Joshua Ledet The Next American Idol?

Joshua Ledet from Westlake, Louisiana is another step closer to becoming the Season 11 American Idol.


Joshua Ledet seems to be gaining momentum in his quest to be the American Idol. He got the best feedback from the judges and from Jimmy Iovine.

Ledet sings with emotion, which goes a long way in having a successful music career. I think he has the talent to be one of the more successful American Idols, but not sure how strong his voting base is having come from a smaller city in Westlake, Louisiana.

It was no surprise that Elise Testone was sent packing after all the negative feedback on Wednesday night. She had some really good nights and some really bad nights, but still has the talent to become a successful singer.

Jessica Sanchez has rebounded from her last place finish two or three weeks ago to stay in the competition, but can’t see her becoming the next American Idol, but if Joshua has a bad night, she could be the favorite to win it all. 

Phillip Phillips may find himself in the Bottom 3 next week, unless he makes a better impression on the judges and American Idol fans. Just my opinion for what little it is worth, but he doesn’t seem to be improving from week to week.

Hollie Cavanaugh keeps hanging around, but now she may the next to go home if Phillip Phillips doesn’t go home next week.

It was a huge surprise that Skylar Laine was in the Bottom 3 last night, after the judges had such positive feedback after she sang on Wednesday night. That raises the question of how strong her voter base is and if she is in Bottom 3 again next week, her time on the show could be nearing an end. 

There should be a lot of competition the next two weeks, as the singers try to make it to the Final 3 so they can visit their hometowns.

Living just a few miles from Joshua’s hometown of Westlake, Louisiana has me pulling, for him to be in the final three.


American Idol: No Save This Week For Jessica Sanchez

Jessica Sanchez finished last in the voting on American Idol and will try to stay out of the bottom three this week.

American Idol fans were shocked last week to find out that Jessica Sanchez received the fewest votes of the remaining seven singers.

She was more or less considered the favorite to be the next American Idol, but now it looks like she will have to struggle to avoid going home this week.

It looks like Jessica may face the fate of Pia Toscano, who was regarded as one of the best singers in Season 10, yet left early in the competition.

The voting last week makes the show this week more important than ever, since Jessica may actually have the least chance of winning of any of the remaining seven singers.

It surprised me that Joshua Ledet was in the bottom three along with Elise Testone, since they have the best stage presence of the remaining singers.

Colton Dixon, Skylar Laine, Phillip Phillips and Hollie Cavanagh had to be encouraged, to know they received more votes, than Jessica, Joshua and Elise.

American Idol producers surely didn’t want the show to turn into a popularity contest, but apparently that is exactly what is happening, since the three best singers received the least votes.

The question now is if Jessica can receive enough votes to stay out of the bottom three this week. If she continues to finish in the bottom three, it will be a sign, that she will not be the next American Idol.

My favorite is still Joshua, but I feel being from a smaller town may prevent him, from having the fan base to become the next American Idol.

Hollie Cavanagh is my next favorite if Joshua is sent home. The show has reached the stage, where good singers will be going home until the last singer goes home on finale night. is now trying to have voters vote for Phillip Phillips and claim their support kept him from being in the bottom three last week.

It is hard for me to believe that Jessica Sanchez actually received the fewest votes last week, but will assume American Idol is giving us the votes as they are cast. 

Jessica is a good singer, but not sure if she or any other singer this year can sell a million albums like Scotty McCreery has done. Skylar Laine may sell a lot of albums, if she becomes the American Idol, since it seems like American Idol winners, who are country artists sell more albums than a singer like Lee DeWyze who won Season 9 but sold few albums.

Randy Jackson was shocked to find out that Jessica received the least votes last week: