasion of the Bay of Pigs in Cuba was doomed from the start because of news articles like this being printed:

JAN 10, 1961: The New York Times publishes a front page story entitled “U.S. Helps Train an Anti?Castro Force at Secret Guatemalan Air?Ground Base.” Written by Paul Kennedy, the article reports that “Commando?like forces are being drilled in guerrilla warfare tactics by foreign personnel, mostly from the United States.” – National Security Archive

This is tantamount to printing in the New York Times that the Allied Forces are preparing for an invasion at Normandy, France. This must be the fault of the CIA to have leaked this sensitive information so Cuba would be aware of the impending attack.

It must be noted that President Dwight D. Eisenhower was still in office when the plan to invade Cuba was instituted. Despite JFK”s eagerness to blame the CIA for the crushing defeat of the invasion force, the president is ultimately the one that must accept the blame.

By his failed invasion, JFK infuriated Fidel Castro and the  Cuban Freedom Fighters who abandoned them as they fell into the clutches of Castro’s henchmen and many of  them were executed.

Fidel Castro – It was a huge coincidence that on the same day JFK was assassinated, Rolando Cubela Secades an employee of Fidel Castro was handed a poisoned pen by CIA agents in Paris, for Secades to use to kill Castro.

Castro had to know of the assassination plots against them, so naturally he would assume that JFK was behind the plots. It was clear that Castro had caused JFK to go through the October missile crisis of 1962. The Russians finally blinked, but it was Castro who allowed them to set up their missiles, just 90 miles from our shore.

His ex-lover Marita Lorenz smuggled a cold cream container with poison pills inside. However, Castro discovered the plot and gave her a gun to shoot Castro, but she couldn’t pull the trigger.

Those were just some of the assassination attempts against Castro. If there was anyone that had reason to assassinate JFK, it would be Castro.

American Mafia – There were many angry mobsters not happy with the way Robert F. Kennedy was prosecuting Mafia chieftains. The two names I have heard mentioned the most were Sam Giancana and Carlos Marcello as the masterminds behind the JFK assassination.

Judith Exner was reportedly the mistress of President Kennedy and the girlfriend of mobster Sam Giancana.

Judith Exner was introduced to President Kennedy by Frank Sinatra. Exner’s activities were being watched closely by FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, who was using his knowledge of the affair to potentially blackmail the president to protect his job security. That explains why he was FBI director for so long, since he had blackmail material on every president he served.

Exner was a girlfriend of Giancana, so her affair with JFK may have been one more reason that Giancana reportedly conspired to kill JFK. It was 12 years after the assassination before Exner was publicly linked to JFK, but apparently Jackie Kennedy knew about the affair while JFK was still alive. The following paragraph from anusha.com infers that Jackie knew what was going on:

Exner has been treated unfairly by history. She never sought to capitalize off the fact that she was JFK’s mistress. She kept this hidden for years. Jackie knew about her, of course. Once, when Jackie found a woman’s pink panties in her pillow case, she turned to JFK in bed and said, “Would you find out who these belong to, because they are not my size?”

Louisiana mobster Carlos Marcello had a huge motive for assassinating JFK, since JFK’s brother Robert the attorney general, had Marcello deported to Guatemala.

Marcello made the following statement which shows that he was serious about having JFK assassinated:

In September 1962, Marcello told private investigator Edwin Nicholas Becker that, “A dog will continue to bite you if you cut off its tail…,” (meaning Attorney General Robert Kennedy.), “…whereas if you cut off the dog’s head…,” (meaning President Kennedy), “… it would cease to cause trouble“. Becker reported that Marcello, “clearly stated that he was going to arrange to have President Kennedy killed in some way“. Marcello told another informant that he would need to take out “insurance” for the assassination by, “…. setting up some nut to take the fall for the job, just like they do in Sicily”. – Wikipedia

The above statement shows that Marcello wanted JFK dead so his death would deter his brother from pursuing his vendetta against organized crime figures in the United States. The assassination played out just like Marcello mentioned in that a patsy named Lee Harvey Oswald took the fall, while the ones planning the job celebrated.It is just too much of a coincidence for me that Oswald was killed by Ruby who had close connection with the Chicago mobsters.

The FBI investigated Marcello after the assassination and came to this conclusion:

After Kennedy’s assassination, the Federal Bureau of Investigation investigated Marcello. They came to the conclusion that Marcello was not involved in the assassination. On the other hand, they also said that they, “… did not believe Carlos Marcello was a significant organized crime figure,” and that Marcello earned his living, “… as a tomato salesman and real estate investor.” As a result of this investigation, theWarren Commission concluded that there was no direct link between Ruby and Marcello. – Wikipedia

It is ludicrous that the FBI would state that Marcello was not a significant organized crime figure. Even more preposterous is that they said he made his living as a tomato salesman and real estate investor. Then to cap it off the Warren Commission said that Jack Ruby and Marcello had no direct link.

FBI – The FBI may not have fired the shots that killed JFK, but J. Edgar Hoover had information about a plot to assassinate JFK just 13 days before the assassination, but apparently did nothing to act on that information. Retired FBI agent said that Joseph Adams Milteer had told William Somersett, a FBI informant on tape that the best way to kill JFK was to shoot him from an office building with a high-powered rifle. It is not surprising to me that Milteer is not even mentioned in the Warren Commission Report.

The FBI agent asks if there were plans to assassinate JFK and Milteer replied that they were in the works. Milteer was shown in the crowd at Dealey Plaza, the day of the assassination. Why would he be there to see JFK since he hated JFK? It tells me that he wanted to see for himself that JFK had been assassinated.

Adams also says he has information from FBI reports verifying that Lee Harvey Oswald, not only didn’t fire any shots from the Texas Schoolbook Depository Building, but was seen in the break-room at the exact time of the shooting.

Knowing that the FBI director Hoover, who was no fan of the Kennedys, had this information and sat on it tells me he was not intent on stopping the assassination. Why didn’t Hoover pass on this information to the Secret Service so they would be extra cautious on November 22, perhaps going so far as to leave the roof closed on the presidential limousine?

Hoover almost certainly knew about JFK”s connection with Judith Exner and Marilyn Monroe, but with Kennedy dead he didn’t have to use that information, since his job was safe.


CIA – The CIA had motive to assassinate JFK or let someone else assassinate him unimpeded, because only two years earlier JFK had vilified the CIA after the Bay of Pigs fiasco. The president had said the air strikes were not vital, which doomed the invasion. However, he was intent on blaming the CIA, saying he wished he could shatter the CIA into a thousand pieces. Several high level CIA officials handed in their resignations, including CIA director Allen Dulles.

So now the CIA has the motive to assassinate JFK, because he showed he was mad enough at the CIA to possibly even dismantle the most secretive intelligence organization. If the CIA was involved in trying to assassinate Fidel Castro, it would not be surprising, that they would entertain thoughts of assassinating the president who had dissed them publicly.

Secret Service – There are some that think that the Secret Service was involved in the assassination and Roy Kellerman in particular. Kellerman reportedly turned around to the front after looking back and seeing JFK had been shot, rather than responding immediately. Conspiracy theorists also say Kellerman took JFK”s body from Parkland Hospital by force.

William A. Greer the Secret Service agent driving the limousine, slowed down and then brought the limousine to a stop. It is thought that the stopping enabled the killer or killers time to make the fatal head shots.

It is difficult to believe that the men hired to protect the president would play a part in his assassination. I can’t see why any of the Secret Service agents would have motive to assassinate the president. It is because of this fact, that I rule out any involvement of the Secret Service in the assassination.

KGB – Any list of possible conspirators would have to include the KGB, since Russia had been more or less forced to withdraw their missiles from Cuba only 13 months before the assassination. This had to be the main motivating factor for them to be a participant in his assassination.

There was no doubt that Khrushchev was angered at JFK for placing him in the position, where he had to withdraw Russians missiles from Cuba as can be seen in the following portion from scientciapress.com.

According to Ion Mihai Pacepa, at the time deputy director of foreign intelligence for Gheorghe-Dej’s Romania, in his book Programmed to Kill:  Lee Harvey Oswald, the Soviet KGB, and the Kennedy Assassination [1], Dej was visiting Moscow at the time of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Pacepa writes:

“According to Dej’s account, when Khrushchev finished reading that cable [from the KGB in Washington saying that Kennedy had ordered a naval quarantine of Cuba], his face was purple.  He looked inquiringly at [KGB chief] Semichastny, and, when the terrified general nodded, Khrushchev ‘cursed like a bargeman’.  Then he threw Semichastny’s cable on the floor and ground his heel into it.  ‘That’s how I’m going to crush that viper,’ he cried.  The ‘viper,’ Dej explained in telling the story, was Kennedy.

Goading himself on, Khrushchev grew increasingly hysterical, uttering violent threats against the ‘millionaire’s whore’ and his CIA masters.” – Scientiapress.com

Lee Harvey Oswald reportedly gave the Soviets the intelligence they needed to down the U-2 plane of Gary Powers in 1960. Powers himself said Oswald could have been the one that gave the Russians intelligence they needed to down his plane.

The KGB more than likely knew that Oswald intended to assassinate JFK, but did nothing to inform Washington of the impending assassination, since it removed JFK from the scene after JFK had shamed Premier Khrushchev the year before during the Cuban missile crisis.


Summary: This November 22 will be the 48th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. It will be six more years till the last files pertaining to the JFK assassination will be released.

It is amazing that President Kennedy could have incurred the wrath, of so many enemies in less than three years after being elected.

The Warren Commission took the easy way out and concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone on November 22, 1963, to kill the president of the United States.

Oswald’s own statements after being arrested, if they are considered to be truthful, imply that he was only a patsy, which inferred that there was at least one other person involved if not an entity like the CIA or FBI. Evidently, the Warren Commission did not think Oswald was being truthful, because they ruled out any conspiracy theory.

If Oswald was a patsy, he was perfect for the job. He had moved to Russia after being discharged from the Marines, which could have gave him access to the KGB. Even though the KGB was suspicious of Oswald, they knew he could be used to further their plans of assassinating President John F. Kennedy.

The fact that Oswald was in the Texas School Book Depository Building, by itself doesn’t mean he was the one that pulled the trigger that day. With the shooter surrounded by boxes, it was not likely the shooter was ever seen while shooting. It has been assumed all these years that Oswald killed Officer Tippett. He may have but after reading the following article, I am not so sure it was Oswald:


48 years have passed since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated, but there are many who are not willing to accept the Warren Report conclusion that Oswald acted alone.

The fact that Allen Dulles, the former CIA director was on the Warren Commission, skewers the report beyond recognition considering he was there to steer the commission from probing too much into CIA documents related to the assassination.

Even President Lyndon B. Johnson said in this statement, probably without thinking that he was saying the Warren Commission Report was not completely truthful about Oswald acting alone.

Lyndon Johnson, president:“I’ll tell you something about Kennedy’s murder that will rock you…..Kennedy was trying to get Castro, but Castro got to him first.”
– from How CIA Plot to Kill Castro Backfired, 2 Aug 1976, by Harry Altshuler, quoting Howard K. Smith interview of LBJ.

That statement tells me that he thought Oswald did not act alone, if he was blaming Castro for JFK’s assassination, since Fidel Castro wasn’t in the Texas School Book Depository Building the day of the assassination. LBJ is insinuating that Castro was involved and by doing that he is saying that some of  Castro’s people may have planned the assassination of JFK with the Cuban government making sure Oswald had what he needed to assassinate President Kennedy.

The following Warren commission members later rejected the lone gunman theory:

Richard Russell, Senator and former Warren Commissioner:“We have not been told the truth about Oswald.”
– Whitewash IV, by Harold Weisberg, p. 21.

Hale Boggs, Majority Leader and former Warren Commissioner:“Hoover lied his eyes out to the Commission – on Oswald, on Ruby, on their friends, the bullets, the guns, you name it…”
– Coincidence or Conspiracy?, by Bernard Fensterwald Jr. and Michael Ewing, p. 96. The quote comes from an unnamed aide to Congressman Boggs. The book also quotes Bogg’s wife Lindy, through a colleague, as saying “He wished he had never been on it [the Commission] and wished he’d never signed it [the Report].”

John Sherman Cooper, Senator and former Warren Commissioner:“On what basis is it claimed that two shots caused all the wounds?…..It seemed to me that Governor Connally’s statement negates such a conclusion. I could not agree with this statement.”
– The Zapruder Film, by David Wrone, p. 247. Cooper was commenting on a draft of the Warren Report. Wrone is citing the papers of J. Lee Rankin, wherein Cooper’s written comments appeared.

This website has a wealth of information about the many different conspiracy theories:



History-matters.com  has testimony from 216 witnesses present in Dealey Plaza:


History-matters.com also has a page that tells where the witnesses thought the shots were coming from and several said they came from the grassy knoll:


This page also from History-matters.com shows how the government and non-government witnesses differed on how many heard shots from the grassy knoll with non-government witnesses outnumbering government witnesses 143-73. However the non-government witnesses who thought there was gunfire from the grassy knoll was 44, while the government witnesses only 8 thought the gunfire came from the grassy knoll.


The Mary Fennelly Foundation website has the most complete archive of documents, phone calls, photos, essays, audio and video of any JFK assassination site I have seen:


There are so many conspiracy theories that we know that we know they can’t all be true. We may never know what actually happened on November 22, 1963 other than President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. However, we can formulate in our minds, from what we read, that we think happened.

This article has too much information to read at one time, so might be a good page to bookmark for future reference, especially to the links at the end of the article.

JFK May Be Alive If Oswald Had Killed General Walker

General Walker was in his home when Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to shoot him seven months before John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas.

General Edwin Walker was a controversial conservative who commanded combat troops in World War II and the Korean War.

He was arrested by the federal government after making some inflammatory remarks when James Meredith was the first black admitted to the University of Mississippi.

General Walker was charged with insurrection and sedition, plus two additional charges.

Lee Harvey Oswald attempted to kill General Walker on April 10, 1963, seven months and 12 days before he allegedly assassinated President John F. Kennedy during a motorcade in Dallas from the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository.

The Warren Commission Report said Oswald was the sole killer of JFK, but Oswald never faced trial since he was killed two days after the assassination by Jack Ruby.

If Oswald had killed General Walker, he probably would have been apprehended and arrested, but he never was formally charged with the attempted murder of Walker.

We do know that Oswald admitted to his wife Marina that he did shoot at Walker. If Oswald had been behind bars on November 22, 1963, it is likely that John F. Kennedy would have lived to finish his first term and possibly be elected to a second term.

JFK was 46 at the time of his death and would be 94 this month if still alive. However, if there was a conspiracy and Oswald was only a patsy to take the blame for the assassination, while someone else did the actual assassination, it would not have mattered if Oswald was behind bars.

November 22nd of this year will be the 48th anniversary of the assassination. Though the Warren Report claims Oswald was the killer, I still not fully convinced that he acted alone.

Even an 18 year old that was in Dealey Plaza that fateful day will be 66 this year, while a 40 year old that day would be 88 this year. So time is running out on any witness that might refute the Warren Report and prove it was a contrived effort by the U.S. government point the finger at one man, rather than a government of any country.

Just a few of the people and organizations that have been mentioned as the ones behind the assassination are:

Lyndon B. Johnson (who didn’t like playing second fiddle to JFK)

Cuban refugees (who didn’t like the way JFK handled the Bay of Pigs invasion and reportedly asked for less air support which halved the 16 planes being used in support of the Cuban invaders down to eight planes. Then after the invasion failed JFK pointed at the CIA for being the reason the invasion didn’t work, while he was the one that wanted less air support for the invasion. He fired several top CIA officials, including the director Allen Dulles after the invasion failed.)

E. Howard Hunt of the CIA (who reports say was at the grassy knoll the day JFK was assassinated and also took part


Cuba/Fidel Castro

Sam Giancana

Carlos Marcello


Russian government with possible KGB involvement

Organized crime in general since Bobby Kennedy, the attorney general was fighting organized crime with a passion.

Ku Klux Klan

There is no doubt that JFK had a large list of enemies who were angry enough with him or his brother Bobby to celebrate the death of JFK.

It wouldn’t surprise me one bit for someone to point the finger at his own vice president Lyndon B. Johnson who knew he would take over the presidency if JFK was assassinated.

On the other hand 48 years have passed and no smoking gun has emerged yet. It will take a deathbed confession now, more than likely to ascertain who the killer was if it wasn’t Oswald.

Former FBI Agent Says Oswald Didn’t Kill JFK

Former FBI Agent Don Adams has stated recently that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill President Kennedy and that extremist Joseph Milteer (pictured) was involved in the JFK assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963.

Former FBI agent Don Adams has disclosed that Joseph Milteer a far right political activist from Quitman, Georgia had something to do with the JFK assassination 47 years ago this November.

One of the most startling revelations is that according to Adams there is no way Lee Harvey Oswald could have made the shots since he was in the coffee break room at the time of the assassination.

Adams go on further to state that the FBI had records showing that Milteer was involved but his name is not even mentioned in the Warren Commission Report. It is thought that FBI chief at the time J. Edgar Hoover did not want the FBI embarrassed so the file on Milteer was kept from the public. Adams learned that Milteer had threatened the life of the president on November 9 just 13 days before the assassination.

If the FBI had cancelled the motorcade after learning of Milteer’s information about an assassination being planned John F. Kennedy may be alive today.

Adams says that it is impossible to make three shots in seven seconds but some of the commenters after the article said it could be done.

Even if Milteer had nothing to do with the assassination his statements about the the president being assassinated in Dallas warranted exposure in the Warren Commission Report.

The former agent says there were a total of 11 shots fired with three being fired from behind the president and Adams mentions the president grabbing his throat after being hit there indicating he had to be hit from in front.

One of the commenters after the article and video asked a good question in that they question why Adams waited 47 years to make these allegations.

The following article and video give more details on the information that Adams has in his possession.


It is only fair to give the other side a chance to tell their side of the story about Milteer and they paint a different picture of his involvement. The McAdams website which seems to debunk any conspiracy theory says Milteer was no threat.