American Idol: TV Guide Poll: Jessica Sanchez Favored To Win American Idol

Jessica Sanchez will be the next American Idol according to the latest TV Guide poll which showed her garnering 36 percent of the vote.

The latest TV Guide poll shows Jessica Sanchez with 36 percent of the vote and Phillip Phillips second with 24 percent. Colton Dixon is third with 15 percent of the vote. The rest of the contestants have less than 10 percent of the vote. Elise Testone has 9 percent, Hollie Cavanagh 6 percent, Joshua Ledet 5 percent, Skylar Laine 4 percent and DeAndre Brackensick is last with only two percent of the votes in the poll.

I am surprised that Joshua Ledet only received 5 percent of the vote in the poll. It may be hurting for him to be from a small city in Louisiana, rather than living in a metropolitan city. I have to admit I am prejudiced in favor of Ledet, considering we live less than 10 miles from his house.  That 5 percent may be a harbinger telling us that Ledet may not even make the top five contestants. has chosen DeAndre Brackensick as the worst remaining singer and urges their readers to vote for DeAndre to keep him on the show till the end. The website bought a little time for Heejun Han as he remained on the show much longer than anyone imagined. As far as I am concerned DeAndre should have left the show before Heejun,  based on his performance on Wednesday night.

I think Heejun outsung him, but Heejun apparently didn’t have the teenybopper vote this year, so DeAndre didn’t even make the bottom three. I predict he will not only make the bottom three, but will be voted off next week, if the teenyboppers forget to vote for him next week.

It is a big deal for Ryan Seacrest to say we had 50 million voters register their vote last night, but it is an even bigger deal if good singers like Erika Van Pelt are sent home due to teenage girls voting over and over for an undeserving singer.

Seacrest who had elbow procedure done before the show continues to make a contestant feel like they are in bottom three, then tells them they are safe.

Scotty McCreery may be the first American Idol in years to sell a million albums, besides Carrie Underwood. I am positive that Lee DeWyze the previous winner didn’t come close to selling a million albums. DeWyze will be the answer to a trivia question someday that asks which American Idol singer had the least success. DeWyze’s Live It Up debut album only sold 146,000 copies. Taylor Hicks will give him a run for his money but DeWyze is in a class by himself. Quick, name one song either singer recorded. I rest my case.

Update On Past American Idol Winners

If you are in the market for a $1.5 million house in the Los Angeles area, then David Cook has the house for you:

Carrie Underwood sent a necklace to Hollie Cavanagh before Hollie sang her song. My personal favorite after Joshua Ledet is Hollie but I have a feeling she won’t make it much further, considering she was in bottom three with nine singers in the competition last night before the voting.

How soon they forget….Just searched three pages of links after typing in Taylor Hicks in the search box and found nothing about Taylor Hicks the singer from American Idol. I did check on how the albums by Hicks have sold. His debut album Taylor Hicks went platinum selling 705,000 copies, but his next album The Distance has sold 52,000 copies since being released three years ago.

Kris Allen surprisingly did even worse than Hicks, selling 329,000 copies of his debut album Kris Allen in the last two-and-a-half years. Hicks reportedly is working on his third album.

Carrie Underwood sold 315,000 copies of her Some  Hearts debut album before it even charted and it has now sold 7.1 million copies making it platinum times 7 in sales. Her last two albums Carnival Ride and Play On have sold 3.2 million and 2.1 million respectively. She will release her fourth album Blown Away this May. She has sold over 12 million copies combined of her first three albums.

Fantasia Barrino, in comparison has sold less than 3 million copies combined of her three albums. Jordin Sparks sold barely over a million of her debut album Jordin Sparks, but has sold 177,000 copies of her July 2009 release Battlefield.

Sparks will be appearing in the movie Sparkle as a singer with Whitney Houston portraying her mother. The movie will be in theaters on August 17.–Jordin-Sparks-says-Video/8580885


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

4 thoughts on “American Idol: TV Guide Poll: Jessica Sanchez Favored To Win American Idol”

  1. It’s not a wonder you couldn’t find info on “Tyler Hicks”. Who the hell is that?

    Taylor Hicks, winner of Season 5 is working on his 3rd post Idol album and will be out this summer. Taylor released his second album on his own Independent label and was critically acclaimed by critics.

    What sort of writer are you who can’t even get the names of Idol winners correct?

    1. Sweetsmoke1….Thanks for the catch on Taylor Hicks being spelled wrong. I meant nothing personal against Taylor Hicks. In fact I was rooting for him to win the night he won American Idol. I was merely citing record sale numbers for all the singers mentioned, whether they were good or bad.

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