The Voice – King of the Singing Competition Shows

The Voice judges Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton.

The Voice on the NBC television network is now the king of the singing competition shows, as its ratings are better than those for American Idol and X-Factor.

Carson Daly is the host of the The Voice, which is in its fifth season. The show debuted on April 26, 2011 and the 119th episode will air tonight.

Each finale show has attracted more viewers, than the previous year.

The year by year totals for the finale show of The Voice:





The November 18 show drew 10.5 million viewers, which was the third lowest total of Season 5. However, The Voice is still doubling the audience of X-Factor, which attracted only 5.18 viewers to their show last week.

One concern about The Voice is that being shown twice a year may eventually hurt the viewership. But right now The Voice is solidly ensconced, where they are still attracting in the neighborhood, of at least 10 million viewers for each show.

American Idol, in comparison attracted a low of 14.31 million viewers for their last finale last May. That was about a half million more viewers than American Idol attracted in their finale.

Interplay Among  The Voice Judges

One of the main attractions of the The Voice is the interplay between the judges, as they have good-natured fun needling the other judges.

Blake Shelton loves reminding the other judges that his team has won the last three competitions. Christina Aguilera looks like a different person this season, after losing some weight.

The ratings were not affected in Season 4, when Shakira replaced Christina and Usher replaced Cee Lo.

Blind Auditions

The blind auditions will probably always be a big part of the show. It has to be heartbreaking, for singers to sing their heart out and not have one chair turn around.

I wish there was some way to incorporate having the chairs turning around the whole season, but that is not likely to happen.

Battle Rounds

I am not a fan of the battle rounds, so usually skip from blind auditions to the live shows. It seems like the battle rounds are more attuned, to who can sing the loudest or hit the highest note.

Still, most fans probably enjoy the battle rounds.

The Voice Winners

Season One – Javier Colon – Had released two albums on Capitol, before ever appearing on The Voice. Colon won The Voice on June 29, 2011. He released his album Come Through For You on November 21, 2011, but he later left Universal Republic Records, which had released the album, since he thought he was receiving little support from the company.

Season Two – Jermaine Paul – Won The Voice in 2012. He has an album Finally, which is aptly named, since it shows up on Amazon, but no release date is given.

Season Three – Cassadee Pope – Won the The Voice in 2012. Her first album Frame by Frame, released by Republic Nashville shot to No.1 on Billboard. The previous best by a singer from The Voice was when Javier Colon charted at #143, after releasing his album. The reviews are outstanding for the new album, with 22 five-star reviews, 3 two star reviews and 3 three star reviews with only one review giving it one star.

Season Four – Danielle Bradbery – Won The Voice earlier this year. She is only 17 and her first album Danielle Bradbery is due to be released on November 25 on Big Machine Records. Her album is 20th in sales at, despite not being released yet.

Javier Colon didn’t fare too well with his first album after winning The Voice and Jermaine Paul hasn’t even had his released yet, while Cassadee Pope’s album broke in at No.1 and Danielle Bradbery has an album being released next week, which is great, when considering that Season 2 winner Jermaine Paul still doesn’t have an album in the stores.

Bright Future For The Voice

I see a bright future for The Voice, with Cassadee Pope’s album selling well and Danielle Bradbery’s album is 20th in sales, before it is even released.

This is the break The Voice needed to have their winning contestants making a name for themselves in the music business.

Unless American Idol can regain some of the popularity of the past we should see The Voice keep their place as king of the singing competition shows.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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