American Idol Voters Got It Wrong Again: Josh Ledet Goes Home

Josh Ledet finishes third in American Idol voting.

American Idol voters have sent Joshua Ledet home, when he was clearly the best singer among the final three.

His departure almost guarantees low ratings, since in effect it will be the second and third best singers Jessica Sanchez and Phil Phillips battling next week for the title of American Idol.


Josh Should Sell More Albums

Josh should outsell both Jessica and Phil in record sales. Neither of them delivers a song, with the passion of Josh and neither is the entertainer that Josh has shown himself to be.

It wasn’t a total shock that Josh was sent home tonight, since voters tend to not vote for the front-runner when they feel that a contestant has a commanding lead.

Jessica is a better singer than Phil in my estimation, but if Phil wins American Idol I would be shocked, if he sells a million albums like Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery did.


Carrie Underwood Last Idol To Win Grammy

No American Idol winner has won a Grammy Award since Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood won five from 2007-2010, with two Grammy Awards won in 2007.

Josh Ledet could be another Chris Daughtry, who sells more albums than the winner. We will be listening to albums recorded by Josh for years to come.

The Lake Charles American Press was planning on having a special section for Josh Ledet, but those plans probably went out the window, after Ryan Seacrest announced the vote on Thursday night.


Sanchez Rebounds From Last Place 

Jessica Sanchez does deserve credit for rebounding from having the fewest votes earlier in the season, to finish in the final two, after the judges used their save to keep her in the competition.

Josh took being sent home well,  as he seemed more concerned about Hollie Cavanagh being sent home last week, then being sent home himself on Thursday night.

I think a lot of people who would have watched the finale next week will now find something else to watch instead, since the two best singers won’t be competing for the title of American Idol.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

11 thoughts on “American Idol Voters Got It Wrong Again: Josh Ledet Goes Home”

  1. I agree a million times over, except America had nothing to do with this American Idol like all reality shows are scripted. It’s was planned to happen this way all along. They build the top singer up to let them down in the end. They call it shock value. I for one will not be watching the finale and my plans to go see the tour is canceled as well.

    1. I think nobody should be allowed more than one vote, to prevent fiascoes like the one last night, when the best singer is sent home. Some critics are saying Josh went over the top, but if he did it was only because the judges praised him, when he went over the top. I don’t call it going over the top myself, since Josh sings with so much emotion and is only singing the way he feels.

      We don’t even know for a fact that Josh received the fewest votes. By not announcing the actual vote totals, American Idol can say anyone received the fewest votes. I have lost interest in the finale, now that the best singer went home before his time.

  2. I couldn’t agree more … so sad:-( He clearly should have been the winner (Josh) … can’t wait to see his fame. He will never disappoint. I wish I had voted more then I did especially @ the end. Josh, you are a winner to me in my heart & mind! See you when you get to the top out there … looking forward to it! :-*

    1. Darlene, I agree about Joshua being a good reason to watch the show. American Idol has a history lately, of the best singer not winning. I will be very surprised if Jessica Sanchez wins, since she did receive the fewest votes one week, while Phillip has never been in the bottom three. That tells me that his supporters have remained loyal all season. The ratings for next week’s show should be way down from last year’s finale when Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina battled for the title of American Idol.

  3. How awful! I’m glad I was at the Gordon Lightfoot concert last night and wasn’t home to watch it. I probably would have cried. I’m so done with American Idol. I’m not watching next week. I agree Jessica has the better voice between her and Phil, but she is not an entertainer by any means. Joshua had it all — looks, personality, charisma and TALENT! I wish him well.

    1. I am debating whether to watch the finale or not next week, but right now it looks like I won’t be watching. It makes me wonder if the judges should be allowed to use their save, after the final three voting to prevent the best singer winding up No.3 in the voting. We may have seen the beginning of the end,of American Idol last night. Something told me Josh was going home before the results were announced. Have a feeling that Phil was getting the teeny bopper vote this year, since he was never in the bottom three.

  4. I totally agree with you too, Andrew … as sad as I am for him, I know there are great things in store … Really too bad. I couldn’t stand Phil Phillips, either. He sang like, well I will not go there on here but, I was definitely not a fan … Joshua was my favorite & should have won. The finale was entertaining. I am skeptical like Andrew since they do not announce the total votes … hmmm??? Joshua, go get ’em out there! You’re amazing!!! Glad I am not the only one who thinks so!

  5. Vanessa, I agree 100 percent that Joshua will do well, even if he was No.3, probably even better than Phillip or Jessica. I think Jessica and Joshua both were far better singers than Phillip. I can’t even imagine spending money on a Phil Phillips album, but would be first in line to buy an album by Josh. I think Josh may be the best male singer ever on American Idol and surely is my favorite, since Chris Daughtry may have sold millions of albums, but not the kind of music I like, having been born in the 1940’s. Haley Reinhart No.3 of Season 10 released her first album this week, a year after she left American Idol. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait a year for Josh Ledet to release an album. JImmy Iovine and Interscope will probably release a Josh Ledet album as soon as possible, because it should sell in the millions.

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