2004: Burglar Pays Unexpected Visit

Eight years ago my wife and me were both working nights and thought it was safe to leave our ten year-old son alone, since there was only a thirty minute gap between me getting off work and her going to work.

However, the burglar had cased the joint and knew our schedule. Anyway the burglar had broken into our bathroom window, thinking nobody was home. Since both vehicles were gone he didn’t realize that my son was in the home alone.

The burglar was rifling through the drawers in the kitchen, which was adjacent to our den, when my son woke up and that startled the burglar, who dropped some stuff he was holding.

This burglar was not going to let a ten-year old boy deter him from his appointed rounds, so proceeded with the burglary. The amazing part of the story is that my son, thought the burglar was a relative or family friend, so followed him from room to room and was not unduly alarmed or frightened. The burglar told our son, that his mother owed him some money, so he was getting some stuff in return.

When the burglar tried to make friends with our family cat, there was a scream of “Ouch!!” by the burglar, when the cat decided to introduce herself to the burglar by scratching him.

The burglar’s parting words to our son were to tell his mother, that he would be returning the next night.

After the burglar departed the premises with his haul, my car pulled into the driveway minutes later and I knew something was wrong and called my wife at work. If I remember correctly she came home and we reported the burglary to the police, that night or the next morning.

The burglar thankfully didn’t keep his word and didn’t return the next night. Not that we didn’t look for him, as we had a terrible night of sleep.

I had remembered a man knocking on our door earlier in the week and asking if anyone lived in the mobile home next door. I assume now he was making sure, that he could break in the bathroom window, on that side of the house, since I told him nobody was living in the mobile home.

A investigator showed my son and me a photo array, but we couldn’t identify the burglar. My son may have been too scared, to identify the burglar and I saw nobody in the photo array, that looked like the man I had spoken to earlier in the week of the burglary.

Turned out that the burglar lived up the street from us, when he made a huge mistake and passed out from  a drug overdose. An ambulance was called and the EMT’s noticed he had pain killer prescription bottles, that had been scattered around his trailer, including ones he had taken from our house. That turn of events resulted in his arrest.

He was sentenced to 15 years in prison.

Looking back, it was good that the burglar somewhat resembled persons, that my son knew. It could have ended tragically, if the burglar felt that my son knew he was a burglar.

Needless to say our son was never left alone again, even if it was only a few minutes, between me returning home and my wife going to work.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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