Do We Really Need Women in Combat?

American women soldiers could find themselves in combat situations, as early as May as the services have until then, to implement plans for using them in combat.

I may be in the minority, but am not in favor of having women in combat, especially when a husband and wife are both in a combat situation. I hate to think of kids growing up without a mother, because they died on a battle field.

Now that the Pentagon has approved using women in combat there is concern about their safety. However, there may be some cases in which a woman would react better, in a combat situation than some men. I still can’t condone a woman having her life in jeopardy.

A Los Angeles Times poll shows that those polled favored women in combat, with 66 percent favoring women in combat, while only 26 percent were against it. The following article says there was little difference in how the men and women voted in the poll.

Those 65 or older that were polled favored women in combat by 52 percent, with 36 percent being opposed. Those younger than 50 favored women in combat with 72 percent in favor of women in combat.,0,6439618.story

After reading the poll results it places me squarely in the minority. My post has nothing to do, with whether women or men make better soldiers. I just don’t like the idea of mothers and daughters being in combat situation. It is bad enough to lose a father or brother in combat, but I don’t want to think about losing my mother, if she was still alive or one of my three sisters on the field of combat. I am particularly worried about women, who become prisoners of war and subject to the mercy of their captors.

Readers are welcome to agree or disagree with me, since this is my opinion only and not those of anyone else.

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

9 thoughts on “Do We Really Need Women in Combat?”

  1. There is nothing new here. If we look at history, we will discover there are many examples of women in combat. Why, in World War II, women flew military aircraft for the first time, and the Soviet Union put women in combat rules.

    Many European countries, along with Canada and Israel, have permitted women in combat roles for years.

    History records that for over 4,000 years, in a large number of cultures and nations, that women have played many roles in the military. In the US Civil War, some women fought alongside men, but they pretended to be men by dressing like a man and not letting the troops know they were women.

    Don’t forget Joan of Arc in France. In China, centuries before the birth of Christ, a Chinese queen fought along side her husband the king and she held the rank of general leading troops victoriously into battle.

    1. Lloyd, Thank you for sharing your opinion on women in combat and for your history of women in combat. One of my main objections is that a woman, who becomes a prisoner of war could be sexually abused, in such a vulnerable situation.

      I have a world of respect for your opinion and thanks again for posting.

      1. Andrew,

        True, it is a risk that if a woman becomes a prisoner, she could be sexually molested.

        However, this also holds true for noncombatant women through out history. Just being a woman in a time of war where the war is being fought is a risk of being raped and/or killed by troops from both sides no matter what the age of the female is.

        It doesn’t matter if the woman is a soldier or a civilian. At least as a soldier, the woman is heavily armed and trained to fight.

        Men may also be raped. I knew a Vietnam Vet who was a POW for almost a year and he was raped by his male NVA guards. The reason the guards tied him naked face down on an oil drum and then raped him one guard after another was to destroy him mentally.

        He and the other POWs were also forced to have sex with Vietnamese women to get them pregnant because the US had a program that offered money support to mixed children from sexual unions between US troops and Vietnamese women. This was fund raising effort to have the US pay for the NVA’s war in the South.

        This particular POW was rated 100% disabled mentally with PTSD and collects that 100% disability from the VA.

        Then look what our own troops did to Islamic male POWs in Iraq.

        On April 11, 1880, General William Tecumseh Sherman addressed a crowd of more than ten thousand in Columbus, Ohio, and said, “There is many a body here today who looks on war as glory, but, boys, it is all hell.”

  2. Do we need women in combat? No. Does America want them in combat? That’s a bird of another feather. Lofthouse points out history records women in combat, but mostly out of necessity rather than compliance.

    It’s disturbing enough to think what happens to male POWs. My father-in-law, who is a WWII veteran, shared his carefully edited experiences at Rangoon and they’re horrific. I think women in combat may have psychological advantage for the enemy and can be used against us. Let your own imaginations about how the enemy will use our wives and daughters to force our hand. We are focused on their right to serve until the consequences of their right is amalgamted with reality.

    Perhaps, the military should require all women to shave their heads during basic training. This may be the very first act to test their commitment. Hair is the one thing a women’s identity is deeply rooted and the purpose of boot camp is to strip away the civilian identity and replace with a military identity. Then the military should mandate after basic training the haircuts need to be short and indistiguishable from men when dressed for combat.

    It’ll serve two purposes. First, it may save their lives during a chemical attacks. The gas masks need to seal properly and long hair will interfere. Second, it will help males to see their female counter parts as equals. At least psychologically.

    Men and women have equal rights, but they are not equal in biology.

  3. Jim, Thanks for the comment on Do We Need Women in Combat. I agree about women should have very short hair to make sure they have a tight seal on their gas masks. It will be interesting to see how women fare in combat, now that they can engage in combat like the male soldiers.

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