The Voice – X-Factor Showdown On Wednesday Night In Same Time Slot

The Voice begins its third season tonight on NBC. Chairs will be turning around tonight and the next three nights. This may be overkill to telecast the show on three consecutive nights.

To make matters worse The Voice, battles X-Factor head to head at 8PM ET. Simon Cowell was furious to learn that NBC had scheduled The Voice in the same time slot and called it “dirty tricks.”

Both shows have not produced a well-known singer as of yet. Quick, name the winners of The Voice in its two seasons and the winner of X-Factor last December.

The two shows are still American Idol wannabes, but that could change the way American Idol seems to be slipping. I just can’t see Mariah Carey matching any of the three judges from last season.She is reportedly earning $15-$17 million, while latest reports say Keith Urban is being offered only $3-5 million, which would be a third of Ryan Seacrest’s salary. Enrique Iglesias is reportedly in the running for another judge slot, while Nicky Minaj could also be hired anyday now.

Randy Jackson won’t be returning as a judge, according to the latest reports, but could be a mentor next season.

I look for American Idol ratings to tumble again next season, due to the fact that The Voice and X-Factor will probably end their seasons in December. Then American Idol will have their 2013 debut in January and won’t end till May, while the The Voice could return in February again, since they opened their season on Super Bowl Night in 2012.

So American television watchers will be seeing a steady diet of singing competition shows, each month from September of 2012 till May of 2013. Nine continuous months of these shows may be too much for television audiences, who would like to watch other shows.

Television moguls like to ride a winning cycle and that cycle right now is singing competitions. The question is how much is too much of a good thing.

We have seen the days when television was featuring westerns, but today I don’t think there is one western TV show on during prime-time.

Doctor shows were the rage in the days of Dr.Kildare, St.Elsewhere, Ben Casey and Marcus Welby MD. The doctor shows fizzled out.

All I am saying is that singing competitions may be a thing of the past, much sooner than we think. The ratings will tell the story on Wednesday night when X-Factor and The Voice go against each other, while both shows will battle Big Brother 14, which also will be in the same time slot on CBS.

Will be interesting to see if ratings fall as the season goes on. Britney Spears may help X-Factor initially in the ratings, but the question is will she able to draw viewers all season long.

We will know in December which show has had the best ratings,so all we can do now is watch and wait.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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