Drive In Movies Still Operating Today

A typical drive in theater of the past in a simpler time before computers occupy so much of our time.
A typical drive in theater of the past in a simpler time before computers, video games and MP3 players occupy so much our time today.

The drive in theater may be a dying breed today but there are still drive in theaters in operation in many states today. There are no longer any drive in theaters in the state of Louisiana where I spent most of my youth and adult years. Louisiana is one of three states without an operating drive in moviet theater as of  December 1, 2008. The other two states without a drive movie theater are Alaska and Delaware.

Sacramento, California has one of the 18 remaining drive in movie theaters in California. It is called the Sacramento 6. I am not sure if the 6 refers to six screens.

I can still remember the wait for darkness so the movie could begin playing on the giant screen. There are still memories of the concession stands and the popcorn, candy and cold drinks that were for sale inside.

Who can forget the speakers that allowed us to hear the sound emanating from the movie?  It is sad that drive ins have lost their popularity over the years as other interests took the place of a night outside at the drive in movie.

We went on a vacation to see the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2006 and on the way we saw a drive in movie in Mt. Airy, N.C. and it was like going back in time even if the speakers of the past were gone and the sound came from a certain frequency on the car radio.  My grandsons thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it was good that they experienced what it was like to see a movie under the stars.

Too often we forget the past and the great memories like drive in movies. It has been 76 years since Richard Hollingshead opened the first drive in movie in Camden, New Jersey on June 6, 1933.  It cost 25 cents per car and 25 cents per person for the first movie.

This is a list of operating drive in movie theaters still operating as of  December 1, 2008: