Who Will Portray Frank Sinatra in Movie?

Entertainment Weekly has an article about which actor will portray Frank Sinatra in the upcoming biopic.

It will be interesting to see who is chosen to portray Frank Sinatra in the upcoming movie about his life.

I am not sure any of the names mentioned in the Entertainment Weekly  article could pull off playing Sinatra and capture his personna.

There has to be somone better suited to portray Sinatra than the names mentioned.

When this movie is produced it will be interesting to see how far it goes into his life away from the spotlight.

One thing for sure is that whoever plays him needs to be great at lip synching since no actor today has a voice that could come close to that of Sinatra.

There may be a singer around who could do a creditable job of being Sinatra on screen but they are not likely to have the acting skills necessary to play him.