Christmas Movie: A Christmas Visitor

A Christmas Visitor is one of the best Christmas movies I have seen this Christmas season and the story is about a family who hasn't observed Christmas for several years after their son and brother was killed in Operation Desert Storm.

A Christmas Visitor starts with a ceremony honoring the veterans of different wars the United States has been involved in and the military connection attracted my attention.

The film stars William Devane as the father, Meredith Baxter as the mother and Reagan Pasternak as the daughter.

If there was ever a movie for a family to watch together this is the one. The main reason is that this movie is about a family dealing with the loss of a son and finding out about it on Christmas Eve and refusing to observe Christmas for several years out of respect for their son who died in Operation Desert Storm.

I won’t go into detail telling the storyline about the movie except to say it is a movie about a family dealing with a myriad of problems and the events of that Christmas make it a very special Christmas.

There are reviews by movie viewers at the website that both praise the movie and others who say it is boring which it isn’t in my book.

It is worth seeing if it is shown again this Christmas season.

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