Marilyn Scott: On the Brink of Stardom For 34 Years

Marilyn Scott

Marilyn Scott is 62 and has had a few breaks, during her singing career, but never has had a hit higher than #19 on the charts, when her Last Day and Start Falling singles from her Avenues of Love album climbed to #19 and #25 on the Billboard chart respectively.

She first attracted attention in 1978 when she recorded Brian Wilson’s God Only Knows as a single release. It went to No.61 and it led to her being signed to Atco Records and her debut album of Dreams of Tomorrow. Marilyn was 30 at the time. credits Marilyn with having recorded 14 albums during her 36 year recording career. Marilyn’s Smile album includes You Don’t Know Me, sung only the way Marilyn can sing it.

Marilyn singing You Don’t Know Me in this smooth jazz sound, with her vocals laid on top of the beautiful background music.

Marilyn singing at her best on Close Enough from her Take Me With You album.

Marilyn singing Just To See You Again Live in a riveting performance.

Marilyn singing I’m Calling You from her Take Me With You album and also was in her Handpicked album.

I have the following Marilyn Scott albums in my collection:

Walking With Strangers

Walking With Strangers is surprisingly available at, in used condition for one cent, but a new CD cost only 16 cents. I don’t recall how much I spent in 2004 for this 2001 album, but it was more than 16 cents.

An Amazon review for this album.

 Marilyn Outdoes Herself November 8, 2001
Format:Audio CD
Walking With Strangers is a magnificent CD. Her voice is silky smooth and very powerful. The songs are probably among the best she’s ever recorded. Anyone who like’s female singers should love this CD. very powerful music and a special hidden song that has nothing but meaning in these very stressful days. Everyone should own this record.
Marilyn’s Smile album released in 2009 is worth buying if only for her rendition of You Don’t Know Me. The album also includes Smile the title track and Giving Up On Love to make it even more special. The price of the album is holding its value well at $11.99 for a new CD and $8.45 used.
Five Star Review From
 Music to melt by… June 7, 2000
Format:Audio CD
Ms. Scott at her finest. This album is rich in feeling and emotion. Her unique style and presentation will make you melt. All her albums are 4 star or better but this one and her previous Japanese import only on SINDROME records are her two best. This is an essential to add to any good jazz collection. Her smoky, seductive voice will capture your heart and soul…not to mention, it will make you SMILE.
Take Me With You
This is Marilyn’s Take It With You album although you can’t see the title on the above photo. I can honestly say each track on this album is exceptional, from the first track Let Me Be The One to the last track to my favorite Just To See You Again. Then when you consider Close Enough and I’m Calling You make it an album to add to your collection, not to mention the title track Take It With You.
Review from
Format:Audio CD
I bought the reissue of this CD in 2001 and it quickly turned into one of my favorites that I’ve gone back to again and again. I find Miss Scott’s vocals to be strong, sultry and seductive. Her songs are wonderful, especially her vocal performance on “Let Me Be The One” (the opening track which was produced by legendary George Duke). Her versions of “The Summer Knows” and “Bird of Beauty” are also outstanding. George Duke produced a second cut, “I’m Calling You”, which is another exceptional track.If you want to buy into the hype of Krall and Jones, that’s your business but Marilyn’s voice is their equal (if not superior) and her song selections, including the ones she penned herself are terrific. Jazz vocals at their finest. Another great release by Miss Scott is her latest CD, Nightcap, which I downloaded from iTunes last year. It’s a great collection of songs from the Great American Songbook and this time the whole shebang was produced by George Duke. The fact that this supremely talented musician and producer works with Marilyn should tell you alot about Marilyn’s talent as well.
Marilyn’s 2006 album Without Warning is being re-released by Universal Japan for $49.99, with a used CD going for $78.02
It is sad that Marilyn Scott is in her fifth decade of singing yet has not received the name recognition, that you think she would have after proving she can sing with the best, but for some reason her name is not a household word. It would probably be safe to say that 9 out of 10 music fans would not even know who she is. Only the most avid jazz fans would know of her.
Now that she is 62, time may be running out on her, but it is a major plus that she has recorded so many albums lately, showing that she is respected enough for record labels to support her singing.
Her rendition of The Look of Love on her Avenues of Love was nominated for a Grammy, with producer George Duke receiving the nomination for best arrangement for vocals.
My MP3 player is full of Marilyn Scott music. Her music is mesmerizing and unlike almost any other music out there today. The sad thing is that the fans that do hear her music like it, but there are so few that have heard it. That is why her albums are being imported, because record companies in the United States like her music, but don’t want to provide the financial backing to make her a major star. The talent is there and I am shocked that she is not known better by mainstream music fans in the United States.
All I can say is thank you Marilyn, for providing us with such great music, that stands alone because of her unique smooth jazz sound to her music.

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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