The Voice Ratings Continue To Tumble, American Idol Slipping

The Voice producers need to revamp the show after attracting over 37 million viewers, when being shown after the Super Bowl, but losing 28 million of those viewers since then. Nobody expected the show to attract that many viewers again, but the 28 million drop in viewers has to be a concern to the producers.

The second show drew over 17 million viewers, but the show has been hovering from 8.45 million to 10.67 million viewers in the last four shows. Last Tuesday’s results show only drew 9 million viewers.

American Idol Numbers Also Dropping

American Idol is still drawing big numbers, but the show which drew over 20 millions fans in almost all of the Season 10 shows, has only went over 20 million once this season and that was the first show of the season.

There were 13 weeks in Season 10 when American Idol was the No.1 rated show of the week, but there have been only four times when American Idol was the No.1 show of the week during Season 11.

Summary: The Voice needs to revamp the show, so that we don’t go weeks without seeing singers, preventing them getting name recognition. You see a singer or singing group once during the blind auditions, then once during the battle rounds. So by the time the live shows begin the contestants have been seen a total of two times in nine weeks.

I seriously doubt whether anyone could name even two of the remaining 20 singers on The Voice, except for the most ardent fan.

In contrast, there has to be millions of American Idol fans who can give you the name of all the remaining seven singers.

It is all about name recognition for the singers and letting the viewers know the singers, but The Voice has failed miserably in that department.

The Voice may be making a huge mistake by bringing the show back in the fall, when X-Factor returns for their second season. They will be not only competing directly or indirectly against X-Factor, but will also be competing against the new fall programming, which could draw viewers from both shows.

Scotty McCreery the winner of American Idol Season 10 has his Clear As Day album ranked 138th in sales at Amazon six months after its release.

Meanwhile Javier Colon’s debut album Come Through For You released five months ago is currently ranked 5,641st in sales, after he won Season 1 of The Voice.

While both The Voice and American Idol are seeing their ratings numbers drop, American Idol is winning the battle of album sales.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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