On the Brink of Being Homeless

When we lived in Knoxville, Tennessee we saw what it was like to be homeless. I will never forget seeing a boy about 8 or 9 years old sleeping on the sidewalk. We saw the homeless walking up and down the sidewalks of the homeless area of town, where there were shelters for the homeless.

This last week reminded me of those homeless people, as we are in the same danger of being homeless as early as next week. We no longer get a check that we were used to receiving every month and we didn’t adjust well to the situation. Now we are at risk of not having a place to live, as an eviction notice could be posted in the next two or three days.

We have been in contact with the VA homeless program online, but so far the programs take too long to institute to help us in our case. There are one or two more options with VA we are exploring, but time is running out fast as the people working the homeless hotline are swamped with calls, so we have no more hope of a solution, that we had three days ago, when we first contacted the VA.

Relatives have sent money to help, but whether it will be enough to pay the rent is still unknown. If we should get help from the VA, we could use the money sent by relatives to get through the rest of this month and to start saving early for next month.

I have been hired for a crossing guard job, but so far have not been able to work, due to problems getting the equipment needed for the job.

Have often wondered how people evicted from their homes choose what to keep and what to leave behind. We may be finding out in the next few days. Our state from what I can tell online, only has a five-day waiting period, from the eviction notice being posted till having to evacuate the premises.

So if there are no posts made to Nostalgia and Now for the next few days, weeks and months, the readers will know why.


Thank you to all the readers of these 745 posts since April of 2009, who have made 325,000 visits to this website. Your taking the time to read the posts is very much appreciated. We may be writing again next week or it could be a long time in the future before another post is made, depending on how things work out in the next few days.



American Idol: Jessica Sanchez Saved By Judges

American Idol Season 11 had the most shocking vote of the season last night, when Jessica Sanchez tallied the least votes of any of the remaining seven contestants.

This development reminded me of Pia Toscano being voted off the show early in Season 10 last year. However, this is an even bigger shock, since it was a given that Jessica would be the next American Idol. The vote shows her fanbase is not as solidly behind her as thought or they thought she was so safe, that they didn’t vote for her. It will be interesting to see where she is in the voting on next Thursday night.

Most fans if they are honest, would admit that they assumed Hollie Cavanagh, Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon were in the bottom three. I am happy that Skylar Laine refused to say which group was the bottom three and which group was safe. You would think Ryan Seacrest would stop asking that question, now that nobody wants to answer it. 

Anyway, Skylar is told she is in the group with Colton, Hollie and Phillip, then is told she is safe along the others in the group.

Randy Jackson said America got it wrong and maybe they did, but he may have angered the other four contestants by telling America to vote for the best.

After the judges criticized Hollie on Wednesday night, it was almost a foregone conclusion she would be in the bottom three and voted off the show. But instead, she wasn’t even in the bottom three and could have possibly received enough votes, to have finished among the leaders in the voting. We have no way of knowing, how many votes she polled so can only guess at the voting outcome.

Phillip Phillips didn’t get much praise from the judges on Wednesday night or from Jimmy Iovine. It is almost like he is singing the same song every week and he is beginning to look like a one-trick pony. So it was a surprise that he wasn’t in the bottom three either.

It is almost like the fans are voting in large numbers, for the contestants criticized the most by the judges. After the voting fiasco last night, it wouldn’t surprise me to see fewer fans watch the show next week, or it could have the opposite effect and draw more fans to the show, since Jessica is not the clear-cut winner she appeared to be before last night.

Hang on because it looks like it could be wild ride, on the way to finale night of Season 11.