14 comments on “A&W Root Beer Stands

  1. I live about a half hour away from Lodi, Ca and have enjoyed A&W my entire life. Today they seem to share the same space with other fast food places like KFC.

  2. I wasn’t sure where Lodi was located so now I know it is fairly close to Sacramento. I remember it being mentioned in the song by Creedence Clearwater. There are a lot of root beers out there now but A&W is still my favorite.

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    • We loved A&W root beer too growing up in the 50′s. Will never forget those frosty mugs of cold root beer. They really hit the spot after leaving house with no air conditioning. That is about the only fast food place we ever went to.

  4. We had a A & W rootbeer stand on E. Tipton Street in Seymour, Indiana in the 1950′s and 1960′s. Loved it as a teenager then we all met and ate there. Had car hops, frosted mugs (best rootbeer ever) and good food also. I am painting picture of the rootbeer stand as a gift. It was orange and white, had roof over parking on side. Is there any copies of pictures of this rootbeer stand??

    • Molly, I couldn’t find a photo online of the A&W root beer stand in Seymour, Indiana. We loved the frosty mugs, back in the days before we had air conditioners, so that cold frosty mug was a welcome respite from the heat.

  5. We have a stand alone in Boulder City Nevada Right before the Hoover dam exit and there is also a stand alone in Henderson Nevada on Boulder ave. They still do car service, if only to rival the Sonic down the road

  6. I have the two handle wooden keg from the Riverdale, Georgia location from the 60′s. One handle has a red knob and the other has a black knob. The keg sat on the counter and the dispensing lines ran through it. Of course one of them dispensed root beer but what was the other one dispensing? Maybe Coke? I can’t find pics of the Riverdale store. Would love to see some from the 50′s, 60′s or 70′s.

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