Jermaine Paul is The Voice For Season 2

Jermaine Paul is The Voice for Season Two.

Jermaine Paul who won The Voice last night will try to outsell last year’s winner Javier Colon, who sold only 10,000 albums of Come Through For You, when it debuted last November on the Billboard charts. 

It is presently No. 1007th in sales at compared to Scotty McCreery being currently ranked 319th in sales after his Clear Day album debuted seven months ago in October of 2011.

I predict that Jermaine will outsell Javier Colon by a large margin, after his debut album is released later this year. 

The Voice needs Jermaine to sell a lot of albums, to gain some momentum in record sales. He has more stage presence than Javier. The Voice will not be taken seriously, until one of their winning contestants can sell more albums, or close to as many albums as the American Idol winner.

My main complaint with The Voice is that they have a now you see them, now you don’t when it comes to their contestants.

Contestants chosen at the first Blind Auditions won’t be seen again till several weeks later, at the Battle Round competitions. There is no continuity, which it makes it difficult for The Voice fans to identify with singers they see only sporadically.

Blake Shelton was the coach the winner Jermaine Paul, while last year’s winner Javier Colon had Adam Levine as coach. 

There is a chance that The Voice will return for a third season this fall.