Mr. Ed Still In Reruns 52 Years Later

Mr. Ed the talking horse shown with owner Wilbur Post who was portrayed by Alan Young.


Mr. Ed a comedy series about a talking horse debuted in January of 1958. The owner of the horse in this show was Wilbur Pope, while Alan Young would portray Wilbur Post, when the show became a regular show on the CBS television network.

Mr. Ed was originally named Bamboo Harvester, after being born in El Monte, California 64 years ago in 1949. His name was changed to Mr. Ed after appearing on the show. says that Mr. Ed died in 1979 at the age of 30,33 or 34, but other sources say that Mr. Ed died in 1968, 1973 or 1974, so in other words nobody seems to really know the date of his death.

Larry Keating, who portrayed Roger Addison the next door neighbor died in the third season and was replaced by Leon Ames of Topper fame and portrayed Col. Gordon Kirkwood.

Katy Rose a singer grew up in the home Mr. Ed lived in many years after the show ended.

The show was owned by George Burns McCadden Production and Burns chose Alan Young to play Wilbur Post, since he seemed like the kind of guy a horse would talk to.

Mr. Ed was a golden Palomino who would only respond to his trainer Les Hilton, since Mr. Ed would not respond to his co-stars.

His daily diet consisted of 20 pounds of hay and a gallon of sweet tea to wash it down. If he got tired Mr. Ed would simply walk off the set. Anyone else would get fired for such insubordination, but not Mr. Ed who was the real star of the show.

Allan “Rocky Lane” a cowboy star was the voice of Mr. Ed.
Alan Young and Connie Hines with Mr. Ed in the background.



Alan Young who portrayed Wilbur Post and Connie Hines who played his wife Carol Post on Mr. Ed shown a few years later.


Mr. Ed was the kind of show that was entertaining, without being controversial. It may have been silly nonsense, but who cared if the viewers enjoyed it. I still record it off the Hallmark Channel, then watch the shows later so I can zip past the commercials.

This is typical of the dialogue heard on the show:

Wilbur Post: [after Ed finds a straw hat] What are you going to do with a straw hat?

Mister Ed: I’ll wear it till it goes out of style. Then I’ll eat it!

Alan Young was born in North Shields, Northumberland, England on November 19, 1919. He was heard in the old-time radio show on the Alan Young Show. I recently heard one of the shows for the first time and the show was surprisingly good, since the show is not mentioned much in old-time radio circles. The show kept me entertained from beginning to end.

Young later would be the voice of Scrooge McDuck on the Duck Tales series.

Alan Young is now 93 and lives in Laguna Niguel, California.

Connie Hines who played Carol Post was born in Dedham, Massachusetts on March 24, 1931 and  was seen in the Whirlybirds series for those of us who go that far back.

Hines only acted three more times after Mr. Ed ended, with appearance in one episode each of Bonanza, Love American Style and her last appearance in Mod Squad in 1971. She didn’t appear on TV or in the movies the last 38 years of her life.

She died due to a heart condition on December 18, 2009 at the age of 78.

Mr. Ed may have left the air in 1966, but is still in reruns 52 years later. Mr. Ed was and still remains one of my favorite shows. The interaction between Mr. Ed and his owner Wilbur Post is the highlight of the shows.

This is one of the few remaining shows on television, that you can watch with no bad language and no double entendre jokes, that are so prevalent today on the situation comedies of today. Shows like Mr. Ed, Andy Griffith, Father Knows Best are a refuge, from the shows being shown on the networks today. Some of the older shows, that were so entertaining are seldom seen on television today. I haven’t seen an episode of Amos and Andy, Ozzie and Harriet, Red Skelton Show, Life of Riley and others for years and years. Those reruns are not being shown for some reason. There may be stations or networks telecasting some or all of those shows, but if they are I am not aware of it.

Thanks Mr. Ed for still being around to bring back the memories of years gone by.



Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Ed Still In Reruns 52 Years Later”

  1. Nicely done piece on the show, “Mister Ed.” For anyone who might be interested, a new book on the voice of the horse, Allan “Rocky” Lane, comes out on July 4, 2014. “I Am Mister Ed … Allan ‘Rocky’ Lane Revealed” tells the life story of a very intriguing actor. At first he didn’t want to be credited for Mister Ed’s voice but after the show became a success, he asked for that credit. The Powers That Be felt it was too late. By then, children–the major viewing audience–already believed Mister Ed really could talk & they didn’t want to ruin that persona. Instead, Allan got a raise.

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