Quinn Sullivan, Guitar Whiz Now 11

Quinn Sullivan singing on Ellen show at the age of six in 2006.

Sullivan playing on stage at a Buddy Guy concert at the age of eight. Guy is amazed at his guitar skills and can’t get over how good he is at such a young age.

Sullivan three years later playing at the House of Blues with Buddy Guy at the age of 11. Sullivan exhibits his vocal prowess in addition to his excellent guitar playing.


Quinn Sullivan: Electric Blues at its Best

Quinn Sullivan who will be 11 on March 26 has been playing the guitar since the age of three.

Blues singer-guitarist Buddy Guy has spotlighted Sullivan in his concerts. Sullivan plays riffs that accomplished guitarists can only dream about.

Playing this well at an early age should be a springboard to a long and successful career. He first appeared on national television in 2006 on the Ellen DeGeneres show and has since appeared on the Today and Oprah Winfrey shows.

The following videos show how his career has evolved since 2006:

Buddy Guy introduces Sullivan at the age of 8 during his concert in 2007 and Guy is amazed at his talent at such an early age.

Sullivan singing his life story showing he is not only a great guitarist but can sing the blues with the best of them.

It will be interesting to watch and listen to Quinn Sullivan as his career continues to grow and he has a bright future ahead of him and should be able to make a living for years to come playing the electric blues on his guitar.