Off the Beaten Path Music Websites: JD Hay’s Crooners

JD Hay’s Crooners is a great resource for music from the past. The fastest way to see whose music is on the site is to go to home menu and then click on full list. This will open up a window that lists Male Crooners, Female Crooners, Groups, Instrumentals, Vintage and Top Hits of the 50’s.

The list shows under Male Crooners, such diverse singers as Gordon Lightfoot, Tony Bennett, Ricky Nelson, Frank Sinatra and Bobby Vinton, plus many more male crooners.

The Female Crooners include Connie Francis, Dinah Shore, Dusty Springfield, Aretha Franklin and Loretta Lynn and many additional female crooners.

The Groups category includes the Mills Brothers, Andrew Sisters from the 40’s and the Lennon Sisters and Four Tops and others.

The Instrumentals category ranges from Guy Lombardo to the Ventures to the Glenn Miller Orchestra to Booker T and the MG’s.

The Vintage category includes the music of Jeanette McDonald and the music of the Paul Whiteman Orchestra.

The 50’s category shows the Top 30 songs of each year of the 50’s. You can see in 1953 that there was still no rock and roll songs, but in 1954 Bill Haley had Rock Around the Clock and in 1955 he made the Top 30 with Rock Around the Clock.  1956  was the first year that rock and roll started making inroads into the Top 30. Elvis Presley had four songs in the Top 15 of the Top 30, while Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent had two more songs to reach the Top #30.

By 1957 the only singers or orchestras from the past in the Top 30 were Jimmy Dorsey, Perry Como, Harry Belafonte (not really from the past but not a rock and roller), who was the last one on the list, that wasn’t part of the new wave of rock and roll music. So it is safe to say that 1957 changed the world of music from the music our mom and pop listened to…to rock and roll which took 27 of the Top 30 spots that year.

1958 showed the new era was in full force, as songs that really meant something were being sung by the younger singers. Some of those songs were named Purple People Eater (which always made me cry) and the Everly Brothers were singing about their Bird Dog. Danny and the Juniors were really rocking At The Hop, while the Coasters were singing the tear-jerker Yakety Yak.

By 1959 there was all rock and roll, with the exception of three instrumentals, with Sleep Walk by Santo and Johnny, Quiet Village with exotic jungle sounds by Martin Denny and Dave Cortez and is Happy Organ song.

There is one last category called Inspirational which includes a page of inspirational music and a few pages of Christmas songs.

There must be a thousand songs on the website if not more to listen to.

A lot of people have visited this site. Matter of a fact 1, 421,962 have visited the site since 2002.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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