Secret Ingredient: Grease From 1912

Dyer's Burgers on Beale Street in Memphis uses a special recipe in cooking their burgers using the same grease they used in 1912 with the grease being 100 years old in only three years.

Dyer’s Burgers in Memphis has found the secret to a good greasy burger by using 97 year old grease from 1912. The grease is locked up at night to prevent anyone from tampering with it.

Patrons are sometimes asked if they had their Vitamin G today with the G standing for grease.

The burgers and buns are soaked in grease to get the ultimate 1912 grease flavor into the 2009 burgers. The grease has been protected by armed police escorts when it was transported from one Dyer’s location to a new one.

A burger from Dyer's Burgers ready to eat after being soaked in 1912 grease.

One website says this place will have the nutritional police sirens wailing. I doubt that any nutritional information is posted in the restaurant unless required by law.

The following link will take you to the home page for Dyer’s Burgers and includes a video which I saw on the Travel Channel yesterday which gives more information about the 1912 grease.

There are also links to reviews of the burgers by Playboy and Esquire.

Anyone eating here more than once a month might be wise to visit their attorney and make their last will and testament.

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