Tony Bennett: Tony’s Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Tony Bennett is still going strong today at the age of 83.

I found Tony Bennett’s 1963 album Tony’s Greatest Hits Volume 3 at a Knoxville bookstore for only 25 cents.

When I looked at the list of tracks in the album I expected to see some of his lesser hits but surprisingly it had most of my favorite songs I remembering him singing.

It includes his signature song I Left My Heart In San Francisco and  I Wanna Be Around, Who Can I Turn To, The Good Life, A Taste of Honey, The Best Is Yet To Come and Once Upon A Time.

Tony's Greatest Hits Volume 3 recorded by Tony Bennett in 1965 was his second gold record and was released by Columbia Records.


The back of the album has a compliment from the Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra.

Sinatra had this to say about Tony: “For my money Tony Bennett is the best singer in the business, the best exponent of a song. He excites me when I watch him-he moves me. He’s the singer who gets across what the composer has in mind, and probably a little more”.

The Allmusic Guide to Jazz published in 1999 says this is the best of Tony’s best of albums plus adds it is a classic. It went on to become his second gold record.

The album was produced in 1965 making it 44 years old today. He is still singing today at the age of 83.

In a sidenote one of his former managers Dee Anthony died on Sunday at the age of 83 the same age Bennett is now. He also managed Devo which is as far removed from Tony Bennett’s music as you can get.