Lizard Lick Towing Boss Arrested in 2008 With 2013 Update on Bobby Brantley

Bobby Brantley, Amy Shirley and Ron Shirley have been appearing on Lizard Lick Towing on TruTV and have been in business since 1998.

This is the most read article in the history of Nostalgia and Now with 31,634 page views as of April 21, 2013. Some links were dead since the article was so old, so inserted a photo and video.

Ron Shirley owner of Lizard Lick Towing was arrested in 2008, for telling an employee to impersonate a sheriff’s investigator while repossessing cars.

The article names Shirley as the president of the company. He may be president, but doubt if any of the goons coming back to get their car address him as president.

This is the article telling of his arrest and the comments after the article are very interesting. Scroll down past the photos to see the comments. Some of them are very derogatory about Mr. Shirley.

Ron and Amy Shirley didn’t fall in love at first sight, as evidenced by this article at

April 21, 2013 Update

Apparently the episodes showing Bobby Brantley with a girlfriend on Lizard Lick Towing are non-reality television. He is currently married to his fourth wife Anita, but her photos seemed to have been removed from his Facebook page, either because they have broken up or the producers don’t want it known that he is married, since he is shown dating on the show.

Bobby Brantley shown with his future wife.

The following video shows the real Mrs. Bobby Brantley playing the piano.



Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

63 thoughts on “Lizard Lick Towing Boss Arrested in 2008 With 2013 Update on Bobby Brantley”

    1. Best place to find out how old the baby is might be the Lizard Lick Towing page on Facebook. If you go to Bobby Brantley Facebook page you will see a lot of photos of Bobby and his wife.

  1. Hi, yall this is the Wallace family. We love you’re show, we are big fans. Even my 3 year old will sit down long enough to watch you’re show. Keep up the good work guy’s. Tell everybody that we say HI…..

  2. HA ,this is Elizabeth Shirley from tampa,fla.Ijust want to say yall r great keep the Shirley name going we r a dying breed.Amy your great keep ronnie in line we can be a little hard headed which im sure u know that by now.My 7 yo son Hunter Shirley tells his team mates yall r his family.He watches every rerun no matter how many times he seen it.By the way is Bobby single?Cant blame me 4 asking.HE needs a real woman not a ho.

  3. Amy you r the greatest addition to the Shirley name.Ronnie couldn`t of found a better wife.Goodluck with the show if u have any problems feel free to call we may not know eachother u r a Shirley and we stick together.And to all u haters your just jelous!!!!!!

  4. Does antone know how Bobby Brantley is after his accident shown in Season 4 finale on April 22, 2013?

    1. Somebody online said they saw where Bobby was on Twitter, so assume he is OK. Anyone with better information on Bobby’s status after the accident is welcome to post on this blog.

  5. I’m a country girl with a big heart. Live in Oklahoma. Would luv to meet you. Honest, loyal, and a good sense of humor. Gotta be if her from the country. 😉

  6. I think Lizard Lick is a really great show. I try to watch it every Monday night. I think the crew is a great one together. They always use team work and that’s good. I wish I could meet them one day. And Ron and Amy a really great and cute couple. I love you Ron, Amy, and Bobby.

  7. I cannot believe bobby is not a part of lizard lick anymore. This is his father and brothers fault. If they would just keep there mouths shut he would still be there and the family would not be in the hospital right now praying for Ronny’s recovery. I am praying for the family and especially for Ronny’s health and recovery. And I would like to see bobby’s brother go out and do what bobby does every day.NOT because he could not. And you all see where Bobby was last night, yeah that’s right, at the hospital. Because this would never have even happened cause they would have had each others back and would be fine and the family would not be in the place they are in now. God bless the Shirley family.

    1. Sherri, I look for Bobby to be back with Lizard Lick Towing soon. I think that Bobby seeing Ron in the hospital will cause him, to come back to work with Ron. I am sure Ron will want Bobby back, now that Earl proved he is no Bobby, when it comes to protecting Ron. I predict that Bobby will be back with Lizard Lick Towing next week, or the week after.

    1. Bobby’s girlfriend has some really sexy legs. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Definitely sexy and toned

  8. I love ur show! I love it that Amy was a power lifter! U guys have good hearts! A friend of mine went to a wedding that Ron was officiating at. The wedding was beautiful and she said she had a conversation with him and said he was such a sweet man with a great personality! Bobby looks like a nice guy too! Pardon my French his “future wife” I thought was his daughter! Oh well, keep up the good show!

  9. Hey Ron iam into sneaks and iam a very big fan every time you are on I watch no matter if it’s a rerun or not iam just addicted to the show you bobby and Amy are great…I got a question I was watching last night and I think it’s the the one where you and big mike went on the repo without bobby to ur friends house where you had to repo think his name was Cody and when he came out big mike did not have ur back and you hit your boys fender it was when you gave bobby the option of lizard lick family or that no good buster…. But if you remember you had on a hot pair of fluorescent green sneaks on I think nike can you let me know witch ones pls they where hot thankyou and pls keep making the best show on TV these days love it glad to see your cuz worked out and what was bobby think starting his own shop he loses his man cards easy…lol can u get back to me as soon as possible ty go lick

  10. My heart is broken ♥ I thought Bobby was single and now I found out he is married and has 2 children.
    And on top of that I saw a pic. of Bobby and a girl that looked like she might be 12-13 yrs. old.
    So all this with ‘Cassie’ is just made up for TV ? I am 69 yrs. and my 1 wish is to get to meet the 3 of you. Amy, you are a baby doll and Ronnie is awesome, so is Dave and Juicy.
    My heart hurts.
    Cathy S.

    1. Trouble with reality TV is that a lot of it isn’t real. The producers try to fool us into thinking it is real, but it all about creating drama for the producers. Don’t think there has ever been a 100 percent real reality show yet.

    1. Producers have gone out of their way to create drama on Lizard Lick Towing. They don’t realize that they are losing viewers like Shon, who realize the show is fake. The storyline about Big Juicy having a photo shoot and someone stealing money from the office are so fake, that it isn’t even funny.

      There is no way that Bobby was actually going to leave Lizard Lick Towing for a long time. So it is no surprise he is selling his company and returning to Lizard Lick Towing. Ron,Amy and Bobby have become actors and are no longer being themselves. We will continue to watch Lizard Lick Towing, but we realize that the show is no longer a reality show, but a fake reality show, where almost nothing is real. I don’t even know if Bobby is married in real life. If he is then the producers would like to keep that on the down low, so they can show him on the show with girlfriends, that are probably actors and not even girls he knows in real life.

    2. Yeah I’ve wrote them several times and no response. I live in knightdale nc just a stone throw from lizard lick and known people who have been paid to be in an episode its fake

      1. Brandon, Thanks for confirming that Lizard Lick Towing is fake. It is a fun show to watch, but they do need to show a disclaimer, that tells the show is not real and they use actors in the vehicle repo scenes. Ron and Bobby would be dead by now, if they had to fight these thugs in real life. Not saying it is not risky, just not as risky as they show it. They never show them knocking on doors and the vehicle owner hands them the keys.

  11. I have watched a few episodes of this show and two things does not make sense: 1 – Bobby. He`s supposed to be the big guy who handle trouble, yet it always ends with him yelling for help. The final straw was when a tiny little guy attacked him and Bobby was on the ground 4 seconds later, yelling for Ron. What the hell?? Why does Ron bother to bring this guy along, he couldn`t fight his way out of a cardboard box. And problem 2 – the repos they do. Why do they act like they are stealing it every single time????? I just dont get it, they have the paperwork, they have law o their side, they can simply walk up to the car and take it. No one can do anything about it. But still, they choose to sneak around like thiefes, “hurry up before someone comes back”. What the hell???? Why? Why do they make it so difficult, it`s riddicolous. I have never seen anyone do a repo job in such a shitty, amateruish way. Just go get the car, you can save hours if you just stop the bullshit you do, no need to sneak around, you own a buisness and you`re doing a job, legally. So why the hell to these inbred morons act like thiefes????? Talk about making a huge deal out of nothing.

  12. I would like to give a tip to repo men in the US, I have seen how you work and you`re doing it wrong. So very wrong. Allow me to first explain how its not done; you do not sneak around like a common thief, taking shit when no one is looking. This is what you do; you go get the car/whatever. You locate it and then you hook it up and strap it down. If someone talks to you, you explain what you are doing, one time. If they continue to talk, fuck them, let them talk. If they touch you, if they try to touch you in any way, you drop them facefirst into the ground and tie their hands behind their backs with the plastic strips you always carry on you at all times. Then you finish the job of strapping the car down and leave. Done and done. See how easy it is? This is the opposite of what Lizard Lick is doing, those guys are just making a easy job look hard. They make drama, I guess it`s becasue it makes more interesting tv, but it has little to do with repo jobs.

    1. Thanks for sharing how repos should be handled. You never see an easy repo on Lizard Lick Towing. You never see a repo of an elderly lady over 90 years old, who might even hand the keys to Ron and Bobby and tell them to take it off her hands. It is all about creating drama. Just once, I would like to see them repo a vehicle, without all the drama, but producers want drama and viewers get drama, whether they want it or not.

      1. Lizard Lick Towing can call the cops at any time, when they are being attacked, yet they never do. If these were real situations the cops would have been called. Ron and Bobby have been shot at even in the show, but don’t even call the cops then, which tells me this is not real.

        I liked the show better in the first couple of years, before they started adding all the side drama, to the show like Bobby buying another towing company. We all knew that wouldn’t last long and Cassie looks like she may not be coming back now. The Big Juicy modeling job storyline was so far out, that it boggles the imagination. Big Juicy seems shocked, when the photo agency tells her she will have to pay for the photos. No photo agency is going to rent a building, then hire a staff with photographers and then give away free photos, after her photo shoot.

        I don’t have a clue what Big Juicy does in the office, except to provide comedy relief. Her “romance” with Earl is a bunch of baloney. The only thing real about Lizard Lick Towing is Ron’s crazy hair style.

      2. Lizard Lick Towing needs a disclaimer at start of show saying that the show is fake and the repos are not real and use actors to play the parts of the thugs, who are having their vehicles repo’d.

  13. LIzard Lick isnt what it used to be..I met the crew when me and my family went for a meet & greet with them at Lizard Lick towing..It wasnt what i excpected..The crew to me wasnt very friendly..Without us fans there wouldnt be a show..And who cares if Bobby is married or not,,He does have a life out side of the show lol..

    1. Dino, Sorry to hear the crew wasn’t very friendly. They were nothing before they got the show and if their ratings go down, then they will be off the air. The stories on there now are so far fetched, that no way they can be really happening. I am finding out more and more that there is no such thing as reality TV. Producers are in control of the shows. If Ron and Bobby had to fight for every repo, then they would be in the hospital or in the morgue. If it was real why didn’t they call the cops, when someone shot at them?…because it wasn’t really happening.

    1. I went to Facebook page for Lizard Lick Towing and there was no mention of the TV show, so guess it has been cancelled. Went to Bobby Brantley’s Facebook page and there was no mention of the show and no photos of Bobby and Ron and Amy Shirley, so guess the show is gone from television.

  14. Bobby is not dead… ( i met him today- have pics to proove) and if people knew their facts and were such fans of bobby… they would know that he has his own thing going on now its called” Get Licked Towing and Recovery”! Another thing… Lizard lick towing is a real buisness, false show. Their episodes are based on real events. Things that have actually happened. Bobby was only playing his part. P.s. the show actually states this before every episode. No LLT is no longer a show on tv. But I promise you that their buisness is still up and running. And the shirleys aren’t done. They’ll be back one day

    1. Thank you for clearing up the situation about Lizard Lick Towing. Bobby is very active on Facebook under his name Bobby Brantley. The same goes for the Shirleys on Lizard Lick Towing page on Facebook. I think Bobby has some kind of show on the internet now, that is mentioned on his Facebook page.

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