Bernard Ebbers: Billionaire to Prison Inmate

Bernard Ebbers in prison till the age of 87 at the least.

Bernard “Bernie” Ebbers was the first Bernie, to be imprisoned for investor fraud. Ebbers first formed LDDS, which was a discount telephone company in 1993. Two years later he changed the name of the company, to WorldCom in 1995. By then WorldCom owned 60 telecommunications companies, and in 1997 would merge with MCI for $37 billion.

Ebbers was born Bernard John Ebbers in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on August 27, 1941 and is now 73 years old.

He operated a chain of motels in Mississippi and was known to have cleaned rooms himself, to save on housekeeping expenses.

The ultimate corporate shopaholic, Ebbers bought an obscure telephone carrier in the 1980s and went on a 17-year acquisition binge that turned it into the world’s largest telecom company. Alas, his passion for deal­making didn’t translate into the savvy necessary for running the complex business. When telecom stocks went south in 2000, the company’s massive debt was exposed. Ebbers tried to disguise it through fraudulent accounting. In 2005, three years after WorldCom filed for bankruptcy, he was convicted of overseeing $11 billion worth of accounting fraud. He’s now serving a 25-year prison term.

THE STAT: When Ebbers resigned, in 2002, WorldCom stock had fallen to $1.79 from a peak of $64.50 in 1999. (from

The WorldCom debacle hit me personally, since I had an Army friend lose his job, because of the WorldCom collapse, since he worked for WorldCom. It devastated him and I don’t know if he will ever recover, from the loss of his job.

At one point Ebbers was earning $37 million a year, between his salary and other financial considerations. However, that didn’t stop him from ending free coffee for WorldCom workers, as coffee machines that charged 35 cents a cup took the place of the free coffee.

Home for Bernie Ebbers through 2028

Ebbers resigned from WorldCom on April 30,2002. He was later convicted of conspiracy, securities fraud, and false regulatory findings in 2005. He wouldn’t be sentenced till 2006, after the appeals process had been exhausted. He drove himself, to the Oakdale, Louisiana Federal Prison and reported for his incarceration.

This is what a typical day in prison is like for Ebbers:

A typical day would start at 6 a.m. with work starting 1 and a half hours later.

Work usually ends at 3:35 p.m.

At 4 p.m. comes “count time” when each inmate, unless he is assigned to the food service area, must be by their bunk, Truman said.

Mail call follows count time which is then followed by dinner, served in staggered shifts.

After that, inmates can typically walk in the recreation yard around the track or go to the chapel or the library, Truman said.

Depending on the institution, the day most likely finishes around 9 p.m. when inmates are required to be back in their bunks with lights out.

Ebbers will be required to wear a khaki uniform. An on-facility commissary allows inmates to buy personal items such as soap, toothpaste, or toothbrushes.

From money/

Ebbers was convicted by a jury in March 2005 of nine counts of conspiracy, securities fraud and other crimes that led to the phone company’s July 2002 bankruptcy.

Ebbers transformed WorldCom into a telecommunications powerhouse through a string of takeovers. He was known as a grandfatherly CEO who preferred cowboy boots to suits, but he also has been described as an exacting, cost-obsessed boss.

WorldCom emerged from bankruptcy as MCI Inc., which was later acquired by Verizon Communications Inc (up $0.46 to $37.96, Charts). Ebbers agreed last year to forfeit almost all of his personal wealth in a settlement with WorldCom investors.

Mail can be sent to Ebbers at this address, which may not be the correct address after 2028. Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards was housed, in the same facility until his release.

P.O. BOX 5000
OAKDALE, LA  71463


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

28 thoughts on “Bernard Ebbers: Billionaire to Prison Inmate”

  1. I was one among many who lost money in the failed WorldCom. Mr. Ebbers did give millions to Mississippi College where I worked for many years and it helped with the building program.

  2. It was sad the way that Bernard Ebbers ran his company in the ground, by spending so much money on himself and his shady accounting practices caught up with him in the end. Most of the criminals who blew investor’s money had no contrition. A lot of people that thought they could retire had to keep working to make it.

  3. I lost everything right after the town hall meeting in Austin TX,,,I hope he dropped the soap twice a day..

    1. I had an Army friend that lost his job because of Ebbers when he worked for WorldCom after leaving the Army. Ebbers is 75 and will be 86 when he is eligible for parole in 2028. He is living in a prison that is low security that is more like a school dormitory than a prison. He got off easy in my book, but the people he left behind with their lives in shambles didn’t get off easy. There is no sentence harsh enough for someone like Ebbers. He needs to be serving time in a real prison not a country club prison.

      1. Andrew, I so agree. So many lives affected, from friends who suicided to friends who couldn’t get jobs. I hated when he spent a month ‘investigating’ coffee drinking at the C formation lounge in the Ann Arbor facility. IMAGINE his take home $$$$ for THAT ‘investigation (with his salary and’ benefits’, it was likely $1000 a second). The entire situation ( loans, paying for his house,) was so Stew Pid, entirely screwy. The employees at AA center kept sponge mats to sleep on under their desks as they’d put in 24 hour days. They gathered at the C formation lounge, drinking Dew and Coffee (their lifeblood) as they continued to talk WORK i.e. no taking off for lunch/dinner/breaks … THEY literally lived in less comfortable conditions than Bernie does now. I even contacted the creator of Dilbert because the entire Bernie (pre disclosure) was so silly, weird, stinky , and sneaky ( he instituted charging them for coffee when they lived at the Ann Arbor World Com center????) but got no response from him. His loss. There are many who lost their jobs and are still affected by it, financially and emotionally, struggling. In particular, a friend was in her 50’s, gave World Com her loyalty, and who has been struggling ever since…

      2. Marjie, Thank you for your comments. I had an Army friend who worked for Worldcom, who was devastated when Worldcom fell apart leaving him jobless. Bernie Ebbers had the nerve to tell members of his church, that he had done nothing wrong, but that was proven to be a bald-faced lie. He is 77 now and is incarcerated in prison. He will be released in 2031 at the age of 86, if he is still alive. I have no compassion for him, since he brought all this on himself, and he ruined the lives of his employees, who were cut adrift with no job.

  4. We were in the same MC graduating class, 1967 but our paths never crossed. There is something monstrous about the 25 year sentence meted out by Ms. Jones – a life sentence if you will. I have friends and family who were devastated by the Bush administration’s collapse of the economy. I think that disaster overshadowed the collapse of WorldCom. Would that Dubya and his admin could share Bernie’s country club prison or even a real one.

  5. I started working at then MCI Inc. in 1988 and was laid off by WorldCom in 2002. I lost some $$$ since I put some of paycheck into the ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan). It’s been a very long road and struggle for me since then. After my first initial lay off from WorldCom I was laid off 2 more time between 2003 and 2006. To get back into the job market I’ve had to take a pay cut in order to get a job, so I haven’t a pay raise since 2001, which was my last full year at WorldCom. A lot of people suffered financially because of Bernie Ebbers. He should serving his time in a full scale prison until the day he dies.

    1. Abby, Thank you for sharing about your experiences with WorldCom and Bernie Ebbers. I had an Army friend that was working for WorldCom and it shattered his life, and not sure if he has ever recovered from it. I agree that Bernie Ebbers should not be in a country club prison, and needs to be breaking up rocks like a real prisoner, and learn what it is to live in fear each minute of his imprisonment. Ebbers completely ruined the lives of thousands and thousands of WorldCom employees. No reason for him to get an easy ride in a country club prison.

  6. I worked for MCI/Worldcom from January 1995 – December 2000 out of a Colorado Springs, CO call center. I knew the end was near. The signs were evident internally. Moral was low and the stock was already tumbling from a high in the low $90 range. I ultimately lost the Worldcom stock investment within my 401(k) but it was far less than many long-term employees who had higher balances that were largely vested in Worldcom stock. As I saw the writing on the wall I warned many co-workers to sell their company stock but few likely took my advice before I left. It was a great company until Bernie came along. His actions hurt thousands of employees, many of whom were providing for their families.

    1. Thank you for sharing what happened during your time with MCI/Worldcom. One of my Army friends while in Hawaii later worked for Worldcom and it shattered his life. Wish more co-workers had taken your advice and sold their stock, before it hit rock bottom. It is a shame that the only regret Bernie Ebbers has is that he got caught. People like Ebbers usually wind up in prison, but that doesn’t make it any easier for those he left behind in financial ruin. No punishment is too harsh for a scumbag like Ebbers.

  7. I really hope someone stands at the front door to when he reports to work and asks him.. “why are you 2 minutes late?” Like he used to do in Missassippi HQ

    1. Knew he was a crook, but looks like he was also a jerk, after reading about him questioning workers, about why they were 2 minutes late. He has served 12 years of his 25 year sentence. Hope his last 13 years in prison are as miserable, as his employees who saw him ruin their lives. I know one Army friend who worked for his corporation, who has never recovered from Ebbers running the corporation. Ebbers more or less has ruined my friend’s life.

  8. I was UUNET employee who foolishly did not diversify and all was lost-Ebbers needs to die broke and alone in Prison!

    1. Ebbers is in his 12th year of a 25 year sentence. He will be released in 2031 at the age of 89. He drove himself to prison in his Mercedes, but it did him no good once he got inside the gates. What goes around came around for Ebbers, but no sentence is long enough or harsh enough for a scumbag like Ebbers.

  9. Lost everything when I was laid off in 2009. Just now getting remotely close to getting my life back in order. I had to take a $28k per year cut in order to get back into the workforce in 2010.
    When he’s released, he won’t have a thing to worry about. He has a stash somewhere.
    He’ll never suffer like we did. That’s the disheartening part of it all.

  10. I too lost a lot of money with Mci WorldCom I was a master agent for the wireless division
    In Chicago and times were great when the commission checks came in every month. I employed 22 sales people and was spending money like a drunken sailor. Then reality hit the money dried up and the bankruptcy put the nail in the coffin. It was very hard after that I had to sell everything laid off everyone. Many years passed but I forgave Him by accepting Jesus Christ into my life & things are better than ever with out the excessive money to cloud your thinking. You live and learn money comes and goes. But forgiveness is eternal like
    Jesus Christ , God Bless everyone reading this

    1. It was sad that the greed of Ebbers left his MCI WorldCom employees in such dire straits financially. It is natural to spend money when you are receiving money in such large sums.

      I had an Army friend that lived in Oklahoma and was working for WorldCom and it shattered him when the company went bankrupt.

      I am glad that you forgave Ebbers, since it says in the Bible to forgive our enemies, and do good to those that persecute you. God bless you for doing the right thing by forgiving Ebbers who wronged you so badly.

  11. We lost a ton. I mean a ton and our son lost his job, but his sentence does not parallel with horrible crimes like rape, child abuse,etc. Greed and Revenge never accomplished good. I hope he will be released soon and would be there to help him.

    1. Sandra, You have every reason to wish the worst for Bernie Ebbers, but instead you have forgiven him and would help him. That is exactly what God wants us to do, even though it is not easy to do. May God bless you.

  12. I was affected by the Worldcom Bankruptcy too. For a long time I was bitter about Bernie. The last few years, my bitterness has dissolved. However, Bernie better not have funds stashed somewhere. I think Bernie should live within his new means, once he gets out of prision. Maybe Scott Sullivan will let him move in with him..

    But, If Bernie has to live in government funded section 8 housing. So be it. Once he is out of jail, he will have paid his debt to society. I think he has literally lost it all. His company, his family, his possessions, and his freedom.

    1. Kiefer,

      Crooks like Bernie don’t care about his employees losing his job. He is only upset about being caught, and having to spend all or most, of his remaining life in prison. People like Bernie usually get caught sooner or later.

  13. I have no remorse for this greedy crook! Hope he rots in jail as I lost a fair some that I planned to use towards my daughter’s college. I’m lucky I didn’t invest more than I did.

    1. Linus, That you for your comments. I have a very good friend that worked for Worldcom and he not only lost his job, but lost a lot of money. He is in a very depressed state of mind. I have no compassion for Ebbers. I hope he is never released from prison for any reason. He wasn’t worried about people like you, who need the money for your daughter’s college, so no reason to worry about him being in prison. Ebbers is finding out, that what goes around comes around, and hope it keeps coming around, so he spends the rest of his life in prison.

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