Eric Clapton: Sunshine of Your Love

This Eric Clapton had just ended but after demands for an encore Eric and the band return to the stage to treat the crowd to a rousing rendition of Sunshine of Your Love with David Sanborn also joins in on the final song.


Joe Bonamassa, Eric Clapton: Further On Up The Road

Joe Bonamassa and Eric Clapton sing Further On Up The Road. While the vocals are great the musical interludes between the verses are even better as the two top notch guitarists show off their guitar skills.

Eric Clapton: Further On Up the Road

Eric Clapton is about to sing the first word of Further On Up The Road when his guitar strap falls off and Robbie Robertson and Rick Danko take over till Clapton regroups and sings the classic song first recorded by Bobby Blue Bland in 1957.