American Idol Ratings Rising, While The Voice Numbers Decline

American Idol drew more viewers than The Voice for the third straight week, outdrawing The Voice which drew only 12 million compared to 17.2 million for American Idol.

The Voice has an identity problem with their present format. Singers who won the blind auditions and battle rounds have only been seen twice in the first nine weeks of the competition. The Voice needs to go straight to the live performances, so the contestants can be seen every week instead of being shown one week in the last four weeks.

It would help if The Voice would flash the names of the singers on the screen more often, so the singers could build up a following. Nobody can build up a following if nobody knows their name. We might remember the faces of the remaining contestants on the Voice, but few could tell you the names of any of the contestants.

My hometown favorite Joshua Ledet who lives only a few miles from us continues to impress the judges on American Idol. When he broke down at the end of the song, it could be viewed as a weakness or strength, depending on the preferences of those who voted last night.

Holly Cavanagh is my second favorite. She might not win, but it is good to see her out there, after the heartbreak she endured when she didn’t make it last year. I particularly liked her when she was part of a girl’s trio with Skylar and Jessica.

Last Night For Heejun or DeAndre?

It is time for Heejun Han to go home. He doesn’t even belong on the same stage with the other singers. I am still amazed that Erika Van Pelt went home before Heejun and DeAndre last week. If Heejun and DeAndre are not in the bottom three tonight, American Idol has lost all credibility.

Judges Continue To Ignore Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest is getting a taste of what Steve Jones had to put up with as host of X-Factor. Seacrest tried to get the judges to name names of who was in trouble, but Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez all ignored the question and refused to name anyone that was in trouble. Steve Jones would ask questions on X-Factor and get no response, which made him look like a inept host.

It is time for him to stop asking the question, since it is not being answered anyway. It just makes him look bad for asking a question, that the judges have no plans of answering.

It will be interesting to hear Jimmy Iovine’s opinions of the singers tonight, especially the ones that the judges gave standing ovations for.

Five hours from now there will only be eight contestants remaining, unless the judges use their save. I can’t imagine them using their save to save Heejun if he receives the fewest votes. Heejun just as well refuse to sing the song that might save him, since the judges will save the save for a good singer, not a clown that should not have even been in the Top 24, much less the Top 8.


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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