Gary Busey : What Happened When He Didn’t Wear Motorcycle Helmet

Gary Busey portraying Buddy Holly in the Buddy Holly Story (1978)


Gary Busey is a walking testimony, as to how not wearing a helmet in a motorcycle can cause brain damage. He is still feeling the effects of the accident 25 years after the 1988 accident. Doctors feared that he suffered extensive brain damage due to the  motorcycle accident.

20 years later in 2008 another doctor said that the brain damage was even more extensive, than the doctors had thought he had in 1988..

He was born William Gary Busey in Goose Creek, Texas on June 29, 1944, which was only 23 days after the Normandy invasion in France.

His higher education ended one class short of graduation, when he left Oklahoma State University.

One of his claims to fame during the early days of his career was that he was the last person killed, on the Gunsmoke television series.

Busey acted for the first time in a movie. in an uncredited performance in Wild In The Streets in 1968. He next appeared in episodes of High Chapparal and Dan August. He also appeared in a Bonanza episode.

The big break for Busey came, when he was cast as Buddy Holly in the Buddy Holly Story in 1978. He was nominated for an Oscar for his performance. Busey mostly appeared in movies in his career, but did some free-lancing in television series and TV movies.

His appearance on Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and 2013 brought him more notoriety for his zany behavior and it was clear to see that Donald Trump was happy to have him on the show.

Busey has already been in two movies this year Matt’s Chance and Bounty Killer that were released in January and April respectively.

In addition DaZe Vol.ll has been completed, while Confessions Of A Womanizer and Mansion Of Blood are both in post-production.

So Busey’s movie career is still thriving 45 years after appearing in his first movie.

Busey also has appeared on stage as a musician, with appearances with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Leon Russell as a drummer.

Jake Busey son of Gary and also an actor.

His son Jake who is 42 has appeared in 77 movies and television shows and will be seen in many movies soon. His page at shows how busy he has been this year, with 10 movies, in various stages of being released, completed or in post-production.

Gary Busey Trivia

Played in band named Rubber Band.

Is a licensed airplane pilot.

Has black belts in all of the following martial arts: budo-jujitsu, capoeira, hapkido, “Jailhouse Rock” and kendo.







Bobby Blue Bland Dies At 83

Bobby Blue Bland 1930-2013


Bobby Blue Bland has died at the age of 83, in his home in Germantown, Tennessee. He was born as Robert Calvin Bland on January 27, 1930 in Rosemark Tennessee. Bland was mostly known as a singer, but played the harmonica.

Blues was the quintessential blues singer, that could make you feel the songs he was singing. I will never forget hearing him sing Stormy Monday Blues the first time. No other singer could sing that song with as much passion as Bland.

This is my favorite Bobby Blue Bland CD since it includes the hits most associated with his career and am glad to have it in my collection.

I bought a cassette of some of Bland’s hits, but knowing that finding something to play a cassette on is not easy decided to purchase Bobby Blue Bland: The Anthology.

The CD includes 50 of his best known songs, plus a few lesser known songs, but that doesn’t matter if they are known or not, since Bland’s delivery made them all sound good.

Some of my favorites from the CD:

Farther On Up The Road – One of his faster songs that went to No.1 on the R&B charts.

I’ll Take Care Of You – Slow ballad sung like only Bobby Blue Bland could sing it. Went to No.2 on R&B charts.

Cry, Cry, Cry – Another slow ballad that peaked at No.9 on R&B charts, but was a No.1 song for me.

I Pity The Fool – A more upbeat song that would top the R&B charts in 1961.

Stormy Monday Blues – A blues classic that surprisingly peaked at No.5 on R&B charts for Bland. Don’t understand why it wasn’t No.1.

That’s The Way Love Is – This song apparently was on the charts twice, since it is shown at No.1 and No.6. The song would be his last No.1 song for Duke Records and the last one of his career.

Turn On Your Love Light – A song that viewers of the second Blue Brothers movie will remember and this song went to No.2 for Bland.

Good Time Charlie – A catchy upbeat song that peaked at No.6 on R&B charts.

This is an album that you can turn on and relax and enjoy the musical stylings of a great blues artist, for close to three hours of listening to the blues at their best.

Readers can listen to short clips of songs from the CD:

The following New York Times obituary says Bland never played an instrument or wrote songs, but that didn’t matter because his voice is all that mattered to his fans.

I had heard the name Bobby Blue Bland for years, but never really listened to his music till the last few years and will be listening to his music for many more years. I can’t remember him being on television much over the years, but then not many blues artists besides B.B. King were seen on television much. I can’t remember Freddie King or Albert King being featured on television.

Anyone that was fortunate enough to hear Bobby Blue Bland heard one of the great blues artists of our time.

RIP Bobby Blue Bland.






Long Wait Almost Over: Twinkies Back On Shelves in 492 Hours, 34 Minutes, 42 Seconds

Twinkieaholics will be happy to know that Twinkies will be on store shelves in 21 days and best of all, on even more shelves than in the past. They should be on store shelves nationwide on July 15.

The Twinkies will now even be sold in dollar stores. Price reportedly will be $3.99 for a 10 count box of the crème filled treats, which was the price before production ended. However, they were on sale in the past as shown in this photo:

Hostess had stopped manufacturing Twinkies and a vast array of other Hostess treats like Ding Dongs And Snoballs, due to striking union workers. Some of the former workers are back in the factories, but are non-unionized workers now.

Donettes and CupCakes will also be returning to the store shelves, after Metropoulos & Co. and Apollo Global Management bought out some of the Hostess products. Ding Dongs and Ho Ho’s are other products that will be offered for sale.

Twinkies were invented on April 6, 1930 by James Dewar of the Continental Bakery in River Forest, Illinois. So it is only fitting that a product, with that long of a history can be purchased still 83 years later.

The spongy crème filled treat is not for the weight conscious, since one Twinkie is 13 percent of recommended fat intake on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Twinkie the Kid won’t be standing in the unemployment line much longer, since he will be back at work on July 15 and his Twinkie outfit and cowboy boots will be trendy again.

For those Twinkie fans that don’t like the standard Twinkie they can be deep-fried, for a whole new taste treat different from your standard Twinkie.

Beware of the fact that some criminals have blamed Twinkies for causing them to commit crimes, in what has come to be known as the Twinkie defense.

Twinkies have been seen in many movies, including Die Hard in which a character almost gets sick from eating a 1,000 year old Twinkie.

Kansas State University professor Mark Haub went on a diet of Twinkies, Doritos and Oreo cookies and lost 27 pounds in two months on the diet.

Guess that means Nutri System and Jenny Craig will be including Twinkies, in the meals sent to the homes of their clients.

More time has passed since I posted the latest countdown at the top of the page. The latest countdown now shows 492 hours, 9 minutes and 17 seconds.

It won’t be long till Twinkie lovers will be lining up outside stores to be first in line to buy the first Twinkies on shelves in several months.

Gov. Earl K. Long (La.) Sent to Mental Institution In 1959: Fires Administrators, Absconds From The Premises

Who can forget 1959 when the governor of Louisiana escaped from a mental institution?

Nostalgia and Now

1959 was not a good year for Governor Earl K. Long, the Democratic governor of Louisiana. Governor Long wanted to retain his position as governor, but was prevented from running again, since he was not allowed to succeed himself. So that problem, along with the return of his heavy drinking and taking up smoking again, combined to place him in a bad mental state. In addition he was taking pills to make him sleep, in combination with uppers and downers.
The situation was exacerbated when he was in a rage as he ranted during a legislative session. He later meant to apologize for his behavior, but instead flew into another rage instead.
The following short audio of Governor Long ranting  in the legislature can be heard here:
Jesse Bankston, the Louisiana Director of Hospitals, thought that Long needed immediate treatment, so had him restrained…

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Classic Television: Perry Mason

Raymond Burr 1917-1993

Raymond Burr was primarily known for Perry Mason and Ironside television series. The Canadian actor originally tried out for the job of Hamilton Burger, who was the district attorney for Los Angeles, but ended up playing the lead role of Perry Mason.

Burr had portrayed a criminal in the Alfred Hitchcock class Rear Window in 1954, as he was the mysterious neighbor that Jimmy Stewart’s character watched from his wheelchair by the window of his apartment.

The radio version was broadcast from 1948-1955. lists 246 episodes in the radio version. Perry Mason became a television series two years later in 1957 and it was on television till 1966. It was interesting how the stories developed, then the show would end in a courtroom, as Mason would almost always win his cases.

Some interesting Perry Mason trivia from

When Burr was unable to act because of illness actors like Mike Connors, Bette Davis and Hugh O’Brian would replace him.

Only one episode was filmed in color, with the rest being filmed in black and white.

Erle Stanley Gardner, the author of the Perry Mason series appeared in the final episode as a judge.

1957 Ford Skyliner


Mason drove a 1957 Ford Skyliner during the first season. He also drove GM cars during the first season driving a Cadillac, when he wasn’t driving the Skyliner. Some of the other characters also switched from Ford to GM cars, in different episodes.

All 271 episodes were titled “The Case of………, depending on the title of that episode.

Juries were seldom used in the episodes, so most of the courtroom scenes were from preliminary hearings, in order to save hiring 12 extras as jurors.

This morning I watched the episode named “The Case of the Melancholy Marksman” on the Hallmark Movie Channel and it was like old times watching Perry Mason in action.

It reminded me of television at its best, as I got caught up in the story and it kept my interest till the final courtroom scene was over.

Burr would go on to star on Ironside from 1967-1975, then in 1985 would appear as Mason in Perry Mason TV movies till 1993, the same year he died.

Perry Mason can be seen at various times on the Hallmark Movie Channel.


How Much of Reality Television is Real?

Reality television is not really reality, by any stretch of the imagination. I can’t think of a reality show that is 100 percent real.

There is a reason that reality television has producers and directors. Nobody is going to turn on a camera and turn it off after 22 minutes of filming and show it on national television.

Duck Dynasty may seem to be a normal day in the life of its stars, but someone has to plan out what situations they will put the cast in during the filming that day.

When the shows are on break between filming new shows someone is almost certainly deciding  what situations will be on during the upcoming season.

The producers of shows like Duck Dynasty or The Duggars: 21 and Counting are not going to leave to chance what happens on their shows.

In reality there is no such thing as reality television, because all reality shows only simulate reality and try to make the scenes look like they are happening naturally.

It wouldn’t surprise me if the humor on Duck Dynasty is not always spontaneous, since the characters may even be told what to say at certain points in the show. The cutaways showing a member of the cast making comments about what is happening at the moment surely must be planned in advance.

I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty, but accept the fact that the shows have been well thought out and presented in a way for the cast to provide fans like me laughs throughout the show.

Some shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians are not even close to reality, since so many of the situations seem contrived to create the most drama possible. Can you imagine this show with the cameras just following the cast members around hoping they would say or do something that would be worth filming? It definitely would not be must see TV.

Another example is the Big Brother reality show on CBS. How long would viewers watch the show if the show just listened on the house guests discussing the weather? There have been reports of producers telling the house guests what to do, which goes against everything reality television is supposed to represent.

Creating drama is a major goal of reality television. They don’t want a house full of house guests that all get along and only want to play chess or play games in the backyard.

Big Brother After Dark is a prime example of how boring so-called reality television can be. The house guests can be seen and heard talking about old movies and television shows and what kind of music they like. They can be seen lifting weights or stuffing themselves in the kitchen, since they are trying to stay awake until the filming ends, so they can go to bed for the night.

95 percent of that show is pure boredom for viewers. Even worse the best parts of the behind scenes action are usually saved for the filmed shows shown on CBS.

TLC is a channel devoted almost exclusively to reality television and has some of the better reality shows on television like Cake Boss, Little Couple and Little People, Big World.

Little Couple may be one of the more realistic reality shows out there, since it follows Bill and Jen Klein as they struggle to get by in a big people’s world. The storyline about them trying to have a baby on their own and eventually having to adopt was one of the most heartwarming stories ever shown on television in any form. Meeting their adopted son Will for the first time in China was one of the most special moments ever shown on television. Then when they took their son, who has dwarfism to the park their son learned firsthand what it was like to be small in a big people’s world, when he was not tall enough to ride one of the rides.

They are ideal parents for Will in that they know what it is like to be smaller, than almost everyone they see during a day.

We as television viewers can either accept that reality television is 100 percent real or enjoy the shows knowing that they are not anywhere close to being real. It is each viewer’s choice to make that decision.

Reality television may not have scripts like most television shows, but there is someone running each reality show that is deciding what will be happening on a show and in what order the events will be shown in a show.

In answer to the question at the top of this article….None of reality television is 100 percent rule, as much as we might like to think of it as being real. The reason I like reality television is that it is more real, than what a scriptwriter writes for scripted television.

There will always be a division between television viewers that like to watch scripted television more than those of us who like reality television, while knowing it is only partially real, since each show has a show runner making decisions on what will happen on any particular reality show.

Reality TV News At A Glance…..Duck Dynasty fans are anxiously awaiting the fourth season to be shown later this year. Meanwhile the cast has been doing everything except making duck calls with appearances on Jimmy Kimmel and Katie. I particularly liked their appearance on Katie, in which we learned about the beardless brother Alan Robertson, who will be appearing on the fourth season episodes. His appearance should add a new dynamic to the show and will be interesting to see how he is used in the show.

Big Brother 15 starts two weeks early this year, with the first show being shown on June 26. This is the countdown till the show for those fans eager to see the first show: 8 days, 6 hours, 16 minutes and 42 seconds. Look for announcement this week of who the 2013 house guests will be at

Cake Boss should be interesting and hopefully we will learn how Buddy Velastro’s mom Mary has been doing, since she has Lou Gehrig’s disease and it was very emotional for Buddy to see his mother deteriorating.

Rock My RV with Bret Michaels has rocked the world of reality television, as he remodels broken down motor homes and makes them look new again with the latest innovations in the world of motor homes today

Reality TV Poll

Groucho Marx Kept Us Laughing

The elderly lady in this photo from You Bet Your Life program asks Groucho Marx to put out his cigarette in one of the funniest moments in the history of the show.

Julius Henry “Groucho” Marx was born October 2, 1890 in New York City. He appeared as a 15-year-old singer on stage in 1905 and had an excellent soprano voice.

Marx appeared in every entertainment venue , as he was in vaudeville, burlesque, radio, television and movies. He was part of the Four Nightingales singing group with his brothers. A performance in Nacogdoches, Texas would prove to be a turning point in their careers, when they started cracking jokes, which was better received by the audience than their singing.

The Marx Brothers became a major hit when they entertained at the Palace Theater which epitomized success in the vaudeville era.

It would be 1921, before the Marx Brothers made their first silent movie Humor Risk, which was so bad that it was only shown once. Eight years would pass before they appeared in Cocoanuts in 1929 and would be followed by Animal Crackers in 1930. Groucho would appear in his last movie in a brief cameo, when he appeared in The Candidate in 1972.

From 1921 to 1968 Groucho appeared in movies and also was heard in 379 episodes of various radio shows from 1933-1975 with his last five shows having no date shown for those broadcasts. His most famous show You Bet Your Life was on the air from 1947-1956.

Television would become the new home for the show, but it was being heard on radio and seen on television simultaneously from 1950-1957. Marx appeared in 84 episodes of the television show from 1950-1961, but very few episodes were filmed in any of those years.

The show included a quiz, but the show was best known for the humorous banter, between Groucho and his guests. The best way to appreciate the humor in the shows is to watch one of the shows on YouTube.

I can remember when going to summer school back in my high school days, that I would return home and watch the show.

One of my favorite memories of the show was when Groucho asked a girl from India, if she knew who was buried in Grant’s Tomb and she replied “Me??!!” which caught everyone by surprise. He was trying to ask her an easy question and she still missed it. Another easy question was “What color is the White House?” Groucho was one of the best ad-libbers in show business and his ability to ad lib is what made this show so much fun.

Groucho was the very first guest on Johnny Carson’s Tonight show in 1962.

Some of Groucho’s quotes:

Marriage is a wonderful institution. But who wants to live in an institution?

While shooting elephants in Africa, I found the tusks very difficult to remove. But in Alabama, the Tuscaloosa…

The husband who wants a happy marriage should learn to keep his mouth shut and his checkbook open.

Even more quotes from Groucho:

The last years for Groucho were not happy ones, as his caretaker Erin Fleming treated him harshly, which is best described in this Wikipedia article:

Relationship with Groucho Marx

Fleming’s influence on Marx was controversial. Many close to him admitted that she did much to revive his popularity; these efforts included a series of one-man shows, culminating in a sold-out performance at Carnegie Hall which was released on a best-selling record album and an honorary Academy Award he received in 1974. Also, some observers felt the apparent relationship with a young starlet boosted Groucho’s ego, adding to his vitality. Others, including Marx’s son, Arthur, described her in Svengali-esque terms, accusing her of exploiting an increasingly senile and frail Marx in pursuit of her own stardom.

In the years leading up to Marx’s death in August 1977, his heirs filed several lawsuits against Fleming. One allegation leveled against Fleming was that she was determined to sell Marx’s favorite car, a Cadillac, against his wishes. When Marx protested, it was said, Fleming threatened, “I will slap you from here to Pittsburgh.” Another allegation had her dancing nude around Marx, fondling herself and asking “Don’t you wish you could have some of this?” Many people close to Marx believed Fleming was abusive towards him. Arthur wanted temporary conservatorship of his father, and took Fleming to court. According to the book Raised Eyebrows by Groucho’s secretary Steve Stoliar, Fleming had several personal problems; he stated in his book that she used drugs, had mood swings, and was given to inappropriate outbursts, both in public and in private.

The court battles dragged into the early 1980s, but judgments were eventually reached in favor of Arthur Marx, ordering Fleming to repay $472,000 to the Marx estate.


Fleming’s mental health deteriorated in the 1990s. She was arrested once in the Los Angeles area on a weapons charge, and spent much of the decade in and out of commitments to various psychiatric facilities.[citation needed] She was also reportedly impoverished and homeless in her final years, living on the streets of Hollywood and Beverly Hills.


Fleming committed suicide in 2003 by shooting herself.]

Groucho Marx died on August 19, 1977 of pneumonia. His death wasn’t given much publicity, due to the fact that Elvis Presley had died three days earlier.