6 comments on “1950’s Prices

  1. Andrew:
    Came across the F.W. Woolworth 1950 menu image. Interesting info, especially the prices. I am pulling together information for a book about 1950 and am wondering if you would have a high-resolution (300 dpi) digital I could use.

  2. Thanks for the memories. As late as 1987, I could eat lunch at a Woolworth lunch counter in downtown Toledo, Ohio.

  3. Did anyone have a counter at Woolworths that sold only chowmein with dry noodles on a bun served with a frosted mug of rootbeer? Sounds weird but it was a treat.

    • Barbara, Thank you for sharing about the chow mein with dry noodles and frosted root beer. I don’t remember the chow mein, but appreciate you mentioning it. Frosted mugs of root beer were a favorite of mine. Wish they served root beer that way today.

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