12 comments on “Meet 50′s Cheesecake Singer: Kathy Barr

  1. I knew Kathy Barr when i was a teenager. She lived on Summit Park Road in Spring Valley NY! I used to drive her places!

    • Steve, it’s Sylvia, Kathy’s daughter. I remember you! You lived a few houses away. What are you up to now? I’m in South Fl and raising a family. You knew my Grandmother too. Are you on facebook? I’m Sylvia Thunder on Facebook if you want to friend me.

  2. Kathy Barr was my Mother. She passed away in Hollywood FL on June 21, 2008. She was married to Irwin Glickman, and leaves one daughter behind, Sylvia Glickman, and two grandsons.

    • Sylvia, thank you so much for writing. Andrew and I have been talking back and forth wondering what became of her for a number of months, and we were hoping that this article would help us find out. Her stunningly sexy personality still lives on in her music, and with the Vintage Movement starting to hit, it’s very possible that a posthumous interest in her music may be brewing soon. I will continue to be talking about her and her music, that is for sure; she’s got a permanent fan in me.

  3. Sylvia, David was the first one to tell me about Kathy and her singing career. He is the one that put this page together and he let me share it with the readers of this website, so he is responsible for you being able to find the website and inform us of Kathy’s death.

    David, Thank you for letting me use your article on this website. You have done more to cast the spotlight on female singers of the 50′s than anyone I know of. You are the reason that Kathy Barr is still being remembered around 50 years later.

  4. I have a delightful LP Selections from The Desert Song , featuring Kathy Barr and Giorgio Tozzi

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