Old Time Radio: Nightbeat



Nightbeat was heard on old time radio from February 6, 1950 to September 25 of 1952 on the NBC radio network.

Frank Lovejoy starred as Chicago Star reporter Randy Stone on Nightbeat a show that played up the human interest side of the stories.

Each episode was exciting but the main focus was on the everyday people in Chicago who faced the problems of the time for the people.

The show was as much about helping people as it was in catching crooks and at the conclusion of each story Stone would holler “copy boy” to have his story delivered to the editors so they could check it and then have it sent to the composing room before being printed in the next morning’s paper.

Lovejoy was perfect for this role and was later seen on some TV crime dramas after Nightbeat left the airwaves.

This website lets you listen to an episode of the show for free: