American Idol Contestant Reportedly Booted Off The Show

Jermaine Jones has reportedly been kicked off of American Idol for hiding his criminal past. Jones even tweeted that he was off the show, but the tweet was later deleted.

It seems like the American Idol producers wouldn’t take the word of the contestants and run a background check on the final 13 singers.

The website is still showing Jones as one of the contestants. If he does leave the show that means tonight’s show will only have 11 contestants left. It also means that whoever goes home on Thursday night, will be the last one not to travel on the 2012 American Idol tour.

If Jones is dismissed from the show, it will leave six girls and five boys left, going into tonight’s competition. The boys had a 7-6 advantage, but with the loss of Jeremy Rosado last week, the possibility of Jones leaving and if a boy is sent home on Thursday, they will be at a six girls to four boys disadvantage.

Ryan Seacrest won’t be too distraught with Jones gone. Jones is a foot taller than Seacrest and it seemed strange to see the 5 foot 8 Seacrest standing next to the 6 foot 8 Jones.

Jones was booted off the show earlier by the judges, but was brought back by the judges. His impending departure will force FOX to make a scheduling decision. If they were to continue sending one contestant a week home, then the show would end one week before the finale was scheduled. If there was a two person elimination planned that would change that to a single elimination. It also could mean that nobody will go home in one of the coming weeks.

American Idol producers will probably be huddling today to work out a solution to this problem. I have heard background checks cost $20 in this state at least, so it seems like American Idol contestants better tell the truth on their applications, since the show will probably spend the $260 for background checks for 13 singers in the future, to avoid a black eye for the show in the future.

Just my opinion, but didn’t see Jermaine lasting much longer on the show.

Tune in to tonight’s show to find out for sure if Jermaine Jones has been booted off the show.

Author: Andrew Godfrey

Retired from newspaper work after 38 years. Had served in the Army in Hawaii and Vietnam in the 60's. Am now retired and living in Sulphur, Louisiana.

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