Dove Brothers Quartet: Get Away Jordan

I will never forget seeing the Dove Brothers Quartet singing Get Away Jordan the first time in Texarkana, Texas in 1999.  I have never seen a crowd so much into a song as they were when this song was sung.

The video is from a Bill Gaither Homecoming video and Burman Porter the bass, John Rulapaugh the tenor and Richard Simmons the pianist are no longer with the quartet.


Dove Brothers Quartet: I Can Pray

Dove Brothers Quartet singing I Can Pray one of the best songs written.

Dove Brothers Quartet: When I Move To Hallelujah Square

John Rulapaugh featured on When I Move to Hallelujah Square in this video from an appearance in Kentucky when the original lineup for the Dove Brothers was still together with Burman Porter singing bass, Eric Dove singing baritone, McCray Dove singing lead, Rulapaugh singing tenor and Richard Simmons playing the piano.

Only McCray Dove and Eric Dove remain out of the original five Dove Brothers. Jerry Martin tenor, David Hester bass and Adam Harman are rest of the group as it is comprised today.