American Idol: Final 24 Chosen, One More Male Chosen Next Week

Holly Cavanagh who didn’t make it on American Idol 10 last season has been chosen as one of the Top 12 women in Season 11.
Holly Cavanagh who was disappointed after not making the Top 40, on Season 10 has made the Top 24 for Season 11.  She was not focused on much if at all this season, only to be a surprise pick among the Top 12 girls on American Idol.
However, there will be more cuts coming next week and it remains to be seen if she survives those cuts. The McKinney, Texas resident moved from Liverpool, England ten years ago to Texas. I am rooting for her to be in the final 12 for Season 11.
My personal favorite to win as of today is Hallie Day who I saw sing early in the competition, but have missed her latest appearances, but her first audition was so memorable that I hope she wins it all. I wouldn’t mind seeing Shannon Magrane become the American Idol, but both Day and Magrane still have to make the final 12, before they can win anything. has photos of the Top 12 women. This is the interesting part of the show when we can finally see the photos and names of the finalists. The show’s ratings should improve as American Idol begins the live shows.
The Top 10 women:
It will be interesting to see if Heejun Han can make it past the cuts next week. Personally, I thought Richie Law’s rendition of Ring of Fire was better than the song Han song. However he could be the wild card brought back next week. I was shocked that Han made the Top 12, while Law was spurned by the judges. It would be ironic if Law were to re-instated then make the final 12 for the live shows, while Han goes home. I do give Han credit for advancing this far, despite being distraught with the behavior of Law, when they were in the same group.
The Top 12 men with possible 13th male chosen next week:
The Hollywood Reporter’s American Idol Worship Page has a recap of last night’s show:
It will be interesting to see if American Idol can pull away in the ratings from The Voice, now that the live shows start next week. The main attraction of The Voice are the blind auditions. It seems like the show lost something once they got into the battle rounds, which was more like a shouting contest to me, seeing who could hit the highest notes seemed like the main focus in that round.
American Idol is still the best of the singing competitions in my book, but The Voice has seemed to catch on with the viewers, thanks to their Super Bowl Sunday debut.