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Funny Signs

Having half a car is better than having no car.

Wonder how fish light their cigarettes?

Talk about a confusing sign….A person would have to be very lucky to find this place open.

That except for asbestos line worries me.

Teenage alcoholics that have been abused by their spouse, have an eating disorder and are using drugs and have been contemplating suicide and are very hungry would have reason to attend this church six nights a week. Then the sermon about America’s Joyous Future should help them forget the other six nights so they can be ready for the next six nights.


In other words don’t touch those wires unless you have $200 with you.



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Funny Signs


This sign lets speeders know a cop is behind the sign so drivers can jam on their brakes and hope the cop doesn't notice they are going 75 MPH in a 30 MPH zone.

This sign lets potential trespassers know the consequences of trespassing on this land. The sign guarantees that trespassers will be shot at least once and maybe twice.

This warning sign gives a good reason to keep track of your kids.

Drivers should take a photo of this sign to prove they really did run into some road construction on the way to work.

At least the dead person would save the money from the $200 fine so they won't have to worry about their bank account being overdrawn.

Think I would opt to use another parking space since the alternatives are not good ones. Doctor told me I am allergic to rabid squirrels so that makes the decision even easier and sure don't want any knocking sounds since the last two knockings sounds from our Explorer cost almost $3,000 to repair and our bank account shows $30 so won't have money for repairs until Justin Bieber retires from the music industry.

This is literally a four way stop sign since can't turn left or right or go forward or backward. Just hope the road construction is finished before the BCS Bowl.

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