End of the Road for X-Factor?

Demi Lovato, Simon Cowell, Paulino Rubio and Kelly Rowland are on the judging panel for X-Factor in 2013.

The ratings numbers are not looking good for Season 3 of the X-Factor. Season 1 opened with 12.49 viewers, Season 2 drew 8.79 million viewers and Season 3 debuted with 6.45 million. So X-Factor has lost over 6 million viewers, since its debut in 2011.

Season 3 drew their most viewers on October 2, when 7.80 viewers tuned into the show. A season low 3.5 million viewers watched the show on October 31. The television ratings show that 5.18 million tuned into their last show on November 14. It is doubtful that the show can turn around their ratings this far into the season.

Simon Cowell made a monumental mistake, by predicting X-Factor would draw 20 million viewers a week. A different lineup of judges and host/ host has been seen all three seasons.

Changes For Each Season

Season 1 had a judging panel that consisted of Nicole Scherzinger, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell. Steve Jones was the only host that season.

Season 2 debuted with two new judges in Demi Lovato and Britney Spears. L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell returned. The show also introduced two new hosts in Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian.

Season 3 saw more changes with L.A. Reid and Britney Spears leaving the judging panel and Paulino Rubio and Kelly Rowland joining the panel, as Demi Lovato returned for a second season, along with Simon Cowell. Khloe Kardashian was not asked to return for Season 3 and Mario Lopez became the only host for Season 3.

Britney Spears reportedly earned $15 million for the season she was a judge, but she seemed out-of-place on the show.

The judges this season are not being paid Britney Spears type money. Demi Lovato is reportedly earning $2 million this season, while Paulino Rubio is being paid $1.5 million, while Kelly Rowland is earning the least with a $1 million contract. Simon Cowell is earning between $75 and $90 million this season.

It will surprise me if there is a Season 4 of X-Factor, since I can’t see the Fox network continue to air both X-Factor and American Idol, with both shows losing viewers by the millions.

Melanie Amaro is an excellent example of how not to promote a winning singer. Amaro’s debut album still has not been released two years after she was the winner of Season 1. It is ironic that eight other singers and/or groups appearing on X-Factor have had albums released, while the Season 1 winner is still waiting for her album to drop.

Tate Stevens, who won Season 2 was signed to a RCA contract last January. He recorded his album Tate Stevens in April and by August had been dropped by RCA. So his recording contract lasted about 7 months.

It is surprising that anyone would even want to be the Season 3 winner of X-Factor, after learning the fate of the previous two winners.

The Voice Slipping In Ratings

The Voice started Season 5 with 14.98 million viewers watching, but by the time the Nov. 11 show aired 11.64 million had tuned in, for a loss of three million viewers from the first show.

However, The Voice is drawing about twice as many fans as X-Factor, so is in no danger of being dropped from the NBC schedule. No show attracting 11 million viewers will be dropped from any network.

X-Factor Not Likely to Return in 2014

I see very little chance of X-Factor returning for Season 4 in 2014. The show has run its course. I watched a show recently and there were very few songs sung, that I had ever heard of before.

The show may be going for a more contemporary audience, but it doesn’t seem to be working. I still like to hear the oldies sung on singing competition shows, but Simon Cowell is not a fan of that kind of music and is going to go down with the kind of music he likes.

Simon Cowell made a mistake by leaving American Idol, but I don’t think he envisioned making a mistake of this magnitude.

His vision of 20 million viewers and a reality of 5 million viewers must even tell him, that X-Factor is in the waning days of their existence.

2014 may be the first year that Simon Cowell won’t be making snide remarks, as he judges singers since American Idol debuted in 2002.


The Voice Tops X-Factor In Head to Head Encounter

The Voice not only defeated X-Factor in the ratings, but drew 3.2 million more viewers during the 8 ET – 9PM time slot last night. I seriously thought that Britney Spears making her debut as a judge would attract more viewers to X-Factor.

It was a huge win for The Voice, as it drew 10.7 million viewers, while X-Factor only brought in 7.5 million viewers. The worst thing is that X-Factor had 12 million viewers on their debut show last September.

The 7.5 million viewers is an all-time low for X-Factor, as it was worse, than the 8.51 million viewers who watched the live results show on November 23 of last season.

So the spinning chairs won this battle over Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and the X-Factor singers.

These results don’t bode well for X-Factor, as the other networks will be debuting their fall programs soon. However, with The Voice not in direct competition next week, it will be a true test, to see if X-Factor rebounds from a shocking ratings loss.

The Voice has won one round one, but we may see both shows losing viewers, in the coming weeks.

Simon Cowell is probably in deep depression, since he had criticized The Voice producers, for scheduling their program, against X-Factor. Now the ratings results make it worse for him, since he knows X-Factor is not in the same league as The Voice, when it comes to attracting television viewers. Cowell had predicted X-Factor would draw 20 million fans during the inaugural season, but never drew more than 12.59 million fans, which watched the live results final last December. So dropping to 7.5 million in the first show this season, compared to 12.49 million viewers watching the debut show in 2011 is a serious setback to Cowell.

Producers of both shows will be watching the ratings next week, to see if The Voice can top X-Factor for a second week. X-Factor will be on its own tonight, but with the Packers-Bears game going against it, there could be more disappointing ratings announced tomorrow.

American Idol producers can’t be too happy, after the ratings were released, as the singing competitions bubble may be on the verge of being burst.

The Voice – X-Factor Showdown On Wednesday Night In Same Time Slot

The Voice begins its third season tonight on NBC. Chairs will be turning around tonight and the next three nights. This may be overkill to telecast the show on three consecutive nights.

To make matters worse The Voice, battles X-Factor head to head at 8PM ET. Simon Cowell was furious to learn that NBC had scheduled The Voice in the same time slot and called it “dirty tricks.”

Both shows have not produced a well-known singer as of yet. Quick, name the winners of The Voice in its two seasons and the winner of X-Factor last December.

The two shows are still American Idol wannabes, but that could change the way American Idol seems to be slipping. I just can’t see Mariah Carey matching any of the three judges from last season.She is reportedly earning $15-$17 million, while latest reports say Keith Urban is being offered only $3-5 million, which would be a third of Ryan Seacrest’s salary. Enrique Iglesias is reportedly in the running for another judge slot, while Nicky Minaj could also be hired anyday now.

Randy Jackson won’t be returning as a judge, according to the latest reports, but could be a mentor next season.

I look for American Idol ratings to tumble again next season, due to the fact that The Voice and X-Factor will probably end their seasons in December. Then American Idol will have their 2013 debut in January and won’t end till May, while the The Voice could return in February again, since they opened their season on Super Bowl Night in 2012.

So American television watchers will be seeing a steady diet of singing competition shows, each month from September of 2012 till May of 2013. Nine continuous months of these shows may be too much for television audiences, who would like to watch other shows.

Television moguls like to ride a winning cycle and that cycle right now is singing competitions. The question is how much is too much of a good thing.

We have seen the days when television was featuring westerns, but today I don’t think there is one western TV show on during prime-time.

Doctor shows were the rage in the days of Dr.Kildare, St.Elsewhere, Ben Casey and Marcus Welby MD. The doctor shows fizzled out.

All I am saying is that singing competitions may be a thing of the past, much sooner than we think. The ratings will tell the story on Wednesday night when X-Factor and The Voice go against each other, while both shows will battle Big Brother 14, which also will be in the same time slot on CBS.

Will be interesting to see if ratings fall as the season goes on. Britney Spears may help X-Factor initially in the ratings, but the question is will she able to draw viewers all season long.

We will know in December which show has had the best ratings,so all we can do now is watch and wait.

Big Brother 14 Twist (Spoiler Alert), American Idol Judges Dropping Like Flies

Big Brother 14 debuted for the 2012 season on Thursday night with a couple of new twists. The first twist was that four former contestants, including two winners would be coaches this season. The house guests will be competing for a $500,000 prize, given to the winner in the finale show this September.

Big Brother 2 and Big Brothers All-Stars winner Mike Boogie and Dan Gheesling of Big Brother 10 were the two returning winners, while Janelle Pierzina of Big Brother 6 and Big Brother All-Stars and Britney Haynes of Big Brother 12 will be the other two mentors, who will be competing for the $100,000 prize for best coach.

The other twist was that no house guests were given keys, because the coach of the losing team, in the head of household competition, on the inaugural show would have to choose one of his team for immediate eviction on opening night.

Personally, I hope this never happens again, since each contestant deserves one full week on the show, before being evicted, instead of being unceremoniously sent home on the first night.

This website is a great source of information worth saving to your favorites if you want to keep up to date, with what is going on in the house between the shows. Don’t go to this site if you want to wait for the shows to air, since it tells who was nominated since Thursday’s show and who won the veto, plus will tell the outcome of the veto ceremony next week.


Latest American Idol News

It is now official that Steven Tyler is not the only American Idol judge leaving the show. Tyler had announced earlier this week, that he was leaving American Idol to return to Aerosmith full-time. There have been rumors that Jennifer Lopez was resigning her job as a judge. Those rumors are no longer rumors, as Lopez told host Ryan Seacrest, that she was leaving the show to have more time, to allow herself to have more time to pursue other options in her entertainment career.

As if this wasn’t enough news about judges for one week, there is now word out, that Randy Jackson may be leaving the show as a judge, but may remain as a mentor for the contestants.

This would create openings for three judges. Mariah Carey has been mentioned as a possible judge, but there is no official word, as to whether she was actually offered the job. Adam Lambert has also been mentioned as a possible judge. With the auditions for Season 12 going on now, it is probably imperative that a new set of judges be chosen soon, so they can be filmed at the auditions, determining the fate of the contestants.

After a huge drop in ratings last season, American Idol may be having too much change, too soon for these changes to improve the ratings for Season 12. The proliferation of singing contests has reached the saturation point and I can foresee the ratings drop for the entire genre. The Voice and X-Factor return in September and The Voice being on twice in one year, could be a huge mistake since it hasn’t produced a name star yet.

With Britney Spears reportedly being a train wreck on X-Factor as a judge, this is what can be expected from X-Factor this September.


 Big Brother 5 Winner Tasered By Cops

Big Brother  winners have a history of having run-ins with the law and Drew Daniel winner of Big Brother 5 is the latest winner, to experience a brush with the law. He reportedly injured a man, while in a domestic dispute. Now for the rest of the story, including the part where he is tasered by the cops.


American Idol Towers Over X-Factor, The Voice

American Idol encountered competition from the NBC singing competition The Voice and X-Factor, a Fox program like Idol in 2011, but emerged victorious over the competition.

The Voice had the gimmick of the judges hearing the singers, without seeing them and then would turn around to see the singers if they liked them.

To me that was the highlight of the show, but once they got into the battle rounds, it seemed to be more of a contest to see who could sing the loudest, instead of who could sing the best.

When Javier Colon became The Voice, it was almost a foregone conclusion that he would not receive near the publicity of the American Idol winner and that is exactly what happened.

While the internet was full of stories about Scotty McCreery the American Idol winner and the runner-up Lauren Alaina, there was little mention of Javier Colon or any of the contestants from The Voice.

The contestants from the The Voice more or less disappeared from the scene, after the finale, while McCreery and Alaina were making news by singing at the Grand Ole Opry and signing record deals. They did receive some negative publicity, for McCreery not holding the mike up, while lip-synching during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade and Alaina forgetting the words, of the National Anthem, but it was publicity.

Before that they had toured the country, with nine other singers from American Idol, during the summer, exposing them to thousands of American Idol fans.

X-Factor seemed to focus on big production numbers, with strobe lights flashing across the stage, more than the singers themselves, sometimes overshadowing the vocals.

Steve Jones, the host of X-Factor, was clearly out of his element on the show. He bordered on the obnoxious, most of the season, asking questions of singers and judges, at the most inopportune times. It was awkward when he received no response to those questions.

The producers made him look even worse, when they made him wait forever, to announce which contestants were going home. I doubt that Simon Cowell will invite Jones to return for the 2012 shows. Nicole Scherzinger should never have been chosen, to be on the judge’s panel. She was too indecisive, to make the judgements a judge has to make. Her indecision resulted in Rachel Crow going home, because she didn’t want to decide, whether Marcus Canty or Crow should go home.

The harsh words that L.A. Reid and Simon Cowell exchanged seemed to be staged, but they probably really didn’t get along well, with both of them being record executives.

Cowell made a huge mistake, by predicting that X-Factor would attract 20 million viewers, but in reality the show never came close to the 20 million mark.

In contrast, American Idol stayed above the 20 million mark and had no problems with judges, except when Jennifer Lopez broke down, while making her decision about Chris Medina, before the live shows began. The chemistry between Lopez, Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler was clearly the best among the judges on the three shows.

Christina Aguilera seemed to be intent on using sexual entendres, while talking to the other judges on The Voice. Blake Shelton, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine seemed to be more focused on their singers, than making snarky comments like Aguilera had made.

If you stopped someone on the street and asked them who won American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor, most of them could tell who won American Idol, but not the other two shows.

Scotty McCreery may have won only $250,000 for winning American Idol, while Melanie Amaro won $5 million recording contract for winning X-Factor, but McCreery is the one that will see his name mentioned on internet more than Amaro.

For instance, McCreery’s album Clear as Day is listed No.9 at Amazon.com in sales among country albums, after being on the charts for 140 days, with 110 listeners rating his album with five stars and only two giving it one star.

Javier Colon the winner of The Voice, on the other hand has a new album Come Through For You that is ranked 1,296th in sales.

There is no reason for American Idol producers to worry about The Voice or X-Factor. American Idol is still king of  the hill among singing competitions and after the Lee DeWyze debacle of 2010, which saw his debut album Live It Up currently listed 4,949th in sales at Amazon, the show seems now back on course.

It seems like country music singers from American Idol sell better than from other genres. Even runner-up Lauren Alaina’s Wildflower album is listed 275th in sales at Amazon, which is far better than first place winner DeWyze from 2010.

The American Idol juggernaut is alive and well and we can expect it be around for many years to come.

X-Factor Fans Should Know Bell, Francis and Hagood Have Had Past Success

LeRoy Bell of X-Factor and Casey James who comprised Bell and James duo in the 70's.

X-Factor has given its fans the impression that 60 year old LeRoy Bell is trying for one last chance at fame. However, Bell as part of  the Bell and James singing duo had already experienced fame in a big way at the age of 28, when their hit song Livin’ It Up reached No.7 on the U.S. Blacks chart in 1979. That single sold over a million copies, which made it a platinum seller.

LeRoy Bell and Casey James of Bell and James singing their hit song Livin’ It Up.

X-Factor is taking a huge credibility hit, by not revealing that LeRoy Bell had a huge hit 32 years ago. X-Factor willingly or unwillingly has led its fans to think Bell was some down on his luck singer. Bell and James were a short-lived group who made only three albums, releasing their last album in 1981.

The worst thing is that a younger singer or group has lost their chance to be on X-Factor, because of Bell. There also have been rumors circulating that Stacy Francis has also had some success in the music business in the past.

Stacy Francis singing at a birthday party for Tom Cruise.

Dexter Hagood Wanted Off X-Factor

A third over 30’s singer Dexter Hagood asked to be taken off X-Factor, which as far as I know, was never mentioned on the show. His reason was that he only wants to sing rock. I was actually feeling sorry for him, but it turns out he sang with Xavion, the first all black group to appear on MTV. He should have known that singing competition shows, don’t allow the singers to sing only genre of music.  I can’t help but wonder if his tears were real, if he is willing to walk away from a possible $5 million recording contract because he is not getting to sing, his kind of music week after week.

There are reports the group wants him back, in the group and had lost contact with him, until they saw him on X-Factor. Unless Josh Krajcik has also had success in the past, he should be the best of the over 30’s singer by default, considering the other three contestants hid their past, or X-Factor didn’t do their homework on their backgrounds.



Stories mentioning the Hagood, Bell and Francis:













X-Factor: Boot Camp Missing Hollywood Week Drama of American Idol

X-Factor contestants on Boot Camp stage.


It was good to see that the first Boot Camp episode of X-Factor, didn’t resort to the drama of Hollywood week, seen last year on American Idol. X-Factor focused more on how badly the contestants, wanted to win more than the drama  on American Idol, when contestants were booted from groups.

X-Factor handled the Boot Camp in a more orderly fashions. We didn’t see contestants begging to be in a group, or see groups refusing someone like Scott McCreery who wasn’t good enough to be in a group on American Idol last year, yet became the American Idol.

I liked the approach of X-Factor, with them furnishing voice coaches, dance instructors and image consultants. X-Factor decided who was in what group, plus what song that group would sing. So there no drama between the contestants, since all they needed to focus on was learning the words to the songs and learning a few dance moves.

It looks like X-Factor will be using an idea from The Voice, in that the judges will also be coaches. The show will be even better, as the number of contestants will be whittled down, to where we can start to learn the names better of the contestants.

Dividing the final contestants into groups of eight is not a good idea from my viewpoint. For instance if there are only five or six deserving to be in the over 30 group, that means that better singers might be eliminated from the show, simply because they are good, but can’t gain a spot among the finalists, because they are blocked by their age. It also means three inferior singers over the age of 30 could block three talented singers from being in the final 32.

Overall, I thought the first boot camp show went well. X-Factor proved last night, they can present a singing competition, without all the drama of  Hollywood week at American Idol. It will be interesting to see if American Idol decides to run Hollywood week in a more orderly way.

I look for X-Factor to draw more fans as the season goes on and fans pick a favorite to support. One thing in the favor of X-Factor is that it has already been five months, since American Idol’s finale show. It will be interesting to see if The Voice can give American Idol competition in 2012.