Kris Allen: May Be Time To Pull Plug On American Idol

American Idol producers can’t be too happy with Kris Allen, after he said it may be time to pull the plug on American Idol. It is surprising that he would say that, considering that without American Idol he probably would be singing at grocery store grand openings. It wasn’t that long ago that Lee DeWyze sang at a bowling alley opening, which is not saying much for how the career of Allen and DeWyze is going.

To his credit Allen’s latest album Thank You Camellia has 12 reviewers giving it a 5 star rating out of 15 reviewers.

The following article and video from includes a poll at bottom, that is showing that 74 percent of the voters think American Idol should be canceled, which has to be troubling for American Idol producers and may signal more losses in viewership in Season 12. This is a fairly large sampling of over 51,000 voters, so this tells me there is still some backlash, after Phil Phillips became the fifth guy in a row to win American Idol.


After viewing the video, am not sure that Allen said what he reportedly said in the article, unless he made some remarks, not shown in the video. Anyway, the alarming poll results have to be a huge concern.

We can’ t help but wonder if X-Factor and The Voice are killing the American Idol reality star.


Poll Asks If Readers Will Watch American Idol Finale Next Week

Now that Josh Ledet has been sent home by American Idol fans who voted on Wednesday night, this poll question asks if readers still plan to watch the finale next week.

The last poll question asks readers if they hope Jessica Sanchez or Phil Phillips win next week.

American Idol Final 2 To Be Revealed Tonight

Josh Ledet seems to be the front-runner as the voting tonight will determine who the final two remaining contestants will be.

Josh Ledet almost looks like he is sure to be the next American Idol. However, there are no locks when it comes to American Idol voting. Ryan Seacrest will announce the voting tonight and I have a feeling the final two will be Joshua Ledet and Phil Phillips,but it wouldn’t surprise me to see Jessica Sanchez competing against Josh, to be the next American Idol next Tuesday night.

There is even a chance that Josh could be leaving the show tonight, if his fans don’t take the time to vote for him, thinking it is a done deal that he will be the next American Idol.

I was only able to see the last half hour of the show last night, after coming home from church. We don’t have a DVR so there was o way to record the whole show.

Anyway, we saw all three singers sing the songs, that Jimmy Iovine had picked for them during that half hour.

Josh Ledet did his usual great job of singing No More Drama and the judges continued to praise his singing and his performance.

Jessica Sanchez sang I’ll Be There as the song Jimmy had chosen for her. I thought she did a good job, but Randy Jackson said it was OK for him and the song didn’t have a “moment, moment” . For me that song doesn’t have a “moment, moment” in the first place, but that is only my opinion and nothing more.

Phil Phillips sang  We’ve Got Tonight, the first song of Phil’s that I really liked. I like the classic ballads, so may be why I liked it so much.

Josh still looks like he should be in the final two, but with American Idol you never know till the votes are announced. I have a feeling that Phil has a huge fan base that may keep him from going home tonight. It could even be a Jessica and Phil finale next week, if the fans of Josh didn’t take time to vote for him last night.

For a recap of the complete show:,,20596396,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines


We will know who the next American Idol will be in six days. I can see Josh Ledet selling millions of albums, but not so well for Jessica and Phil, when it comes to record sales. Album sales for Phil should not go well, if he is the next American Idol nor for Jessica. I can’t see either of them selling enough albums to go gold or platinum.

Personally, I will be rooting for Josh as long as he is in the competition, since he lives so close to our house. In addition to that though, he is clearly the best singer on American Idol this season.

The Voice: Took 9 Weeks To Choose Final 24


The Voice is seeing its rating slip as it drew the fewest viewers of the season last night with 11.7 million viewers. Nobody expected them to match the 37.6 million viewers, with the Super Bowl lead-in, but the ratings have dropped almost every week from the 17.8 million viewers of the second show.

14.8 million viewers tuned in for the last blind audition shows, but then the viewers returned for the first week, of the battle rounds with 16.8 million viewers. The ratings dropped to 14.5 million, 11.9 million and the 11.7 million last night. I am sure they have lost some of those viewers to Dancing With The Stars. The Voice has lost 6.1 million viewers since the second show.

Battle Rounds Fiasco

It took four weeks to finish the battle rounds and when they finished last night, there were still 24 singers remaining in the competition. Only the most ardent fans could give you the name of any of those 24 singers.

The main problem is that there were so many singers at the beginning of the battle rounds, that the fans forget the singers when they don’t see them week after week. Some of the singers haven’t even been seen on the show for over a month.

Even after whittling it down to the final 24 singers, there is not enough continuity on the show, to remember the names of the singers. Singing eight songs in two hours means there is 24 minutes of singing, assuming the average song is three minutes. That leaves NBC with one hour and 36 minutes to tell about the singers and run their commercials. It is almost a relief when the show is over, after watching so many commercials.

The worst thing about the battle rounds is that the judge/mentor seem to be more interested, in staging a great battle between the contestants than anything else. It is almost a given that the flashiest and loudest singer of the battle rounds, seems to invariably be the winner.

Another problem is that the judge/mentor are favoring one singer over another, like when country singer Jordan Rager was forced to sing a Jason Mraz song, which fit better the style of Naia Kete. This is where the battle rounds hurt one singer or the other, forcing them to sing out of their genre.

Why not just have live performances the entire season, instead of having battle rounds. Hopefully, the producers saw how the ratings dropped during the battle rounds and will rework the show, before it returns this fall.


Ratings Could Drop This Fall

I am worried that when the show returns in the fall, the ratings will continue to drop, since by then the new television season will have begun and television fans may want to see the new and returning shows of the fall season.

X-Factor will be returning also, which could cause more problems for the singing competition industry. It will be disastrous for X-Factor to go head-to-head with The Voice. That probably won’t happen, since they might just split the audience in half.

There are still 12 more shows of The Voice to be seen and I am wondering if the ratings will continue to drop, week after week or will the live shows bring back some of the lost fans.

The Voice needs a winner that is a household name and don’t want another winner who would be a trivia question, only one year later. Who did win The Voice last year anyway? Not many people could give you the answer.

Simon Cowell Wants Sing-Off With American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor Winners

Simon Cowell is so desperate to elevate X-Factor winner, up to the same playing field as American Idol and The Voice winners, that he is proposing a sing-off between the winners of the three shows.

For instance if was held between the winners last year, it would pit Scotty McCreery, Javier Colon and Melanie Amaro against each other with Cowell being the host.

American Idol producer Nygel Lythgoe has stated that the American Idol winner would have been a star, before the competition and is opposed to the idea.

To further complicate things for X-Factor, there are rumors circulating that The Voice will have another season this fall, which would give them two winners the same season, not to mention possibly competing directly against X-Factor, depending on the scheduling of the two shows.

X-Factor is in third place in ratings among the three shows, since even The Voice has bettered the X-Factor ratings so far in 2012. American Idol is showing signs of weaker ratings, but when they get into the live shows it will be the real test, since some fans don’t really follow the show until they know the 12 finalists.

The Voice doesn’t have the mass auditions, like American Idol and X-Factor, so they can have a second season this year, which would be Season 3 of the singing competition.

The way I look at it is that the singers have competed enough by the time they win one of the singing competitions and are ready to start their career, instead of appearing in yet another singing competition.

If The Voice does have a second season this calendar year, we could see even more erosion in the ratings. There is such a thing as overkill and The Voice and X-Factor could see falling ratings if they go head-to-head this fall.

X-Factor: Simon Feuds With Nicole and Paula

Tiah Tolliver advanced in the X-Factor singing competition, but not before Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger feuded over her talent or lack of talent.

When Tiah Tolliver sang without a backing track, on the third X-Factor show of this season, it precipitated a battle royal, between Simon Cowell and the two female judges, Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

Nicole said Tiah was singing in too many keys, then she and Paula voted no, on advancing Tolliver further into the competition. However, Simon and L.A. Reid thought they saw something about Tiah that should allow her to advance. It was one of the few times if ever, that I have seen Simon almost beg for a judge to change their vote.

Tiah is given one more chance to sing and this time Nicole votes yes and Tiah is on her way. to wherever X-Factor contestants that win go.

The question is if this drama between the judges was manufactured by the producers, or was it the real thing and that we will see more contentious behavior Simon and the two female judges. It wouldn’t be the first time a reality show, created a situation to draw ratings the next week.,,20532752,00.html

The more I watch X-Factor, the more I like it. I like that the singers usually bring music with them, unlike the American Idol contestants who don’t use music in their first auditions.

X-Factor is purposely avoiding using American Idol type drama, like when on American Idol, one contestant is chosen to be the last one auditioned by the judges, after telling their back story.

Tonight will be the last auditions, before the show starts paring down the contestants to a reasonable number, so we can learn the names of the singers.

It will be interesting to see how far Rachel Crowe, the first contestant on the first X-Factor show will go, as the show goes on till the Dec. 22 finale.

Rachel Crowe was the first contestant, on the American version of X-Factor and she wowed the judges. Now she will have to show starting next week, that she can compete with the other singers.

X-Factor may never reach the popularity of American Idol, but Simon Cowell would like to see it come as close as possible, to the ratings drawn by American Idol.

One thing for sure in my book, is that X-Factor is much better than The Voice. I liked The Voice best when the coaches, spun around in their chairs to see the person,  that belonged to the voice they were hearing. I was not a fan of the battle rounds, because it became more of a shouting contest, than a singing competition.

How many people can even tell you who won The Voice in its first season?

This poll asks, now that American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor have been shown, which show is their favorite.

Spoilers Alert!!!!!! HOH Endurance Results From Last Night







Jordan Lloyd was evicted from Big Brother 13 when Porsche Briggs sent her home last night.

Porsche Briggs made an incredibly stupid game move last night, by sending Jordan Lloyd home. Why send home the worst competitor moments before the HOH endurance competition began?

Porsche’s reasoning was that Jordan had already won the half million dollars two years ago, on Big Brother 11. However by sending her home, she let a fierce competitor in Rachel remain in the game.

Then the HOH endurance started and Adam dropped after only 25 minutes. Porsche dropped before Rachel, who didn’t drop until 40 minutes into the endurance competition.

If Porsche had kept Jordan in the game, she probably would have won Part 1 of the three-part HOH competition, if Rachel had been evicted. She was so intent on evicting Jordan for winning the half million two years ago, she forgot that she was hurting her own chances of winning this year.

Porsche and Adam Play Part 2 of HOH Today

Now Porsche and Adam will play in Part 2 of the HOH competition today, with the winner playing against Rachel in the live finale on CBS, at 8:30 PM Central time next Wednesday. There will be no show on Sunday, so only one show remains in the Big Brother 13 season.

Rachel can take it easy till the live show, so has five days to study for the finale, assuming Part 3 will be questions, but that is not a certainty.

Veterans Took Control Early

The veterans took early control of the game after Evel Dick walked off the show on the sixth day. Keith, Cassi and Dominic were evicted in successive weeks, then Danielle evicted Brendon in the fourth week. Then Danielle evicted Brendon the first time on Day 34. However Brendon re-entered the house on Day 41, battling Lawon for the chance to re-enter the house and Brendon won, which sealed Lawon’s fate, evicting him from the game.

Danielle was evicted the following week, while Jeff, Shelly and Kalia were evicted in order, then Jordan was evicted last night, leaving only Porsche, Rachel and Adam, in the final three.

Porsche Makes Huge Mistake

Porsche made one of the biggest mistakes of the season, by opening Pandora’s box. She received $5,000 and gave another $5,000 to Kalia, but she unleashed a return to the duo twist for the veto game.

Jordan or Rachel would have gone home that week, but instead Rachel won the veto and removed Jordan and herself, from the block.

Producers Manipulated Game

When the duo twist was brought back into the game to save Rachel and Jordan from going on the block, it was a move by producers to keep the TV ratings high. If Rachel had been sent home that week, the ratings would have tumbled with little or no drama in the house.

The producers did a great job of manipulating the game to garner the highest ratings. It was a given that Rachel would win the donut competition for HOH, considering the competition, since Porsche the outgoing HOH couldn’t play. Her 20 donuts doubled Kalia’s total of 10, showing that Kalia doesn’t do well in competitions that involve movement.

Five Days to Finale

The last five days will be very boring in the Big Brother house except for Part 2 of the HOH competition today. Once that is over there will be only one competition left. Rachel has already insured that she will participate in Part 3 next Wednesday.

Right now Rachel is in a great place and if she wins Part 3, she will insure that she wins either the half million dollars or $50,000. Rachel played a better social game in the last few weeks and has dropped her catty attitude, which may help her receive more votes from the jury house.

Today’s poll asks who you think will win the $500,000 this season?