Little Couple Returned to TLC Last Night: Sadness and Happiness

Bill Klein and Jen Arnold returned last night for another season of the Little Couple on the TLC television network.


It seems like it had been forever since the last new episode of the Little Couple had aired, before the first episode of Season 4 was shown last night on the TLC network.

Matter of fact, two new episodes were shown last night. One episode dealt with the struggles the couple Bill Klein and Jen Arnold have experienced trying to give birth to a child.

The Houston couple has been trying to give birth to a child through a surrogate mother, but the doctor last night couldn’t retrieve a fertile egg in time, before it was ovulated. One problem they have is that their doctor practices in Los Angeles while they live in Houston.

When the doctor told them the egg had already been ovulated, the sadness in their faces was overwhelming and Jen shed some tears after being told the news. But Bill and Jen don’t give up easily and will try again.

Their resiliency was amazing since while being greatly disappointed, they still were able to regroup and not give up on their hope for a baby. If all else fails, they will adopt a baby, but they haven’t reached that point yet.

The second episode last night was more on a happy note with the couple checking out the progress on their new house under construction. There is still a lot of work left to be done before it will be finished, but it looks much better than it did at the end of Season 3.

Another reason for happiness is that Bill was able to buy a new sports car without busting their budget or as Bill put it  “It will cost only a sandwich a month more than their previous car.”

The most admirable trait of the couple is that they never let their handicap of being little in a big people’s world, deter them from achieving their goals and dreams.

Unlike most reality shows these days, there is not a lot of dissension on this program. They may have some petty disagreements, but their love is bigger than any disagreements, so they work out any problems together as a team.

I am sure that they are being paid well for allowing TLC to film their daily lives, but it doesn’t matter to me since I enjoy the shows immensely, knowing these are two of the nicest people who have overcome their height obstacle to reach all the goals they have set for their lives.

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