Joe Schmo Ends Season With Big Reveal

Chase Rogan was Joe Schmo on fake reality show and won $100,000.

Joe Schmo that ended last night  was a reality show, on Spike TV that admitted that it was fake. They recruited Chase Rogan of Pittsburgh, a certified agronomist who owns his own company. The producers chose Rogan to appear on a fake reality show named Full Bounty. What Rogan didn’t know was that the entire cast were all professional actors, who were all in on the joke.

The winner of Full Bounty will win $100,000 which is real and is promised a fake  job as a bounty hunter with the Jake Montrose bounty company.

The show was filled with ridiculous competitions like being shackled to inmates. Rogan’s inmate is unlocked to go to bathroom and disappears, which creates chaos for Rogan thinking he is responsible for the prisoner escaping. He then looks out a window and sees production assistants walking around like nothing was going on. He then asks “Is this a setup?”

In another competition the contestants are sent to be part of the capture of a skip. Rogan is in the van, when he is called to assist their instructor Jake Montrose, portrayed by Ralph Garman with the capture of the skip and is in the house in a matter of seconds. The actors are amused by how seriously Rogan is taking the competition, since they are just along for the ride.

One of the closest calls was when Rogan asks a deaf girl contestant who is doing handstands a question. He is surprised when she answers, since her deaf interpreter is not there with her at the time. The girl recoils in horror afraid that she has blown the whole show, since it makes Rogan question why she is talking when she is supposedly deaf and would not have heard the question.

The producers saw that Rogan was writing in his journal and that he was wondering, if there were actors among the contestants. Rogan finally gets back into the game, after not talking for an interminable time, which was causing the producers much concern, that he was onto the idea that the show was fake.

Schmo Knows!
Chase Rogan cries after being told the other contestants on the fake reality show Full Bounty were actors and that there was no bounty hunting job for him.

The Big Reveal

The season culminated with the big reveal last night. This was the big moment everyone was waiting for to see his reaction, when told that all the other contestants were actors and that there was no bounty hunter job waiting for him. Before the big reveal the losing contestants voted for Lorenzo Lamas to win the $100,000 check, but then the Jake Montrose character tells Rogan, that he was the winner and that Rogan was the only non-actor among all the contestants on the show.

Rogan’s wife was let in on the secret shortly before the reveal and even wore a gold outfit, that had been worn by Lady Justice a lady that stood above the place, where the contestants cast their votes on eviction nights. However Lady Justice just watched as the losing contestants cast their votes from their seats. Then Jake mentions Lady Justice after the reveal and Rogan sees it is his wife and runs up to hug her.

He then is led into the room, where the production staff has been working all season and Rogan graciously thanks them. The production staff was worried that Rogan might react negatively, when told about the other contestants being actors, since one winner from the past had a lot of problems dealing with the fact that he had been duped.

However, Rogan handled the situation well, after the initial shock of knowing he had been duped. The object of the show was to see how much Rogan would put up with during the season and he met every challenge and if it had been a real reality show probably would have won.

Some of the contestants were not the bounty hunter type at all, like the deaf girl who wouldn’t even hear gunshots if someone was shooting at her. Another girl was a doctor and why would a doctor want to be a bounty hunter in the first place? Rogan questioned the doctor early in the shows, about how she graduated from college at 14 and was a doctor by the time she was 18. The actors did make some mistakes like this and Rogan usually picked up on anything, that didn’t seem to make sense.

Chase Rogan was one of the most likeable characters ever on any reality TV show. You couldn’t help but like him, since he was so serious about becoming a bounty hunter. Even then it makes me wonder why he would think of giving up his business to become a bounty hunter.

He deserved the $100,000 prize, because he went through $100,000 worth of anguish during the season, as he was puzzled several times at the way things didn’t always jive on the show.

The bad thing is that if Chase had figured out, that the show was fake early in its run, then he would not have won the $100,000 and the show could have even ended in its first week.

Congratulations to Chase Rogan for being such a good sport and for providing several hours of entertainment to us during the Joe Schmo show.

The following video shows the big reveal, when Rogan is told the rest of the cast are all actors and that he has won $100,000.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

2 thoughts on “Joe Schmo Ends Season With Big Reveal”

    1. Chase took the news so well, after the initial shock and I am glad they let his wife be part of the big reveal. World needs more Chase Rogans. I was afraid he would figure out what was going on, before the finale and lose his chance at the $100,000. The finale was television at its best.

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