Discombobulated Mess of a Start to 2012 MLB Season

The more I think about it, the more upset I get that MLB started the baseball season in Japan, then finally played another regular season game six days later. Then one game was played on Wednesday, seven games played on Thursday and nine games on Friday. Then today on the tenth day of the season, all 30 teams play on the same day for the first time.

In other words, 19 games were played before all 30 teams played on the same day. It all added up to a discombobulated mess to me. I have ranted long enough, since we do have major league baseball again. I didn’t think spring training would ever end.

Pena Spring Training Failure, Opening Day Hero

Carlos Pena of the Blue Jays had hit .107 in spring training with one homer and 2 RBI. He must have been saving it for the regular season, because he hit a grand slam homer in the first inning, then drove in the winning run, with a walk-off single in the ninth inning in a 7-6 Rays win over the Yankees. It looked the Yankees were set to win the game with Mariano Rivera coming in from the bullpen to try to hold the 6-5 Yankees lead. Instead he only retired one batter while allowing 2 runs, 3 hits and 2 walks as he blew the save for C.C. Sabathia and saw his ERA balloon to 54.00.

Looking at Stats

Yoenis Cespedes is the home run leader after having hit his second home run of the season yesterday. However he also leads in strikeouts with 5 strikeouts in 10 at bats….Rafael Furcal is the early season leader in hits with 6.

Dalton Trumbo is not adjusting to playing third base well for the Angels with 2 errors in 3 chances for a .333 fielding percentage. 

Yovani Gallardo had a nightmare of an outing for an opening day pitcher. He pitched 3.2 innings, allowed 6 runs, 7 hits, 5 BB and 4 home runs and left the game with a 14.63 ERA as the Cardinals pummeled the Brewers 11-5.

Team Stats

The Cardinals were 24th in runs scored during spring training, but lead the majors in runs scored with 15 after their first two games.

They also lead in hits with 29, doubles 7, tied with Athletics for home runs with 4 home runs each, batting average with a .377 mark, .623 slugging percentage and 1.072 OPS.

Reds, Phillies, Angels and Mets are only team to hold their opponents scoreless this season. The Phillies WHIP is 0.22, while they are holding opponents to a 0.71 batting average.

Games in progress at 2:14 ET

Nationals are leading the Cubs 2-1 in the top of the fourth. Adam LaRoche hit his first home run of the season in the game.

Mets are leading the Braves 3-0 in the fourth inning as the excellent Mets pitching continues. David Wright and Lucas Duda have hit solo home runs…. Jason Kipnis has hit a two run home run home run to give the Indians a 2-0 lead in the fifth inning against the Blue Jays.

Jamie Moyer will try for his 268 major league win as he takes the mound for the Rockies at 7:05 ET in Houston as he makes his 629th major league start.


Yahoo Sports is featuring Full Count this season, which shows highlights of games in action and will be also showing live look-ins at the games.




American Idol: Hollie Cavanagh Next To Go Home?

With the departure of DeAndre Brackensick on last week’s show, it appears that Hollie Cavanagh may be leaving American Idol next Thursday night.

Unless she can recover from the scathing criticism from the judges last week, she seems to be close to going home. On the other hand though she was the first one of bottom three to be sent to safety, so Elise Testone may also be in jeopardy.

Jessica Sanchez, Skylar Laine, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon seem like they will be in the Top 5 right now, but you never know how the voting will go from one week to the next.

Poll Looking For Worst Singer

Votefortheworst.com is in the process of choosing another worst singer after DeAndre went home. After 7,103 voters their poll shows that 2,234 voters with 31 percent of the vote think Hollie should be the next singer to have the dubious honor of being supported by votefortheworst.com.

Elise Testone is second worst according to the poll with 1,406 votes, while garnering 20 percent of the vote. Sklyar Laine is next with 890 votes and 13 percent of the votes.

Phillips One Trick Pony

Phillip Phillips makes the Top 4 with 838 votes and 12 percent of the votes.Phillips may be a talented singer and musician but he seems to be a one trick pony, that seems to be playing the same song week after week. His comment about not liking to touch the hands of the fans crowding the stage, probably won’t help him in next week’s voting. Joshua Ledet with 795 votes and 11 percent of the vote is next.

Colton Dixon only drew 675 votes and 10 percent of the vote, showing he is a strong candidate to win American Idol. Jessica Sanchez continues to be the favorite to win, with only 265 voters in the poll thinking it is time for her to go home and only 4 percent of the voters thinking she is the worst singer.


2010-2012 Songs Theme for Next Week

Older American Idol fans like me won’t enjoy next week’s show much, with the contestants singing songs from 2010-2012, since there won’t be any recognizable songs, except for fans who are attuned to the music scene today.

My personal favorite is still Joshua Ledet, but have a feeling his fan base is not that strong, since he lives in a smaller city. He is in a position where he has to knock it out of the park week after week, to even make the Top 3.

Skylar Back On Track

Skylar Laine stepped up her game last week, with her stirring rendition of Wind Beneath My Wings. Laine still might be better off to focus on her country music background, to sing a country music tune next week. Country music fans are more likely to vote for her, if she sings a country music song.

Colton Dixon is making his move to be a serious contender for the American Idol title in 2012. It is amazing that Jessica Sanchez at the age of 16 has done so well so far this season. She would have to stumble badly to not win American Idol this year, but with American Idol everything can change with a good or bad week.

The judges are now more likely to use their save, now they are down to their last weeks of being able to use their save. Everyone knew they weren’t going to use their save on Heejun Han or DeAndre Brackensick, in the last two weeks but they still may not use it on Hollie Cavanagh next week, They might not even use it till they have to use it or lose it.

Results Show Lowest Rated in 2012

The ratings for American Idol tumbled to 14.34 million, the lowest total for any of the 25 shows, that have been telecast in 2012. In contrast, last year only one show drew less than 20 million viewers. Only the 2012 premiere show drew more than 20 million viewers this year.

It seems to me that the reality singing competition star has died. Shows like American Idol, The Voice and X-Factor may still draw well in comparison, to the scripted shows going against them, but we may never see 20 million fans tune into another singing competition show, except for maybe a finale night.