21 comments on “Father Knows Best Children Today

  1. I think Billy Gray needs to give TV audiences credit. There are so many shows on TV that would never ever happen in real life! The Partridge Family! The Flying Nun! The Brady Bunch! The Lucy Show! The Patty Duke Show! The Andy Griffith Show! The Beverly Hillbillies! The Donna Reed Show! And yes, Father Knows Best!!!!! All of these shows are far-fetched but they are all entertaining and they make us feel good….well they’re entertaining to me a they put a smile on my face:-) I can’t understand why Bill Gray feels the way he does about a harmless, situation comedy. I would embrace it and be proud of the work I did. That said and not ever being in a hit TV show, I guess there are many stresses and disappointments that the public doesn’t see. I guess Billy knows best but I’ll always be a fan of this charming series. Good luck to the surviving cast members.

    • I agree with Frank that Billy Gray who is now 74 years old, should appreciate being part of Father Knows Best. He couldn’t have disliked the show too much, since he appeared in the 1977 TV movie, Father Knows Best: Home For Christmas. He also appeared in Father Knows Best Reunion TV movie earlier that year.

      Those reunion shows were the first time he had appeared on TV or movies since 1971 when he appeared in Werewolves On Wheels, so seems like he should appreciate being on the reunion shows after six years with no work.

      He has made only three appearances in the last 35 years, with his last movie The Vampyre Wars being released in 1996, so hasn’t been seen on TV or on movie screen for the last 16 years.

      Billy Gray should be thankful that he is part of the legacy that Father Knows Best left behind. It is sad that Father Knows Best has more or less disappeared from the television screens of America, since I can’t recall it being shown in many, many years.

  2. I agree with the statement made above about giving the audience credit for intelligence. I did not watch those shows because they were reality, you see, my family was a strange reality. My mother was an undiagnosed mentally ill woman and my father moved us around alot to avoid the problems my mother caused. I watched those shows to escape reality for a brief time every night. I think what Billy Gray lived in his real life in Hollywood was also a strange reality and I would not blame him a bit if he enjoyed himself while working in that altered reality called acting. Atleast he should be proud of a series that brought pleasure to so many.

    • Jo, Thanks for your comment. I think those shows were showing what a real family acted like, since they solved whatever problem together. Like the time Bud had a date accidentally on his mom’s birthday. His mom told him to go ahead and go on the date instead of making him stay home because it was her birthday. Bud felt terrible, but his mom understood the situation and then his date winds up spending the night with his family after all.

  3. These shows from the 50′s did make everyone feel good and I have the opportunity to watch it on a program called Antenna TV where you can watch all of them daily including Bachelor Father.

  4. its to bad that certain people have to put down the life style of the 50s as if it was all b.s. we would all be a lot better off today if we still lived like those days! look what we have today- a tremendous gang problems drug problems and lack of morals! Just remember our maker is waiting for us when we go to the next life!

    • Don, My best memories of are of the 50′s. I was 9 years old before we even bought a TV about 1954. Love shows like Andy Griffith, Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best. I even have some of the old time radio shows of Father Knows Best, when only Robert Young of the TV version was in the radio version.

    • Those wonderful people who were the adults during those “golden years” of the 50′s were the parents of those who got into drugs in the 60s and 70s, my friend Don. They were the ones who taught them their morals! There was a lot of cr*p going on behind closed doors in the 50′s as I remember: child abuse and alcoholism were rampant. So please, stop with this “Greatest Generation” stuff and how great the 50s were. I lived in the 50s too.

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  6. i love these old shows. would rather watch them and wish my grandchildren were growing up in families at least similar to the ones shown in the ’50′s sitcoms. Much prefer them to the crap kids watch today after school…smart aleck kids making scarcastic remarks to their parents and way too much sex. I guess i’m from the old school..

  7. Dear Mr. Andrew G,
    If you un-hook your dish and plug in a digital antenna, you too will get the channel Antenna t.v.! And it’s free! :^) Have fun watching all those great oldies!

  8. I love Father Knows Best,I still watch all the re-runs.I always thought they portrayed a wonderful family.I have also seen the show of Andy Griffith with Elanor Donahue as Ellie the Pharmacy lady.Why don’t they show what Billy Gray looks like now?

    • It is hard to believe that Billy Gray is now 76 years old with his birthday last week. Billy’s last TV appearance was 37 years ago when he was in the Father Knows Best Christmas show, which would make him 39 at that time. Elinor Donahue will be 77 on April 19th. She was last seen in Young and Restless playing a judge in 2011. She only played the pharmacist Ellie Walker 12 times in the first season of Andy Griffith show. Not sure why she wasn’t in more Andy Griffith shows in the last seven years of the show.

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