Barry Bonds Trial Poll

Barry Bonds as a skinny Pittsburgh Pirate and as a bulked up San Francisco Giant after allegedly taking steroids.

The latest news reports from the Barry Bonds perjury trial, say that the trial could go to the jury, as early as this week.

This week the defense will call their own witnesses to the stand, trying to refute the testimony of the prosecution witnesses, last week.

The following polls ask questions regarding his use of steroids and the vote of the jury.


Hanging Jail: DeRidder, Louisiana

The DeRidder jail became known as the "hanging jail" after two murderers were hung there in 1928 for the robbery and murder of a taxi cab driver.

DeRidder, Louisiana is a small city of 9,000 (according to the 2000 census) but is known for its hanging jail. The jail is now 97 years old having been built in 1914.

The double hanging took place on March 9, 1928 some 83 years ago, when  Joe Genna and Molton Brasseaux hung for robbing and murdering 45 year old J.J. Brevelle, a taxi driver.

The jail was closed in 1984 which is 27 years ago, but it still is drawing interest from paranormal groups.

LA Spirits is a paranormal group that explored the facility. After setting up their equipment they said they heard footsteps, heard a shower running and could smell pipe smoke.

There is a website that give many details about the jail, the crime which caused the two murderers to be hanged and how they were apprehended.

This website also features a video taken inside the jail and the webmaster is to be commended for their research.

General Electric: $14.2 Billion Profit, $0 Paid in Tax

General Electric has reported that the company made $14.2 billion in profits, in their worldwide operations. It is a sad situation, while the Social Security coffers are reportedly being depleted,  a huge corporation like General Electric is paying no tax.

The company has invested millions of dollars, while pushing for changes in tax law.  Worst of all, President Obama has appointed Jeffrey R. Immelt a GE executive, to help formulate plans, to discuss corporate taxes. It is evident that Immelt will not suggest, or support any changes, that would cause GE to pay taxes.

I am not against corporations making a profit, but when they are earning billions of dollars in profits, while not paying any taxes, it is time to question the whole corporate tax situation.

Hopefully, President Obama will realize something needs to be done now, or the economy will only get worse, as companies like GE lay off workers. Then the government has to spend money to retrain those workers or support them financially as they receive financial assistance from federal and state agencies.

President Ronald Reagan made an effort to force companies like GE to pay their fair share of the tax, but now the companies are focusing on avoiding taxes. The worst thing is they are getting away with it and will continue to avoid paying taxes, unless the government puts an end to what amounts to stealing from the government.

N.Y. Times has a four page article detailing how GE is cheating the government out of millions and maybe billions of taxes they should be paying. Great Multimedia Website will keep a reader entertained for hours. is probably the best source for audio and video online this side of YouTube.  The home page for the website as I write this article has a link to an audio version of a Grateful Dead concert at Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum at New Haven, Connecticut on May 11, 1981.

The concert is only one of 803,305 audio recordings at the website.  There are 2,214 old time radio related links to old time radio shows and magazines that were printed during the height of the popularity of old time radio.

One Roy Rogers episode has been downloaded 74,882 times showing that the website is available for downloading many of the old time radio shows we grew up with.

Old time radio fans will love looking at list after list of old time radio shows available for downloading including some of the more obscure shows which have very few episodes in existence.

The live music archive features 88,813 archives while the moving image archives total 451,934.

Avid readers will enjoy knowing that there are 2.694,639 texts including books and ebooks. The new Bookreader at the site includes Origin of the Species by Charles Darwin and is the example shown of how the Bookreader works.

There is an audio version of some books but the one I listened to was not of the best quality and seemed to be a computer generated voice which probably would be tiring to listen to for an entire book.

Most readers may not enjoy the voice and instead opt to read the books without sound. For those that like the audio they should enjoy the feature that highlights the portion of the book being read by the voice.

The Mega Reader iPhone app provides access to the 1.8 million free books at so they each iPhone user can have their own personal reader.

Each volume of the Warren Report investigation of the assassination of  President John F. Kennedy is available to read.

The site is an excellent source of reading material for educators and students who are looking for books that are no longer copyrighted.

One word of caution: it could take hours just to look at what is available at This website may have the most content of any website online and is worth going to the website to see for yourself what is available.

William Shatner: Actor, Singer and Pitchman

William Shatner looked a lot different in this publcity shot early in his career and made his first television appearance in 1954 on Canadian television when he portrayed Ranger Bob in a Canadian version of Howdy Doody in 1954.

William Alan Shatner was born on March 22, 1931 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Shatner made his movie debut in 1951 in The Butler’s Night Off portraying a crook in a Canadian movie that grossed $35,000.

Shatner now has been in show business for 50 years and has seldom gone more than a year without being in a movie or television show.

He was in live stage productions when television presented live plays. He has one of the most extensive resumes ever since he has appeared in several different television shows as a guest star and he appeared in the Defenders from 1961 to 1965 acting in one episode in each season portraying a different character in each season.

William Shatner as he appeared portraying Capt. James T. Kirk on Star Trek which has been the most significant role in his career.

His big break came when got the role of Capt. James Kirk in Star Trek in which he appeared in 79 episodes during the 1966-1969 run.

Star Trek returned to television in 1973-1974 and Shatner starred in 22 of those episodes. He starred in Star Trek the Motion Picture in 1979. He appeared in five more Star Trek movies with his last Star Trek movie appearance being in 1991 in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Shatner was seen in either a Star Trek television series or movie intermittently from 1966 to 1991 spanning 25 years.

Heather Locklear and William Shatner as they looked during the five year run of T.J. Hooker.

Shatner’s next long running TV series was T.J. Hooker in which he co-starred with Heather Locklear from 1982 -1986. Shatner appeared in 90 episodes of the show.

Adrian Zmed and the singer James Darren also were in the cast.

The shows can be seen on the Universal HD channel presently since he has been on the channel since September of 2010.

Both Shatner and Locklear have been seen on television for many years and should be seen for many years to come with Shatner now 79 and Locklear who is 30 years younger than Shatner is now 49.

James Spader and William Shatner in a scene from Boston Legal television series.

William Shatner would have another long running series in Boston Legal which ran from 2004-2008. He has a series being shown today on CBS network but the name is one of the worst names ever for a television series so won’t even name it.

William Shatner has reportedly been paid well for his appearances in commercials seen on television.

The great singer William Shatner singing Rocketman one his biggest hits. One of his albums at is ranked 414,000th in sales. At least he will never have to worry about making an acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards show. He still may be a shade better of a singer than the immortal William Hung of American Idol fame.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Borrowed Brunette

Perry Mason was telecast on the CBS television network from 1957-1966.

Raymond Burr will always best known for his portrayal of Perry Mason in the CBS television series Perry Mason from 1957-1966.

As far as I know Perry Mason cannot be seen on any television network today according to

This episode from the series titled The Case of the Borrowed Brunette was originally shown on December 31, 1959 according to but it is listed as being shown first on January 10, 1959 by other internet sources and was the 52nd episode of the 271 episode series.