Peyton Manning Derails Tim Tebow Express

This website usually doesn’t post sports articles, but the interest in Tim Tebow transcends sports, so am posting about his situation in Denver, with Peyton Manning accepting the Denver Bronco’s offer, to play for the Broncos during the 2012 season.

I can’t see Peyton Manning sharing the stage with Tim Tebow in Denver and look for Tebow to be traded before training camp opens in July. Manning is used to being the man and probably wouldn’t want Tebow on the sidelines, while he is quarterbacking the Broncos.

Tebow probably would accept being a backup for Manning, since he is a team player first. John Elway is probably going over trade scenarios right now, to trade Tebow this off season. I think Tebow’s success put Elway in a situation as the bad guy, if he commented negatively on Tebow’s success.

Financially, Tebow would be smart to move on to another team where he might be the starting quarterback, rather than be a combination backup quarterback/ fullback for Denver. The pay for fullbacks is nowhere near the pay that starting quarterbacks make in the NFL.

I am probably the biggest Tim Tebow fan out there and wish him luck whether he stays a Bronco or is traded to another team.

The media doesn’t want to see Manning derail the Tebow bus, but it has already happened since Tebow will not be the subject of near as many NFL television talk shows if he is strictly a running back.

Tebow may be one of the most likeable NFL players ever, because he does his job on Sundays, responds well to fans and media.

The sad part is that Tebow will probably have no say in what happens to him. The higher-ups in the Denver organization will be deciding his fate in the coming weeks and months before July.

As much as I like Tebow, I realize that his 46.5 % completion rate was 34th and last in the NFL in 2011. On the other hand though, there were six quarterbacks with lower quarterback ratings than Tebow’s 72.9 rating.

Those quarterbacks include Rex Grossman, Sam Bradford, Christian Ponder, John Skelton, Curtis Painter who has been released by the Baltimore Colts and Blaine Gabbert.

Tebow threw 12 touchdown passes, which was more than 17 NFL quarterbacks who made at least 100 attempts during the NFL season. His six interceptions placed him 37th, on the list of interceptions thrown by a quarterback.

His indecisiveness in the pocket allowed defenses to sack him 33 times in 2011, even though he only made 271 passing attempts. In comparison Cam Newton was sacked 35 times, but made 517 pass attempts.

Tebow has his work cut out if he wants to be a NFL quarterback, but the main positive for Tebow is that he knows how to win and sparked the Broncos to a playoff win before losing to New England.

I want to wish Tebow success whether he stays in Denver or is traded to another team. There are teams that had worse quarterbacks than Tebow last season and it wouldn’t hurt them to take a look at Tebow, unless they have a top college quarterback on their draft radar.

In the meantime Manning may have derailed the Tebow Express for a while, but have a feeling the Tebow train will be back on track and running full throttle when the 2012 NFL season starts.

These poll questions ask what is best career move for the future of Tim Tebow:


Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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