Sixteen Casino Waitress Fired For Not Fitting Into New Uniforms

Sixteen waitresses for Resorts Casino Hotel in Atlantic City, have been fired for not being able to wear the sexy new uniforms.

The middle aged waitresses find themselves out of work, after being forced to try on the new uniforms and then be photographed.

The only sizes available to try on were size two and size four. It seems like the Resorts Casino Hotel management not only wanted to hire younger and sexier types, but to save money, by ridding the hotel of older waitresses, who presumably were earning more money, than a new employee would earn.

With today’s job market not that great for middle aged workers, the government will probably be paying unemployment to all sixteen waitresses.

If there was ever a case of age discrimination, this is the case that might be won by the union.

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It would be different if they were elephants weighing in at 250lbs.

Yeah? In what way? Do your drinks taste better if a skinny girl brings it? 250 lb men are not treated this way! Why should women be treated like this??!

I can relate, though, because the boss at my job set me up more than once to get fired. The first time it didn’t work. The second time, he succeeded. All because he was afraid of me. And I hadn’t done anything to give him reason to be afraid. He was just a weak little spineless wimp with no self-esteem.

These women deserve better than this humiliation and degradation. If the casino needed younger blood to attract patrons, there is something else seriously flawed in the whole organization. Discrimination is still against the law, no matter how you try to cover it up. This is just so sick.