Big Brother 9: Matt McDonald Touched By Seeing Boy With Cancer

Matt McDonald may be thought of as a drug dealing drug user, but he was visibly touched by a litle boy with cancer. That is a main focus on this blog written from prison and caused him to try to become a better person:



Matt McDonald of Big Brother 9 Writes From Prison: July 27 and August 10 Blogs

Matthew McDonald of Big Brother 9 has posted two more blogs, with both of them focusing on his addictions. The first one was published July 27,2011 and he describes in detail how a drug addict thinks. Maybe some reader contemplating using drugs, will change their mind after reading his account of what it is like to depend on drugs.

The language is vulgar, but that can be expected from someone in prison. The blog is aptly named How Addiction Took Over My Life. 

The first blog is so long that he added a Part Two on August 10, 2011. Since he was selling oxycodone pills, he had plenty around the house and made it easy to get high on them.

49,170 visits have been made to his blog, since it started in May of this year. The two posts in this article are the 10th and 11th posts by Matthew.

If you want to go back to May and read his first blog to these two blogs, just go to the May archives.

These links will take you to the last two posts made by McDonald:




Big Brother 9’s Matt McDonald Posts July 20 Blog From Jail

Matt McDonald tells in his blog about the day he was arrested, which turned out to be his  last day of freedom, before being arrested.

Like Matt related in the blog, he had stopped selling oxycodone eight months before he was arrested. He was at work for a meeting when he was arrested. He talks about seeing his parents in the courtroom at the trial.

It turns out that being on Big Brother 9 was not a good thing. He would never have met Adam Jasinski, the winner that year who may or may not have ratted Matt out, to avoid a longer prison sentence. Jasinski got him started selling drugs, but apparently McDonald had second thoughts about it after selling drugs, then eventually stopped selling.

His past caught up with him though and he is paying the price now for selling the oxycodone. Hopefully, McDonald will be released soon and given a chance to get his life in order. His posts from jail are very interesting and gives us an idea of what prisoners have to face, in their day-to-day lives behind bars.

He focuses in the blog a lot on the fact that the indictment said the United States vs. Matt McDonald, feeling the whole country was against him.