Gasoline Prices Rising Again…Not a Time For Partisan Politics

Once again gasoline prices are rising and the politicians don’t seem to care. The rising gasoline prices don’t seem to affect politicians, since they can afford the high prices.

The high prices have nothing to do with partisan politics, since presidents of both parties and whichever party is controlling Congress do nothing to lower the prices.

For instance  gas is costing close to $3.70 a gallon,  where we live in Louisiana. It cost $37 for 10 gallons and $74 for 20 gallons. This is nothing to a congressperson earning $174,000 a year, but to a family getting by on $1100 a month, with $900 of it for paying rent, it leaves little for food after buying gasoline.

There are reportedly places in the United States where gasoline cost $5 a gallon, meaning it is $50 for 10 gallons and $100 for 20 gallons.

Where is the outcry from our politicians in Washington? Do they even care? The two political parties need to ignore their quest for one-upmanship and think of the average American trying to make ends meet.

Maybe in a few months the prices will start trending downward, but if they don’t we could see national average of $5 a gallon, this spring and summer when prices usually escalate higher.

The oil companies don’t mind because they reap huge profits, when gasoline prices go through the roof. I am not necessarily calling for alternative fuels, since that could cause layoffs in gas refineries and offshore drilling. There has to be a way we can produce more oil in the United States, to avoid being held hostage to oil-producing countries like Iran and Venezuela.

The electric cars like the Volt are not selling that well, according to latest reports. Consumers don’t seem to want to be bothered with continually charging their cars.

It is time for Washington politicians show, that they have a little compassion for the average citizen, that is trying to make it from one month to the next. Guess someone earning $174,000 a year doesn’t care, about someone earning $1000 a month or less. The politicians will continue to drive their gas guzzlers and thumb their noses at the “little people” struggling to get by.

We need to break free from this cycle of gasoline prices, going up and down and see them stabilize, so an American citizen can drive their car, without worrying about how much it will cost to buy gasoline.

This call for Washington to do something will probably go unheeded as it usually is, since politicians of both parties are out of touch with reality.